If you suspect you’ve been exposed to a viral or bacterial infection that targets the lungs then there are two things you can do immediately to flush the pathogen and prevent becoming infected: Flush your sinuses using a Neti pot, and/or inhale Eucalyptus essential oil in a steam tent.

However, if you are past the exposure stage and you are now infected with the virus or bacteria, you can still help your body to kill it quickly by inhaling diluted H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) into your lungs, using a nebulizer. Let’s start with the easy stuff first….

1. Flush Sinuses immediately following exposure, with a Neti Pot and Colloidal Silver

This is a technique developed by my Indian ancestors and it uses a specially-designed ceramic pot and the flow of gravity to send water in through one nostril, throughout your sinuses and out the other nostril. Although this may sound strange and intimidating, even a young child can do this easily – in the video below I get my daughter to help me demo using a Neti pot just to prove how easy this is!

Add to your Neti Pot:

*Water temperature should be comfortable, but hot.

Stir well to mix. Then flush the nasal cavity by pouring Neti pot contents through both left and right nostril. Make the “kkkk” sound to prevent the mixture from running down your throat (yes your nose, sinuses, throat and trachea are all connected!)

Repeat as needed, 1-2 times per day to assist your body in halting the spread of the virus or bacteria, and flushing it from your sinuses, before it gets into your lungs.

Yes, you can put other anti-viral substances into your Neti pot, like wild oregano oil, or eucalyptus, thyme or rosemary oil, or hydrogen peroxide. I just find colloidal silver super easy to use, store and clean and very comfortable (no burning or stinging). At the first sign of a cold, I flush morning and night with the Neti pot, salt and colloidal silver and I haven’t had a cold in over 5 years.

Remember, the whole reason the body produces mucus is to trap and expel pathogens (virus or bacteria). So if you flush the pathogens, using a Neti pot and anti-viral/anti-bacterial substance, you are working with the body’s wisdom and helping it to get rid of the intruders. Then your body has no need to produce mucus, because you’ve already done the needful!

Of course, you also want to support your body with key immune boosting substances like Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, B-complex vitamins, oral wild oregano oil, aged garlic,