Home Remedies for Lung Infection

If you suspect you’ve been exposed to a viral or bacterial infection that targets the lungs then there are two things you can do immediately to flush the pathogen and prevent becoming infected: Flush your sinuses using a Neti pot, and/or inhale Eucalyptus essential oil in a steam tent.

However, if you are past the exposure stage and you are now infected with the virus or bacteria, you can still help your body to kill it quickly by inhaling diluted H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) into your lungs, using a nebulizer.

Let’s start with the easy stuff first….

1. Flush Sinuses immediately following exposure, with a Neti Pot and Colloidal Silver

This is a technique developed by my Indian ancestors and it uses a specially-designed ceramic pot and the flow of gravity to send water in through one nostril, throughout your sinuses and out the other nostril. Although this may sound strange and intimidating, even a young child can do this easily – in the video below I get my daughter to help me demo using a Neti pot just to prove how easy this is!

Add to your Neti Pot:

*Water temperature should be comfortable, but hot.

Stir well to mix. Then flush the nasal cavity by pouring Neti pot contents through both left and right nostril. Make the “kkkk” sound to prevent the mixture from running down your throat (yes your nose, sinuses, throat and trachea are all connected!)

Repeat as needed, 1-2 times per day to assist your body in halting the spread of the virus or bacteria, and flushing it from your sinuses, before it gets into your lungs.

Yes, you can put other anti-viral substances into your Neti pot, like wild oregano oil, or eucalyptus, thyme or rosemary oil, or hydrogen peroxide. I just find colloidal silver super easy to use, store and clean and very comfortable (no burning or stinging).

At the first sign of a cold, I flush morning and night with the Neti pot, salt and colloidal silver and I haven’t had a cold in over 5 years.

Why does your body produce mucus?

Remember, the whole reason the body produces mucus is to trap and expel pathogens (virus or bacteria). So if you flush the pathogens, using a Neti pot and anti-viral/anti-bacterial substance, you are working with the body’s wisdom and helping it to get rid of the intruders. Then your body has no need to produce mucus, because you’ve already done the needful!

Of course, you also want to support your body with key immune boosting substances like Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, B-complex vitamins, oral wild oregano oil, aged garlic, olive leaf extract, medicinal mushrooms and therapeutic-grade probiotics.

2. Do a Eucalyptus Steam to Clear Airways

Essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, wild oregano all possess potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial action. For example, this study showed that “streptomycin and Nystatin possessed lower antibacterial and antifungal activity than Origanum vulgare and Rosmarinus officinalis.

In this form – as an inhaled vapor – eucalyptus is effective for colds, breaking up mucus in sinuses or lungs, and as a preventative. I don’t think it’s potent enough to treat an active lung infection (although it can certainly help your body heal itself), but it is certainly helpful and effective for milder respiratory ailments.

A super easy way to get these essential oils directly to your sinuses and lungs is to create a steam tent using a bowl of boiled filtered water, along with 20-30 drops of essential oil, and a towel. Easy-peasy!  See my video below.

My Preferred Essentials Oils

My preferred essential oils for this application are eucalyptus, or a blend like Olbas oil. Wild oregano is too powerful for this application (I find), although rosemary and eucalyptus together could work well.

I have used eucalyptus for decades as a steam – either in a steam tent (see video below) or in the shower. I like it because it’s available everywhere and easily tolerated, so I have used it with my babies and toddlers as well.

Steam Tent with Essential Oils

I have used this repeatedly with my babies, kids and myself. It is super easy and quick with amazing results.

  • Get a large stainless steel bowl or saucepan, or a ceramic bowl (no plastic or aluminum) and fill it with just boiled, filtered water.
  • Add Eucalyptus essential oil or Olbas oil to your water – I used 20-30 drops, but start low (5 drops, for example) and work your way up to as much as you can tolerate.
  • Position your head over the bowl and drape a clean towel over your head, so that it hangs down on all sides of the bowl. You’ve basically created an enclosed steam tent for your head.
  • Breathe deeply into your lungs and belly. Alternate inhaling through your nose, and inhaling through your mouth.
  • If it gets too hot, then vent one side of the towel, or move your head further away from the bowl. Stop and blow your nose as needed.
  • Continue for as long as feels comfortable, your body knows when it’s had enough.
  • Add more boiling water, or more essential oil, as needed, to maintain potency (you want it as strong as you can tolerate, it should feel strong, but GOOD) – 10 minutes is usually long enough.
  • Repeat as many times throughout the day as desired.

Note: If using with a baby, I hold the baby with me under the tent and watch closely for signs that it is too strong, or too hot, and adjust accordingly.

Eucalyptus Shower Steam

The other thing I’ve done with babies is to use the shower to generate the steam. I stuff towels under the door to seal the bathroom (don’t turn on the fan). Then I turn the water on full hot and put the plug in the bath (or shower) along with 30 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, or Olbas oil. (Double that if your bathroom is large). A shower head is best as it will generate more steam than a bath faucet. The smaller the bathroom, the better!

I then sit on the toilet or on a stool near the shower, holding baby. I used this method to heal my son Oscar of croup when he was 8-months-old, in just a few days. The eucalyptus steam opened up his airways, which enabled him to nurse, so then he could also receive all the immune boosters I was taking, through my breastmilk.

For Children..

For older children, or yourself, you can also create a eucalyptus steam in your shower, while you’re showering. Again, seal the door by stuffing a towel along the crack, don’t open the window or turn on the fan – you want the steam to stay in the bathroom. And plug the shower drain (even just covering the drain with your foot can work fine), or put the plug in the bathtub, then turn the showerhead on as hot as you can stand it.

Where the spray hits the water at your feet, add 20-30 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil, or Olbas oil. Again, add more eucalyptus essential oil as needed for at least 7-10 minutes. Again, this works best in a smaller bathroom where the steam can really build up and fill the space.

I would also set my young kids up to play in the bath, using the showerhead to create a eucalyptus steam as they sat and played in the tub. They love it and again, you just add more eucalyptus essential oil as needed, to keep it as strong as possible. Just remember not to open the door once you’ve started the steam!

You need to create a hot, steamy bathroom filled with eucalyptus oil. This will penetrate all the airways/sinuses and into the lungs with each inhale.

3. Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide for Lung Infection

If your lungs or sinuses are already infected, then it’s worthwhile to purchase a medical nebulizer (uses a compressor to vaporize substances) and treat yourself at home 1-4 times per day (depending on severity of infection) with a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Medical nebulizer machine – then you attach the tube and face mask to the machine

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural substance that even your own cells produce. If you think inhaling it is severe, know that I have even used intravenous hydrogen peroxide to help clear up my pneumonia (along with inhaled glutathione, intravenous Vitamin C, acupuncture and an infrared heat lamp).

A friend of mine used food grade hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer for her nine year old son – who has suffered respiratory issues since he contracted RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) as an infant. It worked so well he would ask for it every night before bed, for about 3 weeks. It dramatically improved the quality of his sleep and he was able to sleep through the night. (Without waking due to coughing or lack of oxygen).

What kind of Hydrogen Peroxide to be used?

I have personally used food grade hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer – on myself and my kids when needed. Here’s the nebulizer I use. For a killer cough one winter, I had not been able to lie down to sleep for 2 weeks and then I remembered this treatment – doh! So I used food grade hydrogen peroxide three times per day and within 2 days was no longer coughing at night.

I started with nebulizing the hydrogen peroxide once per day, but that did not have much effect. As soon as I ramped up to 3x/day the effect was immediate. I used a 0.272 – 0.54% concentration of food-grade hydrogen peroxide (I listened to my body for how much to use) – so 10-20 drops of 3% H2O2 solution in 5 ml of distilled water (see the chart below).

First Step: Make a 3% H2O2 FOOD-GRADE Dilution

Food-grade H2O2 is often sold in a 35% concentration. Although more suppliers are now carrying 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. But if you can only find 35%, then a 3% solution of food-grade hydrogen peroxide can be made quite easily by first pouring 1 ounce of food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide into a glass pint jar. To this add 11 ounces of distilled or filtered water (NO tap water!). This will make 12 ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Use this Formula

  • You can make a smaller or larger amount if you wish by using this formula:
    1 part 35% food-grade H2O2
    11 parts distilled or filtered water

Be VERY careful when handling 35% hydrogen peroxide as it will burn your skin instantly on contact. If it’s in a plastic bottle, then direct the opening away from you when you open it, in case it spits some out from the pressure build-up.


