Wild Oregano Oil Antiviral Protocol for Flu Bugs

I’ve been receiving more emails from people – both readers and family/friends who are worried about the possible swine flu pandemic.

In my previous post, where I tell you what I think about where the swine flu virus came from, I also gave you four very effective natural, antiviral substances you can use if you’re concerned about contracting this flu, or, if you’ve already got it (or any other virulent flu). Of those four (hydrogen peroxide, wild oregano oil, chlorine dioxide and potassium iodide), wild oregano oil is the one I have the most personal experience with.

I have used wild oregano oil numerous times to prevent myself from contracting the extremely virulent vomiting flu bugs that sweep through our city about twice per winter. With three children under age nine, they are always bringing these viruses home from school.

As I then get vomited on repeatedly by any or all of the children and am up all night, until the onslaught passes, it’s safe to say my exposure is pretty intense and my resistance is low. However, even though the other adults in my household have come down with the bugs, I have avoided every one by using an intensive wild oregano oil antiviral protocol – because I REALLY, really hate to vomit.

So, I’m going to share with you what I do, that has repeatedly worked so well for me. This protocol uses a commercial brand of wild oregano (like Joy of the Mountains or Oreganol – which is already diluted 3:1) NOT essential oil of oregano.

Jini’s 7-Day Antiviral Wild Oregano Oil Protocol

  • Take 5 drops every hour for 24 hours – begin this at the first exposure to the virus or first symptom. If you are sleeping, don’t wake yourself up to take it, but let yourself sleep (which greatly assists your immune system). However, if you get up to go to the bathroom, etc. then take a double dose of 10 drops.
  • Then take 10 drops every 3 hours, for 48 hours – again, if you are sleeping, don’t wake yourself up to take it, but let yourself sleep (which greatly assists your immune system). However, if you get up to go to the bathroom, etc. then take a dose of 10 drops.
  • Then take 10 drops, 3x/day for the next 2 days – just take the dose during waking hours.
  • Take 5 drops, 3x/day for the next 2 days – just take the dose during waking hours.
  • Take high dose probiotics for the next 2 weeks to repopulate your gut with good bacteria. Remember that wild oregano oil is antibiotic, as well as antiviral, so after a heavy dosage like this, you MUST balance the bacterial flora in your GI tract by flooding it with good bacteria. If you’re taking the Natren probiotics that I recommend, this means you take 1 tsp of each powder, 3x/day OR 1 Healthy Trinity Capsule, 2x/day. Remember to use the powders if you are having more than 3 bowel movements per day – otherwise the transit time through your GI tract is too fast for the capsules to dissolve properly.

NOTE: Take on an empty stomach for maximum potency, then drink a full glass of water immediately after to dilute in the stomach. This protocol is only suitable for adults. Wild oregano oil is also anti-inflammatory, so should be fine for most people. But, as with any substance, some people will not tolerate it. In that case, use one of the other recommended antivirals.

Here’s The Easiest Way to Ingest Wild Oregano Oil

Dosing For Children: Standard herbalist protocol is to NOT use wild oregano oil for children under age 5. For myself, when my young children were sick, I felt that if I sufficiently diluted the dosage, it was better to give them wild oregano than antibiotics or any other kind of drug. So whilst, I cannot give you any recommendations for your children, I will share the dosing protocol I would use with mine for acute or severe flu bugs:

Babies to age 2: I would dilute the commercial brand (which is not essential oil – it is already diluted 3:1) further with olive oil to make a 7:1 dilution (7 drops organic olive oil to 1 drop commercial wild oregano oil). Then, using this 7:1 dilution, I would apply it to the soles of the feet and the lymph nodes under the jaw and down the sides of the neck. As the breastfeeding mum, I would alternate with taking Astragalus and medicinal mushrooms in my tea (to boost immune system) and high dose Natren probiotics – which then go through to the immune system.

Children aged 2.5 – 4: I would give my kids diluted wild oregano in 7:1 dilution (see above), 10 drops, 2-3x/day. See video for how I got them to swallow it. My 2 year old, would just swallow it straight, quickly, and then chug water. Since it’s a 7:1 dilution, it’s not crazy-hot.

Children aged 5 – 7: I would give my kids the regular commercial wild oregano at this age, 3-5 drops, 3x/day. See video for how they took it. I follow this with Natren probiotics, stirred into yoghurt or mixed in with chocolate milk.

Children aged 8-11: At this age, I give my kids 5-8 drops of regular (commercial, not essential) wild oregano oil, 3x/day. If we want to really hammer it, I give it to them every 3 hours. Of course, I follow this with Natren probiotics, stirred into yoghurt or mixed in with chocolate milk.

