Find out what PhD wireless radiation expert Dr. Magda Havas would do if her child (or grandchild) was in a school with wireless computers.

What’s wrong with having a cordless phone in your home?

Why do you need to get your school to remove the wireless computers and hard-wire instead?

Dr. Magda Havas answers these questions and more in the last installment of this 4-part interview on the dangers of wireless and cellphone radiation and what we need to do to protect ourselves and our children.


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If you missed the previous installments, then click here to listen to Part 1, or Part 2, or Part 3.

You can download all the tools we discuss to use with your school, neighbours, info pack, etc here at my kids’ site:

Magda Havas, MSc., PhD, is Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University; where she also does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants. Dr. Havas received her PhD from the University of Toronto, completed postdoctoral research at Cornell University, and taught at the University of Toronto before going to join Trent University, also in Ontario, Canada.

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Cell and WiFi Radiation Protection with Dr. Havas - Part 4