I recently came across across this article in the Daily Mail UK, and I had to share – as I have been writing on the negative effects of WiFi, cell phones, and radiation for over a decade! If you have not read any of my previous posts surrounding this topic, I have linked to them at the bottom of this post. Yes, I’ve written a few of them!

So, according to the article, they have shut down a cell phone tower next to Weston Elementary School in Ripon, CA, due to eight children all under the age of 10 being diagnosed with different types of cancer – brain, kidney, liver and lymphoma. Sprint, who owns the tower which has now been shut down, has come out and said the levels are 100 times under the federal limit. A private investigator hired by the children’s mothers, however, has said otherwise – that these levels are actually much higher than reported. Hmm…

(c) CBS – This is how close the cell tower is to the school

Monica Ferulli and Kelly prime, both mothers of two boys who were diagnosed with cancer back in 2016, have been trying to get the tower taken down for the last two years.

In the article, Ferulli goes on to say, “We’re not naive to the fact that there could be other components out there – other environmental influences… but the bottom line that we feel in regards to this tower is it doesn’t belong there… if there’s any indications that its unsafe.”

Their hired lawyers argue that, “contamination is the most likely cause of the unusually high rate of childhood cancer in one small area.”

(c) CBS – Two of the schoolchildren diagnosed with cancer

Even if you are a skeptic, it’s hard to deny how unusual it is that 8 children in the same school have suddenly been diagnosed with cancer. I also wonder if anyone has checked into the school’s WiFi system?

Where are the WiFi modems located, and where are the routers located, in relation to where those 8 children sat, or spent most of their day?

Nine years ago, my eldest son came home from school complaining that he was getting headaches in class. He also said that he felt nauseous sometimes. So I went in with my radiation meter and tested his classroom. The microwave radiation level was sky high right where he was sitting! I figured the modem must be on the roof directly above his seat. I tested the whole classroom and there were only two areas that had lowered radiation levels. So I told his teacher he must sit ONLY in one of those two spots. He didn’t have any more issues for the rest of the year.

A friend of mine, who’s husband is a teacher, used to borrow my meter every year to test his classroom – because he didn’t want to be standing/sitting in a high radiation area either!

As long as parents remain ignorant of the non-industry-funded data about this technology, our children will continue to be affected. Of course, there are many variables that determine susceptibility and many effects that take a decade or more to show up (vaccination, anyone?)

If you want information from sources that are NOT making money from this tech, read on below. I also have a 4-part series with PhD expert on WiFi and cellphone radiation – Dr. Magda Havas – which gets us clear answers as to what exactly we should be concerned about and how to protect ourselves and our children in this wireless age:

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