CAUTION: I don’t use wild oregano with kids like a drug (crutch). I don’t use it repeatedly, or ongoing. If my kids get more than 1 or 2 flu bugs per year, then wild oregano is not the answer: I need to look at nutrition, toxins in environment, vitamin D levels, probiotic supplementation, immune system strengthening, etc. I also believe it is important for children’s immune systems to practice and build themselves up. So I only use this protocol for severe flu bugs, or, when I really need them to get better quickly. But often I will not give them wild oregano and instead will let their immune system handle it and I give immune-support herbs instead, like Astragalus, elderberry syrup, medicinal mushrooms – twice per day in a bit of warm water or herbal tea.


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  2. Could you please tell me if wild oregano essential oil contains potassium? I am taking a blood pressure medication and need to restrict potassium in my diet.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Carol,

    Not to my knowledge and I couldn’t find anything in a Google search that said it contained any potassium either.

    take care,

  4. Jini – Everywhere on the web I have read that oregano oil acts as an “antibiotic” in that it indiscriminately kills all bacteria and consequently the gut must be repopulated with ‘good’ bacteria to replace what the oregano oil has killed. I have trouble accepting this premise in that first of all, if this were true, how could the oregano plant survive? All of life depends on bacteria to thrive and if the blood (oil) of the plant killed everything it contacted, the plant would die as well. To prove that oregano oil is a discriminating oil unlike man-made antibiotics, I injected high doses of oregano oil into a partial batch of yogurt cultures which I then used to make homemade yogurt. After twenty four hours, I tested both batches of yogurt for taste, consistency and texture and found both batches to be identical in all aspects. The oregano oil flavored yogurt was delicious with a savory, yet sour taste and a wonderful consistency which indicated the presence of live yogurt cultures. Being a layman, I did not use a microscope to confirm the presence of yogurt microbes but the yogurt had every indication of the presence of live yogurt cultures using my tastes buds, my sense of smell and my eyes. Amazingly, the oregano oil infused yogurt was preserved for one full month in my fridge before I finally enjoyed the last of it. Consequently, I would surmise that oregano oil has intelligence as an essential oil in that it is able to discern between good and bad, working holistically and synergistically to support the life systems it contacts with minerals, vitamins and antioxidents while destroying pathogens with it’s other unique chemical compounds and constituents.

  5. Hi Gary,

    That is really fascinating… and well done – great experiment!

    I’ve passed on your post to some contacts who may be able to comment from a greater knowledge base. Will post again here when I hear from them.

    So, question for you then, I see you sell essential oil of oregano (undiluted). Do you happen to know what the standard dilution ratio is for commercial brands of oregano oil – that are cut with olive oil? i.e. in a one ounce bottle, how much essential oregano oil vs. olive oil is there?

  6. Regarding your question, I can give you a rather general response because there are so many variations out there. I have researched my competition in the past but decided to answer your question by simply perusing the first page results from a google search on ‘oregano oil’. Here is what I found:

    Two websites offered ‘pure 100% oregano oil’ with one price at about $17 and the other at $93 for 30ml of pure oregano oil. These oils came from different geographical regions and both websites were informative offering accurate data mixed with questionable and debatable information regarding their particular oregano oils.

    The other websites listed on the first page of the google search offered diluted product with none of these vendors divulging the ratio of their carrier oil to the essential oil. I have found this to be more the norm than the exception and my simple web search confirmed my observations. Although, I have found vendors that divulge this information in a clear and understandable manner, unfortunately it isn’t typical. I have even written and called oregano oil vendors who didn’t provide clear information on their website. Here are some of those of those responses:

    Vendor #1 – “The ration is 75% olive oil and 25% oregano oil”

    Vendor #2 – “I don’t know how much olive oil is in the bottle”
    Me: “Oh, well is there someone who can provide that information to me?”
    Vendor: “No”
    Me: Is the owner of the company available?”
    Vendor: “You are talking to him”
    Me: “Hmmm, so you mean to say you can’t answer my question”
    Vendor: ” This product contains 100% pure oregano oil and the carvacrol level is over 80%”
    Me: “Yes, but how much olive oil is mixed with the oregano oil?”
    Vendor: “I don’t know”
    Me: “Thank you for your time, good bye”

    Vendor #3 – “Yes, we do mix olive oil with our oregano oil.” They didn’t offer the ratio and I didn’t pursue it further.

