children_radiation_computers_cell_phonesWhen I ask my family and friends why they continue to use cellphones and Wifi Internet, they reply, “Because I just don’t FEEL it’s bad, or dangerous.”

To be honest, when I use a cellphone, or iPad, or WiFi computer, I don’t feel much either. And as good as I am at sensing energy, and dialoguing with my body, that puzzles me…

But maybe that’s because the effects are occurring at the cellular level, not the sensory level.

Here’s a great visual from a live blood cell analysis of what’s happening with our red blood cells during cellphone usage, or even just having it near our body when it’s turned on.

First, here’s what this man’s normal, healthy red blood cells look like:


Next, his cellphone is turned on for 45 minutes, but he’s not actively using it. Note how the cells are beginning to clump together and become misshapen. So even just having WiFi around, or a cellphone that’s turned on, is enough to affect our cells:


Lastly, here’s what happens to his red blood cells after talking on his phone for 45 minutes:


So yes, if I turn my phone on, use it on speakerphone for a few minutes, and then pop it back into Airplane (with WiFi and Bluetooth turned OFF). My cells probably have no trouble returning to normal. But if I am carrying a cellphone around with me, or using it as my primary phone, or running my computer/laptop on WiFi; at home, school, Starbucks, etc… What’s happening in my body at a cellular level?

Here are some easy solutions for how you can significantly reduce your radiation exposure: