• An unpublished study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on a “measles susceptible” (malnourished) group of children showed that the group who hadn’t been vaccinated contracted measles at the normal contract rate of 2.4%. Of the group who had received the measles vaccine (MMR), 33.5% contracted measles. (i)
  • In 1975 Japan raised the minimum age for infant vaccinations to 2 years. As a result, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or, crib death) and infant convulsions virtually disappeared. In the 80’s, Japan lowered the minimum age back down to 3 months and the rate of SIDS returned to previous levels. (ii)
  • In an Australian study, a group of recruits were immunized for Rubella, and all produced the expected antibodies. When later exposed to the disease, 80% of the recruits contracted it. (iii)
  • According to the U.S. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (est.1986): To qualify for compensation, the adverse effects of vaccination must occur within four hours of receiving the vaccine. Despite this extremely severe limitation, as of February 28, 1998 compensatory payments have totalled $871,800,000.00. This figure is even more alarming when it is revealed that only one in four claimants were awarded compensation. (iv)
  • Some researchers postulate that the use of live viral vaccines introduce foreign genetic material into the human system, which has contributed to the unprecedented escalation of auto-immune disorders (like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, cancer, Crohn’s disease, asthma, etc.) in recent decades. (v)

The above facts each highlight a different facet of the vaccination / immunization question; effectiveness, adverse effects, and long-term consequences. The unspoken thread running through each of these is a pressing question: Why haven’t more people been informed of this evidence, and indeed, why is vaccination presented carte blanche as a positive, imperative requisite for our children’s health?

As the mother of a newborn, it became important to find out what is really going on with infant and childhood vaccination and whether it is conclusively a beneficial or necessary procedure. Thus I embarked on four months of research into immunization – squeezed in between the demands of caring for and breastfeeding our firstborn son Oscar.

As I researched the issue, I was amazed to discover that there is a large and growing body of clinical studies, fieldwork (in developing nations) and historical data refuting the safety and efficacy of vaccination. Unfortunately, the propaganda campaign for vaccination has been so successful that most of us automatically believe that vaccines are so effective they are responsible for the virtual eradication of serious childhood illnesses. In reality, this is not so, and if you examine the actual rates of incidence for each disease (from mainstream sources such as the Lancet, WHO and UNICEF), the graphs show a clearly different picture.

From the 1800’s to the present, in every case, each disease had been virtually eliminated decades before the introduction of the relevant vaccine; through improved hygiene, better nutrition, clean drinking water and improved sanitation. Basically, as people’s overall health and immune systems improved, they didn’t get sick. As the physician W.J. McCormick summarized in 1950 (before vaccines for measles, mumps, scarlet fever and rheumatic fever were introduced):

“…the decline in diptheria, whooping cough and typhoid fever began fully fifty years prior to the inception of artificial immunization and followed an almost even grade before and after the adoption of these control measures. In the case of scarlet fever, mumps, measles and rheumatic fever there has been no specific innovation in control measures, yet these also have followed the same general pattern in incidence decline.” (vi)

Furthermore, research reveals dozens of cases around the world where there was an outbreak of infectious disease (e.g. measles, polio, tetanus, smallpox, etc.) and contract rates were either similar among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, or higher and more severe among the vaccinated. This clearly demonstrates the vaccination does not lead to immunity – it is not “immunization”. For example:

  • Massachusetts in 1961 experienced a ‘type II’ polio outbreak and “there were more paralytic cases in the triple vaccinates than in the unvaccinated”(vii)
  • In 1976, Dr. G.T. Stewart reported in the British Medical Journal that, “of 8,092 cases of whooping cough, 2,940 (36%) were fully immunized, while only 2,424 (30%) were definitely not immunized. (viii)
  • Professor George Dick, speaking at an environmental conference in Brussels in 1973, admitted that in recent decades, 75% of British people who contracted smallpox had been vaccinated. This, combined with the fact that only 40% of children (and a maximum of 10% of adults) had been vaccinated, clearly shows that vaccinated people have a much higher tendency to contract the disease. (ix)

If vaccination is not responsible for the eradication of childhood illnesses, and vaccinated children are actually at a greater risk of contracting a disease than unvaccinated children, why is vaccination routinely presented as an effective safeguard for our children’s health?

When the historical data is referred to by pro-vaccine parties, it is often skewed and presented out of context. For example, in reference to a mass immunization campaign carried out in Thailand:

“…the immunization coverage for measles has increased from 6% in 1984 to 63% in 1988, leading to a reduction in measles prevalence from 93.7/100,000 in 1984 to 37.1/100,000 in 1986” (x)

However, what the report doesn’t indicate is that in 1987, the infection rate of measles was 87.1/100,000. And in 1988 it was 59.1/100,000 which is actually higher than the rate of infection in 1982 (57.1/100,000) when no one had been vaccinated. These statistics however, are conveniently not included as they don’t support the pro-vaccination stance of the report.

Aside from establishing that vaccines are not the reason infectious childhood illnesses have virtually disappeared, and that vaccinated children are actually at a greater risk of contracting disease, there are also the adverse effects and long-term consequences of vaccination to be considered.


Immediate Side Effects

Immediate or short-term effects of vaccination can include the following: encephalopathy (irreversible brain damage), ataxia (incoordination of voluntary muscle movements), mental retardation, aseptic meningitis (inflammation of the membranes of spinal cord or brain), seizure disorders, hemiparesis (half-body paralysis), retinopathy and blindness, hyperactivity, anaphylaxis, high pitched (encephalitic) screaming/prolonged crying, learning disorders, hay fever, asthma, sudden infant death (SIDS), brachial plexus neuropathy (disease affecting nerves which serve the arm, forearm and hand), and abdominal pain. Secondary complications can include juvenile-onset diabetes, Reye’s syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to determine the real incidence of damaging adverse reactions. For example, a British government report claims the rate of permanent neurologic damage from the DPT vaccine to be 1 in 300,000.(xi) However, other researchers indicate the permanent damage level to be anywhere from 1 in 62,000 to 1 in 300. Research by Coulter and Fisher on the 3.3 million children vaccinated yearly in the U.S. found there to be a total of 33,006 cases of acute neurological reactions (encephalitic screaming, convulsions, collapse) within 48 hours of receiving the DPT shot.

When the problems with vaccination are addressed in a serious manner by the pro-vaccination side, it usually involves a member of the bio-medical field qualifying that the dangers of vaccination, although real, are very rare, for example:

“Parents must be informed of the rare possibility of serious adverse effects, including seizure and allergic reaction. Every physician who administers vaccines therefore needs to become familiar with the reactions that may occur with each immunologic agent used. The best safeguard against litigation, when and if a serious reaction follows vaccination, is the indication that these considerations were discussed and that an informed choice was made.” (xii)

Doctors Who Report Vaccine Damage Become Liable

However, there is no scientific evidence as to the actual frequency or incidence of vaccine-induced injury, so in fact we have no idea whether reactions are indeed rare, or, statistically significant. In articles such as the one above, no verifiable statistical evidence, reflecting reliable reporting or monitored studies for this ‘rarity’ is ever presented. As shown in the official minutes of the 15th session of the US Panel of Review of Bacterial Vaccines and Toxoids with Standards and Potency:

“Many physicians are not cognizant of the importance of reporting untoward reactions, or may be unaware of their clinical features. Further, both physicians and manufacturers have been held liable for damage suits by patients who may suffer adverse effects from established vaccines. All of these factors undoubtedly discourage reporting; without some other form of surveillance, definition of the rates and significance of untoward reactions to current and future vaccines cannot be ascertained.” (xiii)

For this reason, it is suspected that the number of adverse reactions and vaccine-damaged children is actually much, much higher than is currently presented by the medical/pharmaceutical community. Instead, there is a growing number of mothers and lay people, whose children have been irrevocably damaged, forming vaccine risk awareness groups. There continue to be incidents like the one in West Germany in 1967, where smallpox vaccination damaged the hearing of 3,296 children, and of these 71 were rendered completely deaf. (xiv) At the extreme end of the spectrum, we have occurrences like the one in Australia’s Northern Territory where malnourished aboriginal children were vaccinated and in some areas 50% of them died. (xv) According to Dr. B. Bloom at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, there’s even an emerging reluctance to further develop vaccines because financial losses due to the liability of established vaccines actually exceed the profits derived from them.

Whether these adverse reactions are caused by the vaccines themselves or the number of highly toxic additives contained in vaccines (e.g. formaldehyde, mercury, acetone, etc.), or a combination of the two, remains to be determined. As yet, no research has been carried out to resolve this question.

Long-Term Consequences

While these short-term consequences are alarming (especially if it happens to your child) the possible long-term consequences of vaccination are, in my opinion, even more of a worry. When you contract a disease naturally, the virus or bacteria normally enters via the body’s natural filtration system; by being inhaled or swallowed, passing through the liver. With measles, for example, the airborne virus is carried first to the tonsils, then the lymph nodes and then into the spleen, blood and other organs. This succession produces a variety of reactions; sneezing, coughing or the secretion of a local antibody within the respiratory tract, all designed to expel or weaken the virus at its port of entry. With vaccines, foreign antigens are usually injected directly into the body’s tissues and carried throughout the circulatory system, giving them direct access to all of the body’s vital organs and systems. To bypass the body’s natural defense system, and at such a young age, is simply asking for trouble. In addition, because the vaccine contains an attenuated (or weakened) form of the virus, the body doesn’t activate its major inflammatory response, nor its non-specific immune defenses.

Overloading The Immune System

Another long-term complication of vaccination involves the ‘one cell-one antibody’ rule. This means that once a B cell is committed to an antigen (disease-causing virus or bacteria), it becomes inert and incapable of responding to other antigens or attacks on the immune system. If a child contracts childhood diseases naturally, it is estimated that up to a total of 7% of their immune system is taken up with responding to these diseases. However, a child who undergoes the routine course of vaccinations, risks having up to 70% of his/her immune system committed to these antigens and no longer available for other immune challenges. Current research suggests this reduced immune-response capacity is responsible for increased susceptibility to other infections, allergies, and auto-immune diseases. Other researchers argue that these attenuated forms of the viruses remain in the body causing continual antigenic stimulation of the immune system – meaning the immune system is always in ‘attack’ mode – which also weakens it and leads to auto-immune diseases.

A placebo-controlled trial of acellular pertussis vaccines in Sweden, compared vaccinated children with un-vaccinated children of the same birth grouping. During the trial, an invasive bacterial infection occurred among the vaccinated group resulting in numerous deaths. A review of the trial data led researchers to conclude that “The hypothesis of an immunosuppressive effect of the vaccines, which would explain the deaths…could not be refuted by the data.” (xvi)

As further evidence, one of the few double-blind trials that have ever been conducted on a vaccine shows the same immunosuppressive effect. In the trial, of the group who were vaccinated with the Salk polio vaccine, over 200 people went on to contract polio. Among the control group (unvaccinated), not one of them developed polio. (xvii)

Citing references from numerous valid sources, including four recognized textbooks on paediatrics and immunology, Harold Buttram, MD and John Hoffman, PhD, conclude that childhood vaccination “cannot help but have adverse effects on the immunologic system of the child, possibly leaving this system crippled in its ability to protect the child throughout life…opening the way for other diseases as a result of immunologic dysfunction.” (xviii)

Latent Proviruses & Other Diseases

The other worrying aspect of live viral vaccines is they introduce foreign genetic material into the human body. Dr. R. Moskowitz, MD and Harvard graduate, explains how this can lead to auto-immune disease susceptibility:

“Vaccinal attenuated viruses attach their own genetic ‘episome’ to the genome (half set of chromosomes and their genes) of the host cell, and are thus capable of surviving or remaining latent within the host cells for years. The presence of foreign antigenic material within the host cell sets the stage for their unpredictable provocation of various auto-immune phenomena such as herpes, shingles, warts, tumors – both benign and malignant – and diseases of the central nervous system, such as varied forms of paralysis and inflammation of the brain.” (xix)

Dr. Markowitz states that in addition, vaccines do not just produce mild versions of the original disease, but all of them commonly produce a variety of their own symptoms. In some cases, “these illnesses may be considerably more serious than the original disease, involving deeper structures, more vital organs, and less of a tendency to resolve spontaneously. Even more worrisome is the fact that they are almost always more difficult to recognize.” (xx)

In addressing scientists at a conference sponsored by the American Cancer Society, Rutgers University professor R. Simpson warned:

“Immunization Programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio and so forth may actually be seeding humans with RNA to form latent proviruses in cells throughout the body. These latent proviruses could be molecules in search of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Parkinson’s disease and perhaps cancer.” (xxi)

The bulk of the evidence gathered from numerous countries points out that not only is vaccination ineffective at preventing the spread of infectious disease, but vaccinated children are actually at a higher risk of contracting these illnesses. In addition, the adverse reactions to vaccination are much higher than presently documented in the medico-pharmaceutical literature and the long-term damaging effect of suppressing the immune system is rarely addressed.

In light of all the evidence to the contrary, why have vaccines been pressed upon the public as a necessary, beneficial way of preventing our children from getting sick? In the words of Dr. Raymond Obomsawin (who’s held senior positions in UNICEF and CUSO), referring to mass vaccination, “It is reprehensible that such actions continue to be enforced by authorities, while parents and local health workers are not accorded any practical knowledge of the known dangers involved, and the extent to which there prevails a general ignorance of the longer term consequences.” (xxii)

Follow The Money Honey

Combine this ignorance with the millions of dollars in profit generated by vaccination that goes straight into the pockets of manufacturing companies, governments and medical doctors, and it becomes clear that vaccination is more of a political and economic issue, than a health issue. Barbara Fisher, who served for ten years on the U.S. National Vaccine Advisory Committee states:

“We have bad science and bad medicine translated into law to ensure that vaccine manufacturers make big profits, that career bureaucrats at the Public Health Service meet the mass vaccination goals promised to politicians funding their budgets, and pediatricians have a steady flow of patients…As the drug companies have often stated in meetings I have attended, if a vaccine they produce is not mandated to be used on a mass basis, they do not recoup their R&D costs and do not make the profit they want. In the medical literature official studies of vaccine risk are published purportedly proving there is no cause and effect. What the reader does not know is that often the studies have been designed and conducted by physicians who sit on vaccine policy-making committees at the Centers for Disease Control…some of whom receive money from vaccine manufacturers for their universities and for testifying as expert witnesses in vaccine-injury cases. And others are federal employees with an eye on career advancement within HHS and a future job with a vaccine manufacturer after retirement from public service. Many of these same physicians sit on the peer review boards of the major medical journals such as Pediatrics and JAMA, where they refuse space for studies or letters from the few brave physicians who dare to challenge their assertions that there is no cause and effect” (xxiii)

When you take into account the billions of dollars at stake in vaccination campaigns, it is not surprising that vaccination propaganda is foisted upon the public with almost religious fervour. The intense psychological pressure and fear that parents feel about vaccinating their children is no accident, but the result of well-planned, well-funded marketing campaigns.

Needless to say, having completed my research, Oscar and my subsequent two children remain completely un-vaccinated.

We have traveled with our un-vaccinated children to Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Caribbean Islands, England, USA, Hawaii and the only disease they ever contracted was when Oscar got croup (whooping cough) when he was 8 months old. I treated him with entirely natural herbs and eucalyptus steams and he was 100% recovered in 8 days – not even a sniffle remaining.

Of course, we are doing a LOT from all angles: supplements, organic, unprocessed diet, low sugar, very physically active, good emotional environment, low WiFi, cellphone exposure, etc. to keep our children’s immune system strong.

As to whether you should vaccinate your child or not, only you can and should make that decision. It is very difficult to stand strong and resolute against the ubiquitous pressure to vaccinate. It’s like having to keep insisting the earth is round when authorities, your community, intellectuals, and the majority of scientists etc. all insist it’s flat. As with all matters of health, each of us has to go with what our gut tells us is right, or the best possible option for us at that time.


There are very effective alternatives to vaccination, but it’s beyond the scope of this article to address that here (see www.alternativemedicine.com and do a keyword search on vaccination for more info). Also, any good naturopathic physician will be able to advise you of the alternatives and prescribe immune support measures for your child. For those of you who are wary of the dangers of vaccination but not quite strong enough – or convinced enough – to decline immunization, there are a few options you might wish to explore:

  • Only give your child the vaccines you feel are most necessary and omit the most dangerous ones, or the ones that have been banned in other countries. For example, opt for diphtheria and tetanus but omit the pertussis component of the DPT shot, skip the hepatitis B vaccine – especially in infants (200 doctors in France have banded together to try to get their government to ban it). The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) shot has also been banned in several countries.
  • If you do vaccinate, assist your child/baby’s immune system before, during and after vaccination to reduce the risk of adverse effects. Dr. Lendon Smith (an Oregon pediatrician) administered the following to his patients during his practicing years: 1000 mg. Vitamin C, 500 mg. Calcium, 50 mg. Vitamin B6 the day before, the day of, and the day after vaccination. Consult with your doctor (medical or naturopathic) as to the best amounts and delivery method of these immune support substances for your child. Continue to supplement with a full range of vitamins and minerals daily thereafter (use 100% natural preparations specially formulated for infants or children).
  • Continue to educate yourself by reading other sources and conduct your own research on vaccination. See some of the publications and websites listed at the end of this article for further reading.

Click here if you’d like to download a copy of this vaccination article.

Childhood Vaccination Schedule in Recent Years:

1980 – 20 vaccines
2003 – 40 vaccines
2004 – 53 vaccines
2005 – 58 vaccines
2006 – 63 vaccines
2008 – 68 vaccines

“New vaccines are being invented every year, all with the same hope – to be included in the mandated Immunization Schedule. It’s very big money. Today we’re up to 68 vaccines mandated for use before a child is eighteen years old. Our infant mortality rate and the health of our children are appalling. The incidence of both infectious diseases and degenerative diseases among adult Americans is skyrocketing.”
– Dr. Tim O’Shea DC, The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization

Vaccine Risk Awareness Websites:

National Vaccine Information Center

Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety

Vaccination Information Paradigm

Immunisation Awareness Society


Vaccination: 200 years of Orthodox Research Shows That Vaccines Represent A Medical Assault on the Immune System by Viera Scheibner PhD

Universal Immunization – Medical Miracle or Masterful Mirage? by Raymond Obomsawin PhD (available from Health Action Network tel: 604-435-0512)

What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunization by Jamie Murphy

How To Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, MD

The Immunization Decision: A Guide For Parents by Dr. Randall Neustaedter

Vaccinations and Immunization: Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives by Dr. Leon Chaitow, ND, DO

Immunization: The Reality Behind The Myth by Walene James

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Click here if you’d like to download a copy of this vaccination article.

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Should I Vaccinate My Child?

19 thoughts on “Should I Vaccinate My Child?

  • Fabulous job! You’ve stated the facts beautifully, and as 58 year-old NEVER-vaccinated parent of never-vacccinated children & grandchildren, I can attest to the truth of your observations. I encourage everyone to get enough information to do an honest gut-check before you submit yourself or your children to useless, potentially-dangerous-but-highly-profitable drugs (because, yes, vaccines are drugs, and all drugs have side-effects).
    Don’t buy the hype that makes the other guy richer while making you weaker. Follow the simple rules of creating “health” and trust your healthy body to know what to do next. It’s just common sense.

  • Please note: Upon request, I have posted a link now at the end of the article whereby you can download this article in pdf form. best, Jini.

  • thank you for your time and effort in sharing your findings.
    we have been in the process of making the decision of whether to have our baby daughter, Uma, vaccinated. our gut feelings, (!) have always lead us to suspision of the need to introduce alien substances to our naturally perfectly formed bubba! we now feel confident in our position to take responsibility for her health and opt to not vaccinate. the psychological pressure on new parents through vaccination propaganda is a truly negative, and in my eyes, evil force which tries to pull us even further away from the natural core that is within everything living.

  • Hi Rachel – it’s interesting, I was talking with a friend of mine, who has 4 children. She vaccinated her first two, then started hearing things, researching a bit, and she said that while she was going through her process. FOUR of her friends vaccinated their babies. They all were normal leading up to the shots and then within a week, all 4 autistic. She decided then and there not to vaccinate her subsequent children. I must admit I was quite surprised by this, but she is a matter-of-fact person and not prone to exaggeration. So again, whilst the side effects are supposedly “rare”, we really have no idea as to even the short-term side effects due to conflict of interest in reporting i.e. your doc won’t tell you the vaccine he/she administered has caused autism, cause then you can sue! Nor will he/she report it. It all comes down to liability.

    Anyway, please make use of the websites and references listed as you will need to bolster yourself to resist the pressure! The more you can educate yourself, the stronger you’ll be.