    So, to answer your question; It just depends who you are purchasing product from. There is a lot of marketing hype out there and along with that hype comes false, misleading and questionable claims. In addition to having to wade through vendor claims, we also need to remember that oregano oil is an agriculture product and thus will vary in quality from year to year and from one geographical region to another. Additionally, the quality of the oil is going to be affected by the distillery and their principles and practices. To conclude, I would suggest you shop around for pure oregano oil and mix it yourself according to your preference after doing your own research.

  7. I asked a friend of mine (an industry insider) for information about commercial wild oregano oil dilutions and here’s what he said:

    “Generally, the more diluted a product is, the lower the retail price.

    The 1:1 (contain 50% olive oil and 50% wild oregano oil) super strength products have very limited uses.  It’s too concentrated to safely take orally, or to apply topically to the skin.  Except for conditions like nail fungus, or perhaps treating a sore or wound, a 1:1 ratio needs to be diluted further, in more olive oil.  

    At the other end of the spectrum, a 1:5 ratio (17% wild oregano oil) may be better suited to people with sensitive skin – but for treating internal infections, there is very little oregano oil in each drop; therefore you’d need to take more of this product to get the same results as a 1:3 dilution (which is the industry standard).

    It seems that most people have trouble converting ratios to percentages.  Your clients may like knowing that 1:3 means there are 4 parts.  So 1/4 or 25%.

    Regarding dilutions, here are some popular brands:
      Joy of the Mountains – 1:3 (25%)

      N.A.H.S. Oreganol P73 – 1:1 (50%) Super Strength, and Regular Strength 1:3 (25%) ~ unless they’ve changed it recently

      Hedd Wyn Essentials – 1:4 (20%)

      Natural Factors – 1:4 (20%)

      New Roots – 1:5 (17%)

      St.Francis Oreganum Plus – 1:1 (50%) Super Strength, and Regular Strength 1:3 (25%)”

  8. Hi, I have just heard about oil of oregano and am very excited about what I have been reading. My question is how do I decide how much to take and for how long. My biggest reason in taking it is to keep from getting the flu, cold, etc. Also, I have an ear infection that I’d like to get rid of. I have the ‘Oreganol P73 Super Strength’. If I understand correctly I can take this internally and externally…. is this correct? If you can not answer my questions can you recommend where I can go to get my answers? I have a 10 year daughter and a 6 1/2 year son…. can they take this as well? I am asking because I have noticed some sites I go to say no children under 12 can take it and others say yes. It is a bit confusing. Thank You in advance for your help.

  9. Hi Melanie,

    Here are two videos which will give you some good info and answers to your questions:

    How To Take Wild Oregano Oil

    Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection

    Also, go to this page, scroll down, and sign up for my free Wild Oregano Oil Report:


    Lastly, I have a killer protocol for healing ear infections and it even works with blood and pus coming out of the ear (my two youngest were prone to recurrent infections until I developed this protocol). You can get it for free when you are a member of my JPT Wellness Circle. Right now, you can join for only $1 for 1 month – then go get the article (it’s under my section, or you could just enter “ear infection” in the search box on the site) and then if you don’t want to stay a member, just be sure and cancel your membership before 30 days and then you won’t be billed for next month:


    Herbal literature states that wild oregano oil is not to be used in children under age 5. However, in my personal opinion, if the alternative is antibiotics, I feel the wild oregano is far safer. And i have used it for various reasons on all of my 3 kids from the age of 6 months (when my daughter got a fungal skin infection). As long as you dilute according to body weight, it has worked fine.

    good luck!

  10. how would I adjust the 7 day antiviral WOO protocol above to use for my 3 1/2 year old if we need to use it for the swine flu. She weighs approx. 40 pounds. Preschool starts tomorrow and I am a little concerned about all of the germs she wil be exposed to and bringing home.

  11. Hi Kelly – sorry, but I can’t answer your question as I don’t feel comfortable giving instructions for young children – especially for an intensive protocol like this, knowing nothing about your child’s health, diet, situation, history, etc.

    The best thing would be for you to consult your naturopathic doctor.

    Also, keep in mind that you can safely use immune system boosters on young children – there are many products formulated specifically for children. Herbs For Kids by Eclectic or St. Francis are both good lines. This is what I do with my kids during the school year – especially in the intense winter months.

    You may find this interview with Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) interesting as it is specifically about how to protect your kids from swine flu at school:


  12. I’ve had acute gasterenteritis for two weeks (on and off) it seems to be improving SLOWLY. Do you recommend that i try your protocal (oil of oregano dosage) as if it’s just come on, or different dosage for something that has been in my system this long?

    I used a dilluted version when it first came on, but not more than 2-3 times/day for a couple of days. This didn’t help much then. I may not have used a strong enough version, now i’ve got oreganol, and am dosing 5 drops/hour.
    Thanks for your help!

  13. Hi Jini

    I am extremely excited and grateful to you for all the wonderful information you manage to source. I had crohn’s years ago and after several surgeries left me with only a small part of my colon left. I also have a bascterial gut infection (Helicobacter Pylori) which can be irradicated with 3 differenct anti-biotics, all of which I am allergic to. Infact I am allergic to most things, including prednisolone even at 2mg. I also had breast cancer which was hormone (estrogen) driven so am on Taoxifen, so will be going onto Vit D and C. oil. As you can imagine I am not a happy bunny, the question I suppose is would wild oregano oil help to heal my gut alongside probiotics which I take daily. I am really quite despressed as I never feel well, and have no energy.
    Hope you can help. Drs suggested I go an anti depressants, I asked how that would help my gut and was tols it would’nt but you would feel better in yourself!!

    Thank you for all you do, I am not yet really into the computer so have not really mastered the art yet! I would love to take part more but live in the UK and don’t know how I would pay you?



  14. Hi Margaret,

    Many anti-depressants create an alkaline pH in the gut, which further degrades gut flora, since ‘good’ bacteria need a more acid pH to thrive. EFT is much more effective for treating depression than drugs.

    See my post on the Probiotic Retention Enema and you can download my Wild Oregano Oil Protocol there for free (just follow the instructions) and yes, this will greatly help to heal your gut:


    take care,

  15. Hi Jini,

    I have been taking the Oreganol Super Strength P73 internally for a few days. I noticed that you mentioned it that ratio was too concentrated to safely take orally. Am I harming myself by ingesting this product? I just take two drops under my tongue about 1 to 3 times a day. I have also given it to my 17 year old son. May I have your thoughts concerning this?

    Thank you,

    ~Michelle K.


  16. Hi Michelle,

    P73 is a commercial brand that is already diluted with olive oil, so safe to take as is – it is NOT an essential oil.

    You can also choose to dilute it further to lessen the “hotness” of it.

    take care,

  17. Should I opt for the essential oil instead? I didn’t realize that the Oreganol was not an essential oil. Is there an Oil of Oregano essential oil that I can purchase as well as being better for me than the one I am currently taking? Do I get benefits from the commercial brand? Or would I benefit from a different Oil of Oregano? I just want to make sure I’m doing my body good.

    Thank You~

  18. Oreganol is essential oil that has been diluted to a safe, usable level with olive oil – as are ALL commercial brands.

    It is usually cheaper to buy the pure essential oil and dilute it yourself, but neither is “better” than the other. Once diluted appropriately, they are the same thing. So they’re all good.

    hope that makes it clear.

  19. For those of you who want to do more research on the anti-pathogen abilities of wild oregano oil:

    Behaviour of Listeria monocytogenes and autochthonous flora on meat stored under aerobic, vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging conditions with or without the presence of oregano essential oil at 5°C

    Summary: The addition of 0.8% (v/w) oregano essential oil resulted in: (i) an initial reduction of 2-3 log10 of the majority of the bacterial population, with lactic acid bacteria and L. monocytogenes indicating the most apparent decrease in all gaseous environments, and (ii) limited growth aerobically and survival/death of L. monocytogenes in MAP/VP, regardless of film permeability.


    A list of articles from Applied & Environmental Microbiology

    This web page highlights a nice spectrum of sources, you can then
    research the original articles of the ones that interest you:


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  21. holding the sick hostage is a crime
    healing +business= ? results
    a healer in the truest sense of the word works from the very beginning to put himself out of business

  22. Oregano oil is mervellous. I have used it for colds, coughs and flu for several years now, and it does work. I do not take flu shots, I am a diabetic and over 70, and have not had the flu for those years that I have taken the oil.

    Also, it really works for infected gums and teeth.

    However I do not put drops into my mouth, as the oils is so strong, and leaves a really nasty aftertaste for a long time.

    Instead put about 5 or 6 drops into one-half glass of water, mix it around and then drink it. For a sore throat, use this mixture as a gargle- it will cure a sore throat.

    I have also sprayed it into the nostrils for sinus infections, However, do not spray it full strength, but dilute as I have stated.

    Wonderful stuff, I would not be without it.

  23. Lil tip…When my daughter was old enough to take pills, I discovered that I could put the oregano in empty gel capsuls purchased from my health food store (very cheap!) This works perfectly for all of us now.

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  25. I’ve been a little apprehensive about starting oil of oregano because not only do i have pain and bloating in the bowels, i also have gastritis, which limits my diet and supplement regeime greatly…yet i’m desperate for help. i was wondering if in such cases if Standard Process’ Gut Flora Complex would be better because the pills are enteric and may help to prevent initial pain. They’ve also added other herbs to this formula such as anise? Do you have any comments about the possible effectiveness vs straight oregano supplementation? Are you familiar w/ this product and its effectiveness?

  26. when you say a certain ratio of oregano and olive oils, such as 2 to one; is that two parts oregano and one part olive oil…or vice versa.

  27. 2:1 would be 2 parts olive oil and 1 part wild oregano – the larger number is always the olive oil – hence it is a dilution, not a more concentrated version.

    The most common dilutions are:

    Babies skin: 20:1 or 15:1

    Children’s skin: 7:1

    Mucous membranes (lips, inside of nose, genitals): 7:1 – 5:1

  28. Crystal – regarding untested supplements or combination remedies, please see page 55 of Listen To Your Gut for how to test/introduce these.

  29. I have UTI with e.coli bacteria how can i treat it with wild oregano, what is the way to use it and how effective is it, does it really work. My other question is if i use wild oregano is it safe to combine it with colostrum?

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  31. Hi Jini,
    in your Antiviral Wild Oregano Oil Protocol are the quantity are given in pure Oregano essential oil or in already diluted (1:3)? The 5 drops every our means 5 drops of 1:3 diluted oil or 20 drops of 1:3 diluted oil.

  32. Vladan: This protocol uses a commercial brand of wild oregano (like Joy of the Mountains or Oreganol – which is already diluted 3:1) NOT essential oil of oregano. So it means 5 drops of commercial (already diluted) wild oregano oil.

    Zare: You can treat UTI orally using this protocol. But then I would follow it with high dose oral probiotics (Natren brand is great). Wild oregano may kill the good bacteria in colustrum, so take it (and probiotics) 2 hours away from any wild oregano.

  33. Jini, I have not read one published research article anywhere that would imply that oregano oil destroys beneficial bacteria. All research indicates that it preserves and feeds life giving cells resulting in enhanced health which is also manifest by longer shelf for fish, animal meats and produce.

  34. Gary: I hear you and you may very well be right. But until someone does a clinical trial where stool is tested before, during and after wild oregano usage, we won’t know for sure. Or, it would be useful to even have some in vitro tests to look at – where they put L. acidophilus (for example) into a petri dish, add wild oregano and then track what happens. I’ve never seen this done, I’ve only read in vitro studies that test on pathogenic bacteria and fungus.

    The other reason I always recommend following an intensive wild oregano oil protocol with probiotics is because back when we were developing/testing Jini’s Wild Oregano Oil Protocol for GI diseases, all 30 of us found better results and increased tolerance of the protocol when we took probiotics nightly and then afterward.

    Thirdly, standard usage for therapeutic probiotics is to take them 2 hours away from ANY substance that has antibiotic properties: aloe vera, licorice, garlic, various oils, etc.

  35. One more thing – this is from Dr. Cass Ingram (who basically brought wild oregano oil to America):

    Question: Will oil of oregano or Oregacyn, the multiple spice extract, destroy the beneficial bacteria like acidophilus and lactobacillus in the colon.

    Answer: Yes, if you take too much of any of these things, it can. For instance, if you eat three cloves of raw garlic, it will temporarily sterilize the colon. If you eat a raw onion you will sterilize the stomach for a short period of time. If you take a lot of oil of oregano, you can kill your lactobacillus. If you are taking a heavy dose of something like that, it is wise to take a friendly bacteria supplement.

  36. My oldest son is is five years old has had some type of stomache flu or virus. He really has had a hard time kicking it so I started giving him oregano. How much should I give him? I use the full strength but mix it in a little olive oil to give him. Also….I have a one and a half year old whom Im afraid will catch the virus as well. Can I give him some as well and how much? Thank you!


  37. Hi Jini,

    Thanks for the great post…I just came across your blog. You mention to use only diluted oil of oregano. We just purchased a bottle that says “100% pure”. Is it bad to take it undiluted?

    P.s. your daughter is adorable! :)

  38. If there are no other ingredients than wild oregano oil – then you have a bottle of ESSENTIAL oil. So yes, you NEED to dilute it first. 3:1 (3 drops olive oil, 1 drop woo) is the standard commercial dilution. Then you can dilute further from this solution if you need to. All my instructions are based on starting with a commercial dilution.

