All I can say is Thank God Dr. Mercola (with his list of over 2 million) is informed and active on this whole WiFi, cellphone, electromagnetic, microwave radiation debacle! His latest article, estimating that deaths from microwave radiation will surpass deaths from cigarette smoking and asbestos combined, features this latest EXCELLENT video from EMR expert, Magda Havas PhD:

I did a teleseminar with Dr. Magda Havas a few months ago to try and get clear on the risks of this technology and what each of us can do to protect ourselves and our children, you can download the mp3 recording here and / or download the pdf transcript here.

DNA Breaks

Of special note in Mercola’s article is this slide from the European Reflex Report, visually showing DNA breaks in a comet assay test from 24 hours of cell phone radiation exposure compared with DNA breaks from 1600 chest x-rays:

Cell Towers And Cancer

And what REALLY freaked me out is the data about the cell tower in the UK – 500 metres away from the village. My eight-year-old daughter Zara’s gymnastics club has 4 cellphone towers, mounted on a high voltage powerline, less than 100 metres away from the club- and she’s there 9 hours/week:

“when the Wishaw T-Mobile phone mast went up in her small U.K. village, an estimated 77 percent of the residents within 500 meters became ill with a range of health problems from symptoms of electrosensitivity to infertility and cancer. Seven years later a cancer cluster was discovered in the village, after which the tower was forcefully removed.

Six ladies developed breast cancer, there was one case of prostate cancer, one case of bladder cancer, one case of lung cancer, three cases of pre-cancerous cervical cells, one man developed a spinal tumor and motor neuron disease (MND), many cases of breast lumps and pervasive symptoms of electrosensitivity, such as sleep problems,headaches, dizzy spells, vertigo, fertility problems, immune disregulation, and fatigue. An Olympic level horse was also treated for blood problems.

When the mast came down, the symptoms of electrosensitivity went away, and with few exceptions, cancers people were treated for never recurred and the Olympic horse no longer suffered with blood problems.”

Cell Tower + WiFi = Nosebleeds

So what does this mean in terms of my daughter’s current risk? We have already noticed that if she goes to school (6 hours of WiFi radiation in the school + cellphone radiation from teachers and students) and then straight to her gymnastics (3 hours), she will get nosebleeds. And not little ones; massive, gushing nosebleeds.

However, if I keep her home from school for half the day, twice per week, on the days she does her gymnastics training, she does not get nosebleeds. So her body has shown us where her exposure threshold is, that results in visible, noticeable negative symptoms – but what’s going on at the cellular level, that we don’t know about?

How Much Is Too Much?

It’s so hard as a parent and someone who also understands that health is a holistic phenomenon. What I mean by this, is that I can give my kids ALL the physical elements they need to be healthy. But if my kids do not have joy and zest in life, if they do not feel loved, accepted and secure, then they will likely not be healthy.

And the flip side of that is that even though they may not have all the ideal elements that contribute physically to health, but they also have no emotional/psychological stressors and they are happy and vibrant every day, then it is likely they will be healthy. It is a question of balance. And this is what’s so hard to judge with microwave radiation – as emitted by cell phones, wireless computers, iPads, Playstations, Xboxes, Wii’s, etc. – HOW much is too much? And can the body repair the cellular damage, the DNA breaks – and under what circumstances or conditions?

For example, if all the other health elements are in place, is it okay if the kids are in a school that has WiFi, as long as their home and sleeping environment is shielded so that radiation levels are lower than 0.01 microwatts per cm2? Can the body then repair sufficiently while they sleep – to prevent cancer or serious illness?

Increase In Cancer & Effects On Microorganisms

Then you have the statistical picture: If current trends show that daily WiFi exposure increases the risk of cancer tenfold (for example), but cancer incidence in children is only 14.8 per 100,000 kids, then a tenfold increase would equal 148 kids per 100,000 – which is still only a 0.15% risk. So then, even if my kids are exposed, if their risk is only .15%, is that worth taking them out of school and sports for? Especially if sports confers a protective effect against cancer?

Emotionally, I want to grab onto the above statistical scenario with both hands and breathe a big sigh of relief: Whew, I don’t have to worry after all! But then you have other nasty little bits of research that show (for example) yeast increases rapidly when exposed to microwave radiation – scientists theorize this may be because the micro-organisms feel under attack and so replicate quickly to fend off the threat. Other preliminary studies have shown that microwave radiation at 2.5 GHz can reduce airborne microorganisms. So, just one more aspect to wonder/worry about: how is this technology affecting the balance of microorganisms in our bodies, our environment, animals, etc? Just one more thing no one’s bothered to test before flooding us with microwaves!

And what about viruses and bacteria inside our bodies? How do they behave when exposed to WiFi and cell phones? I know that just about every kid around has a wart or two, my daughter had a nasty herpes outbreak that spread from one sore on her lip to multiple sores over about 1/3 of her face (call me paranoid, but I kept her out of gymnastics for one week), this latest flu bug (for both kids and adults) is seeming to go on for about 6 weeks, waning after 3, then boomeranging back again, how many kids have rashes and eczema? And how many people do you know that sleep deeply and peacefully every night for a full 7-8 hours? Yeah, me neither.

Common sense says that if you are one of the vulnerable: children, elderly or ill, you should err on the side of caution. But as these technologies become ubiquitous (see Magda’s video above), how do you protect children without removing them from society? And what effect will that then have on their joy and life-force energy? I know if my kids are not allowed to play soccer (there’s a massive cell tower with relays in my son’s training field), nor compete in gymnastics, nor go to their friends’ houses, nor see their friends at school – they’re not going to be very happy and they would find all those restrictions quite stressful!

As you can see, I’m still struggling with this one. I feel really hamstrung over this issue and I’m not in a position to act decisively, yet. I know I have a lot of very intelligent, discerning readers, so let me know your thoughts in the COMMENTS section below as I would really like to hear your perspective…