  • MORE: “In 2010, the largest outbreak of whooping cough in over 50 years reportedly occurred in California.

    Around that same time, a scare campaign was launched in the California by Pharma-funded medical trade associations, state health officials and national media targeting people opting out of using pertussis vaccine, falsely accusing them of causing the then-current whooping cough outbreak.

    But new research released last month paints a very different picture than the one being spread by the media.

    In fact, the study showed that 81 percent of 2010 California whooping cough cases in people under the age of 18 occurred in those who were fully up to date on the whooping cough vaccine….”


  • Your website headers states PROS and Cons of Immunization; are there no positive things to say about the subject? I’ve received all of my scheduled vaccines, and have never had an adverse effect. I find your article very biased to be honest; there is a large number of people in the world whose situation is the same as mine. Fully vaccinated and fully healthy.

  • SARAH – there is a maasive PR campaign funded by Big Pharma touting the pros of vaccination, so don’t think I need to devote more space to it here. Some things to consider in your situation:

    1. How old are you – i.e. WHEN did you receive your vaccinations? There are numerous articles that outline in detail the difference in vaccination schedules (number, frequency, etc.) between even 10-15 years ago and today. And there is a massive increase. Google it.

    2. What is your definition of healthy? “Normal” parameters for “healthy” are not the ones I use for myself or my kids. Current normal parameters are defined by the medical system – which is more skilled at detecting disease, than strong, vibrant health.

    3. There are always going to be people who can withstand a LOT more toxins than others, for numerous reasons. My modus operandi with my kids is that there are now SO MANY toxins in our world that are completely out of my control; from the air, to the ground water, the food supply, toys, building materials, etc. that I’m certainly not going to ADD to their toxin load. Especially for a theory and drug that is poorly tested and unproven.

    You have to ask yourself, when an MD publishes any kind of scientific paper that even questions vaccination claims (like Dr. Andrew Wakefield) WHY is he blasted and penalized:


  • thank you so much for all your hard work on this topic. i decided when my baby, now 4 months, was 6 weeks old that i would not vaccinate not at least until he is a lot older and stronger. i must admit though i am constantly questioning myself. your article has given me a little more piece of mind about my decision so, thank you.

  • Hi Jini,
    I just wanted to pass on information regarding the upcoming Vaccine Summit taking place in Vancouver (March 13th, 2013) @SFU Harbour Centre (http://vaccineresistancemovement.org/?page_id=11970) It sounds like it is going to be quite informative – and a good place to connect with people who understand medical propaganda and the conflict of interest present in those who blindly push over-vaccination without awareness of the wisdom of “first do no harm”.

  • Hi Jini:

    We are Propack customers and I have met with your husband regarding how he has set up his platform. We are now suffering from not listening to some of his advice. So a re-explore is on. Changes are coming. Thank him for the direction please. I remember meeting with him and being so impressed with YOUR commitment to health truths (I am a health care professional). I am reading some of your caring, honest and steadfast comments regarding vaccination… and the challenges of a few comments. Great responses. There is so much media spin on all vaccine fact & history that most conservative readers cannot imagine and do not have the time to research (Wakefield spin included… the truth is the truth, new research continues to support his explanation of these events). Keep up your education of what it takes to be healthy. Your articles are very impressive and well written. Powerful. Keep on changing people’s lives one health picture at a time. My passion & goal also.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Terry! And I have passed on your message to Ian. Unfortunately most people have no idea of the amount of money pharmaceuticals spend on propaganda and lobbying – so they think they are getting accurate information from their doctor and news shows. Even medical professionals (especially researchers) within the system are getting fed up with it.

  • Thanks for the reply, Jini. You’re doing vital emotional work as well I see. Great job. The core place of all cause, really. Glad to see that you really ‘get it.’ The way of the future in health. Yes, the propaganda machine has embedded deep fear in parents. Until something really dramatic happens to their child (or someone they know), the questioning of the status quo does not have enough fire to overcome the original fear of so called ‘disease’ risk…and all of the assumed effectiveness & safety of vaccines is all that remains. Takes their focus completely off of real health habits and factors (Nature)… Sad. But creates much motivation to educate. Hope to meet you one day soon. To note, my wife is a counsellor, trained in EFT also… Best..

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