  39. Hello. I find it very easy just to put drops of oil of oregano into an empty gelatin capsule.
    I swallow the capsule and then take a few ounces of purified water. Also remember, that Jesus Christ loves you, died for your sins, and rose from the dead. Receive Him as your Lord and Savior and you will go to heaven. It’s awesome.

  40. Hi, in my country (Denmark) it is impossible to find commercial brands of oregano il, I have only be able to find essential oregano oil which I have bought 2 small bottles of. I even tried ordering from amazon.co.uk, but they won´t ship medicine stuff to my country.
    My question: is it all right if I dilute some drops of this essential oil with olive oil, and then drink it? I have a bad, longlasting strep infection, it´s been 4 months now and nothing has helped, I feel I should try Oregano oil now.

  41. Our community is on a boil water advisory. They have found cryptosporodium and giardia in our water supply. We live on the farm and we are hooked up to city water. We have a 100 gal water holding tank to run our pressure system off. My question is…once the city has irradicated the issue and lifted the boil water advisory I am curious to know how to clean my pipes, holding tank, and taps. I understand oil of oregano does indeed kill crypto and giardia…do you have info on that…next question is…how much do I need per gallon to treat it and how long does it need to sit in the pipes etc to be effective…I am assuming that running it thru is not as effective as leaving it in the pipes for a period of time. Thanks so much, in advance, for your help!

  42. NANNA – dilute essential oregano 3:1 with organic olive oil (3 drops olive, 1 drop essential oregano) and then you will have “regular” wild oregano oil (like a commercial brand). For strep throat, I would take a sip of water and hold it in the back of your throat. Drop in 7 drops of the ‘regular’ woo and gargle for as long as you can. Swallow and do not drink anything else for 10 minutes (the burning will last 2.5 minutes). I would do this every 2-3 hours until the infection is gone, then continue 3x/day for 10 days after all infection is gone.

    TAMARA – As most pipes are plastic, I’m not sure the oil would be good idea. Better would be to use potassium iodide (SSKI) and/or hydrogen peroxide I would think. You’ll need to do your own research for amounts etc. though. Please let us know what you discover…

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  46. I can’t thank you enough for this post. I have a major phobia of vomiting and came across your post. I have a son, almost 3 and tending to him is no problem, but I can’t express enough how much I hate to vomit. Last week, that horrible debilitating stomach virus ran through my brother’s house and wrecked havoc. One of his son’s came over while he was contagious. After sterilizing every surface in my mother’s house with bleach and Lysol… I prayed we wouldn’t get it. About a week later which was last night I started feeling it coming on. I immediately started with 2 activated charcoal pills every two hours 6 times but still was so gassy and bloated. I took 6 drops of Oregano oil in a shot of water and the nausea went away within seconds. I’ve done it three times today and gave my 2 1/2 year old son 2 doses of 6 drops in a shot of water and he gladly chugged it down. I’ve not vomited and have somewhat of an appetite and so far my son is normal. I wished I’d done this when we were first exposed but looks like even at the onset of symptoms, it’s not to late. I rubbed drops on both of our feet to sleep in socks and will be doing probiotics before bed while we are taking the Oregano oil. I won’t leave home without it. Thanks so much and I love your blog!

  47. Jini,

    You are literally a life saver! God Bless you! I have emetophobia (an extreme phobia of vomiting) and have been panicking about the stomach flu that is going around. Some of my friends have caught it and I’m terrified. I cannot tell you the relief you have given me by sharing this info on Oregano Oil. I am going to get some ASAP. You are a true healer and such a help to so many. Thank you for all of your hard work, research, knowledge and willingness to share it. I hope you know how much it’s appreciated.

  48. You’re so welcome Veronika and thanks for the lovely comments! Just remember that the basis for not catching stomach bugs is to have a really strong beneficial gut flora. So you may want to take 1 Natren Healthy Trinity capsule every day, ongoing as a protective measure. We were in Mexico once with 12 family members and ALL of them got diarrhea and vomiting – except for my family who were on Natren probiotics. Details here:

  49. Hi, I am confused with the dosage. To prevent stomach virus or if you have been exposed and feel it coming on. What dosage should you take. I have oil of oregano Oreganol wild. p73.


  50. I have essential oil oregano. I had read you could add a few drops of woo mixed with olive oil in a vegetarian capsule and swallow that way. Just curious what your thoughts are on this?

    Thanks for all the great info!!

