Corporate Crime Reporter 14, March 27, 2011

So far, there have been only a handful of lawsuits.

Lawsuits alleging personal injury – primarily brain cancers – from cell phone radiation.

There are maybe a dozen or so cases pending in DC Superior Court.

And studies on health effects from cell phone radiation are all over the board.

But the trial lawyers are preparing to significantly ramp up cell phone litigation.

Ever heard of the Cell Phone Radiation Litigation Group?


That’s because it was just set up under the auspices of the American Association
for Justice – the trial lawyers trade group.

The Cell Phone Radiation Litigation Group is headed by two veteran Louisiana trial
lawyers – Hunter Lundy of Lake Charles and Jim Klick of New Orleans.

The group will be meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada soon to plan a litigation strategy.

Lundy says he became interested in the subject of cell phone radiation when
a friend of his – “he was on the cell phone all the time” – was diagnosed with
brain cancer at age 40.

“He died at 45,” Lundy said.

“Look at people who are in my age group who got on the cell phone in the
late 1980s – look at Ted Kennedy and Johnny Cochran (both died from brain
cancers) – They got on the phones and used them hours a day,” Lundy

Lundy quotes studies showing an increased risk of brain tumors from heavy use
of cell phones.

And of course, Lundy does have a cell phone.

But he has simple advice – if you are going to use the cell phone –
text, or use a speaker phone.

And keep it off your body.

Last month, the Journal of the American Medical Association published
a study finding that yes – cell phones change brain activity.

Dr. Devra Davis is an American epidemiologist. And she is the author of a book – Disconnect:
The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It
and How to Protect Your Family

Davis says that studies of heavy cell phone users over a 10-year period find
an increased risk of brain tumors.

To get people’s attention, Davis asks two questions:

Did you know that most cell phones come with a notice that says “do not
hold closer than one inch from your body”?

Did you know that insurance companies refuse to provide coverage to cell phone
companies and operators in case of claims of health damage from long-term operation
of their devices?

Lundy and his colleagues are determined to get answers.

In a court of law.