Cress-wifi-experimentFive 9th graders carried out a science fair experiment showing how WiFi and cellphone radiation is harmful to living organisms.

The girls had already noticed that if they slept with their cell phone next to their head, they had trouble concentrating in school the next day.

So they got some garden cress seeds and put half in a room with no WiFi coming in and the other half in a room next to two WiFi routers.

As you can see from the photo, the cress in the WiFi-free room grew nicely. But the cress next to the WiFi routers did not grow and most died.

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I have LOTS of stuff on this blog about the harmful effects of WiFi, why you must limit your exposure, and detailed instructions on how to shield yourself from WiFi and cell phone radiation – just type “WiFi Radiation” into the search box on this blog. And I know increasing numbers of people are getting concerned about this issue because one of my most popular blog posts is How to Measure Cellphone and WiFi Radiation.

Children who are sensitive to WiFi are now being forced to leave school, because the schools won’t acknowledge that this is a valid health issue. Remember asbestos, tobacco, Lyme disease… yep, same thing happening here.

My daughter used to get hemorrhagic nosebleeds from WiFi, until I tested her classroom and made sure she sits in the lowest radiation spot and gave her supplements to strengthen the blood vessels.

That’s why I contributed to this legal fund currently seeking to set a precedent of legally requiring school districts to provide an alternative for kids sensitive to WiFi radiation. Please donate if you feel so moved…

Plants Won’t Grow Near WiFi Router

5 thoughts on “Plants Won’t Grow Near WiFi Router

  • Our suburb, is under attack ,we presently have two Towers applied for in the one street. All the animals are disorientated from the signal already here,The council is to blame and should be sacked,The phone companies only want our money ,and dont care about health,My EMf measure is already full scale, Look at Google no towers at schools and no towers at fire stations,Bird kill, Fire in cell towers. Regards Jeff Carter

  • I have been using Absorb Plus for several years. Recently I started mixing the shakes with coconut milk instead of water to add 330 calaories (and also improving the flavor), but I question if this is a good idea (will it change the elemental nature of the shake ?)

    1. Hi Tom,

      Yes, the shakes will technically no longer be elemental but that doesn’t matter if you’re 100% certain that you’re able to personally tolerate the coconut milk without issue. In fact, Jini encourages people to use that or something like almond milk for more calories and taste improvement as long as there aren’t any tolerance issues.

      Kind regards,
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  • I have a scar from 3 caesareans and a sterilization operation an’d when I use my laptop for a while (which I need to as I am looking for a job), it gives me pain in the scar area, which can continue even at night time, depending how long I am on the machine. (I had a scare 10 years ago – pre-cancerous cells on cervix and after 2 1/2 years was given the all clear.
    I do Reiki and give myself blasts of it every day, but this is very scary.

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