  51. Good Morning Jini,

    I wanted to thank you for your book and blog site. Back in 05-08 I had severe CD flairs to the point I weighed in at 95 pounds during the worse of it. Your book, the shakes and the blog changed my life and I have been in remission since 08, even through times of severe stress. Thank you so much. I have a question, I have been supplementing with Healthy Trinity for 8 years now but have been recently diagnosed with H pylori. I cannot find anything in the book that addresses how long I stay on Joy of the Mountains Wild Oregano oil – or the dosage if it is different. I would much rather take Oregano oil then do the antibiotics therapy because my body never did OK on heavy antibiotics therapy, not even for a chest cold and the three drugs pale in comparison to biaxin and levaquin.
    Hope you are well!

  52. Hi Jennie,

    Yes, Jini recommends olive oil if you wish to dilute the wild oregano oil down and you can certainly use the mixture in a vegetarian capsule if you prefer that instead of taking the liquid directly.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  53. Hi Cait,

    It’s great to hear about your remission! Regarding the length of time you can stay on the wild oregano oil, you’re fine with continuous use as long as you’re continuing to supplement with the healthy trinity probiotics. On pages 152-155 of Listen to Your Gut, Jini explains the specific dosing instructions so you may want to start again with phase 1.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  54. Awesome site!! Thanks for the information. Just to clarify, we have a 4 and 5 year old down with the flu – and dad (me). We have the oreganol P73 and it is difficult for me or my wife to take, even in just a few drops. Are you saying that a 5 to 7 year old could take this undiluted? Would it be ineffective to give the 5 year old the diluted versin? If so, how much more because of the age difference?

    Thanks for the help….

  55. The P73 is a more concentrated solution. So you could dilute it 3:1 first for the kids.

    So you can use the dosing guidelines for their age category, but use a 3:1 dilution instead of full-strength.

    Let us know how that works…

  56. Hi! My kids were exposed to strep throat so went to health food store to buy oil of oregano & she talked me into getting “oregano” ” juice of wild oregano”. Will this do the same as oil of oregano? Also, not sure of dosing on this one.

  57. I’ve never heard of oregano juice, but I suspect it would not be as strong. You’ll have to research it.

    For all throat issues, I have my kids gargle with wild oregano oil in one sip of water (dosage as given in the blog post above) for as long as they can, then swallow, then do not drink anything for 10 minutes.

  58. I just read somewhere that oreganol oil inhibit the absorption of iron. Any truth to that? Since most Crohns patients are anemic. What do you suggest?

  59. Hi Cassandra,

    We do not have any evidence to suggest that wild oregano oil inhibits the absorption of iron. If you are suffering from anemia, you may want to consider a product like Angstrom Minerals Iron which does not require digestion and therefore does not irritate the GI tract like some non-nanoparticle iron supplements might. Here’s a link for more information:


    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  60. I recently gave birth to my daughter 12 days ago and developed a rectovaginal fistula and severe hemroids also had a 2nd degree tear. My fistula is low and small the doctor could not fit a q-tip through it. I purchased joy of the mountains oil of oregano and was wondering how you would recommend on the usage. I take three drops orally a day and have been rubbing a drop on my perennial area about five times a day but am curious if it would be more effective if I use it inside where the fistula is and how I would.

  61. Hi Jini,

    I have oregano oil. My daughter (2 years and 3 months)has strep throat for the first time. We want to use oregano oil (dilution), along side an excellent natural remedy we found for strep! Do my question is: how do I properly dilute it?

    I have oregano essential oil (1%). It’s say it’s 100% pure and antiseptic and antimicrobial.

    Pls explain further this will be great appreciated!!

    Ps: did your children have this and did they recover from it by using Oil of oregano?Thanks a lot!


  62. I need to only take things that have pH levels of 4 or above and I can’t find info on the level for oil of oregano. Can you help?

  63. Hi Sophia, I don’t know how much wild oregano you will be able to get a 2 year old to swallow. And you may get her to swallow it ONCE, but afterwards?

    Anyway, you know I cannot advise you on what to do with your daughter. But if my 2 year old had strep I would dilute the wild oregano down to 10:1 – so for essential oil I would do 40:1 (40 drops organic olive oil: 1 drop essential wild oregano) and then see if she will drink it. If it were my child, I would give here a full dropperful – but maybe only half the dropperful to start. And then no water afterwards – I would want the oil to sit on/line the throat.

  64. Hi Jini, thank you so much. I will try this as soon as possible. I’m very happy I found your wonderful website! I was wondering if I have to buy wild oregano or I can use the essential oil I have already?

    Thanks again.