Do NOT use common drugstore or grocery store hydrogen peroxide – it must say, “FOOD GRADE” or you will be putting all kinds of contaminants into your lungs as well.


Making this 3% dilution is only the first step, you are going to further dilute this solution, as outlined below, to the concentration that is right for your body.

Second Step: Dilute 3% Solution & Inhale Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 1-3x/day

Inhale food grade hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer 1 – 3 times per day (takes about 10 minutes with a good quality nebulizer), to resolve all kinds of lung issues or infection.

The best information I’ve been able to find on a safe, yet effective concentration of hydrogen peroxide to use in a nebulizer was from this person who had severe asthma for 30 years until he nebulized with hydrogen peroxide at 0.142% – 0.272% concentration (5-10 drops of 3% Food grade hydrogen peroxide in 5 ml of distilled water).

Hydrogen Peroxide Dilutions

Thankfully, he has done the math for us and figured out the hydrogen peroxide concentration of the various dilutions:

  • 5ml Neb 1 Drop 3% H2O2 = 5.05ml Total 0. 0015ml or 0.029% H202
  • 5ml Neb 2 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.10ml Total 0. 0030ml or 0.058% H202
  • 5ml Neb 3 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.15ml Total 0. 0045ml or 0.087% H202
  • 5ml Neb 4 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.20ml Total 0. 0060ml or 0.115% H202
  • 5ml Neb 5 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.25ml Total 0. 0075ml or 0.142% H202
  • 5ml Neb 6 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.30ml Total 0. 0090ml or 0.169% H202
  • 5ml Neb 7 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.35ml Total 0. 0105ml or 0.196% H202
  • 5ml Neb 8 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.40ml Total 0. 0120ml or 0.222% H202
  • 5ml Neb 9 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.45ml Total 0. 0135ml or 0.247% H202
  • 5ml Neb 10 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.50ml Total 0. 0150ml or 0.272% H202

Remember, it’s best to start slowly and see how your body responds, rather than to risk irritation. So start with only 1-2 drops and see how your body/lungs feel. Only increase if needed. If your nebulizer takes more than 5ml of liquid, then increase accordingly.

As mentioned above, I used 20 drops in 5 ml = .54% concentration when I had a severe cough. Your body will tell you what it needs.

Important Resources

I heard a very interesting story from a woman who used 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide in her nebulizer to heal her asthma. Unfortunately, her video has now been removed. Personally, I would use a a much weaker dilution (max 1%) and accomplish the same effect over time. BUT of course, listen to your own body wisdom!

Dr. Sircus also has a great article here on nebulizing a number of different substances – including magnesium.

Further scientific evidence for both the safety and efficacy of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide is provided by Orthomolecular Medicine.

You can also put baking soda (change pH and many bacteria die), magnesium (relax tissues/muscles), or nascent iodine (NOT potassium iodine as this could kill you!) into your nebulizer. Or vaporizer and this article has good instructions for using baking soda, magnesium, or nascent iodine for respiratory issues.

Wild Oregano Oil Anti-Viral Protocol

The other thing that I would do in addition to nebulized H2O2, is to take wild oregano oil orally. I have detailed instructions here and I have used this protocol repeatedly, as have thousands of my readers.

Shopping List

In my opinion, we have not seen the last of respiratory flus for this decade. So I believe everyone should have these healing tools ready to go at home:

  • 2 bottles Wild Oregano Oil – 30 ml (75% naturally-occurring Carvacrol or higher)
  • 1 bottle Organic Eucalyptus essential oil – 30 ml (or Olbas oil)
  • Neti Pot
  • Neti Pot Salt
  • 1 bottle liquid Colloidal Silver
  • 1 bottle Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Medical Nebulizer (from a pharmacy or online – I’m trying to get these into the Shoppe for you, will let you know if I can swing it! In the meantime, you can order from here)

I keep all of these items on hand at both my house, and my parents’ house. I think the amount of fear we feel is directly related to the healing tools we have in our toolbox. If your only treatment option is the medical doctor or hospital, then yes, you’re going to have quite a lot of fear and anxiety. And don’t forget my Tapping healing session to reduce/transform that fear 🙂