  65. Hi Kim,

    We did not have any information about the pH for the Joy of the Mountains wild oregano oil so I contacted the manufacturer and was informed that they also do not have this information as they have never had the product tested for pH. Sorry for the trouble! I wish I had a better answer for you but I’m afraid I do not. Testing kits for pH are generally pretty inexpensive so you may want to pick one up (if you don’t have one already) to test the oil. We’d love to hear about your findings if you do!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  66. Hi
    Was wandering if it is ok to use wild oregano oil whilst breastfeeding? Have a second degree tear thats healing slowly and also have bad inflammation from an allergy to the latex catheter that was inserted.
    Many thanks

  67. Hi Mia,

    Wild oregano oil is a powerful natural antibiotic so it would be best to consult your physician before proceeding as we aren’t able to advise you on this, unfortunately.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  68. MIA – all that I can say is that I have used it myself while breastfeeding, but internally only 5 drops per day, topically with no restriction. And I used a very large internal dose on my cat (who was breastfeeding newborn kittens and dying from eating an infected bird) 2x/day with no ill effects. When the litter was ready to be sold, the vet said it was the first litter of kittens he’d ever seen in his entire career with NO mouth or ear infection. I assume that was due to the wild oregano through the breastmilk. Of course, as Justin suggested, you should consult your naturopathic doctor and do what is best for you.

  69. On one hand, I’ve been reading comments from people on this website and others who swear that they haven’t gotten a flu since they started taking the oil of oregano. Have a friend who says the same.

    However, just noticed an article on Livestrong.com, which said:

    “A study published in the June 2004 issue of the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” found that oregano oil was ineffective against the influenza virus. In the study, the essential oil inhibited 25 different types of bacteria, 12 kinds of fungi and one type of yeast. One oregano extract used in the study was effective against herpes simplex virus.”

    After having the flu 2x in 3 years, and being out of commission for a month each time, I’d considered getting a flu shot this year, but never did. Now I’m petrified of contracting another flu, especially the respiratory one that’s making the rounds now.

    Can you, or other commenters, add any experiences to this or any updated research?

    I am so glad that I found this site!! Thank you!

  70. Hi Connie,

    Jini’s strategy has continued to work for her and her family in the frigid Vancouver winter weather. If you’re interested in her protocols, you may want to check out her two Flu symptom pages as we’ve received some good feedback about her recommendations there. You can visit the pages at the two links below:


    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  71. My daughter had already two surgeries for bowel obstruction . What do you suggest about her. She is 14 , don’t want this to happen again . She still have very sensitive bowel . I don’t push her to eat much wl doctors said she can have anything but I perfer only low fiber diet. Sometimes she gets bloating . It just happened two months ago please help me

  72. It sounds like you only use this oil to treat an infection. Is it reasonable to use it daily to ward off infections? Like during the flu season? Or to supress my recurrent diverticulitis? If so, what would be the dose? And would it be ok to take daily doses indefinitely?

  73. Hi Monica,

    I’ll answer your questions separately:

    1. Daily use: Jini doesn’t recommend using wild oregano oil as a “crutch” as she has a different protocol she recommends to bolster the immune system here:


    If you decide to use it in that manner, just make sure that you’re also supplementing with probiotics because, as with any antibiotic (natural or otherwise), both the good and bad gut flora will be killed by the wild oregano oil so it’s important to repopulate your gut with good flora.

    2. Diverticulitis: Jini has an 8-step protocol specifically for people with diverticulitis and using wild oregano oil is one of the steps. For details about the complete protocol, check out the link below:


    If you have any additional questions you can reply here, email us at service@listentoyourgut.com, give us a call at 888-866-7745, or visit the live chat at the little blue box on the bottom right of your screen and we would be happy to help you.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  74. Hello,
    I would like to give Oregano Oil to my son who has been disgnosed with chorn’s disease but I know he would reather take it ina pill form. Any suggestion on where I can find and which brand as there are many. I like to make sure I get appropriate one.
    He is on 3 prescribed medications 2 for his IBD and one for his astam thus like to know if ok to give him Oregano Oil. Per your book it says if you are giving more then 3 prescribed medication then one should not take Oregano Oil. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank You!

  75. Hi Urvashi,

    I’m afraid we aren’t able to comment on prescription medication as we’re not qualified to do so; you’ll definitely want to consult with your son’s doctor about wild oregano oil if you’re unsure. Regarding wild oregano oil gelcaps, Jini recommends the North American Herb and Spice brand and we carry it at the LTYG Shoppe here:


    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

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