2023 UPDATE: My family and I have now been completely free of tooth decay for 8 years and counting!

In 2015, I had 3 places in my mouth with active tooth decay – keep in mind, this was after a lifetime of poor dental health, poor dental care (my childhood dentist had his license taken away) and poor nutrition during my formative years. By 2015, I’d finally had enough. Tooth decay in myself and my children – in spite of eating a low-sugar, nutrient-rich organic diet and brushing regularly – was driving me bonkers!

So after masses of research and numerous experiments over a period of years, I finally nailed down a protocol that worked to clear both myself, my husband and all 3 of our children of tooth decay: Jini’s Tooth Decay Healing Protocol.

Jini’s Tooth Decay Healing Protocol – 5 Years Clear!

The year before, our family dental bill had been $10,000 – enough of this craziness! Within 3 months of this finishing this protocol (and remaining on the Maintenance Protocol), my dentist confirmed that all 3 of my soft, light brown decay spots had healed. And I have had zero tooth decay since.

My husband and 2 of my kids have similarly stayed completely cavity-free. One of my children needed 1 filling – because after no decay for 2 years, he thought he could eat whatever he wanted and not brush his teeth! He learned his lesson, and after his one filling, he quickly went back on the Maintenance Protocol and has since remained cavity-free.

My eldest likewise took his diet into his own hands after a few years cavity-free, and then developed tooth decay after a couple of years eating a standard processed-foods diet. Teenagers/young adults have to do their own experimenting and figure things out for themselves. You can only help your kids as long as they’re eating at home, after that, each one makes their own decisions and has to find their own way.

I’ve purposely waited this long to publish this Tooth Decay Healing Protocol, because I wanted to see if it could actually result in long-term healing. Now I’m excited to have my trusty readers test it too and let me know your results! We have the most awesome community of rigorous, reliable testers, and over the years it has enabled us to offer some really powerful protocols to the rest of the world. So here we go…

As you’ll see, the first 3 weeks of the protocol are the toughest and super strict. The evening (before bed) regimen took me 20 minutes each night! But, it is oh so worth it. And the ongoing maintenance protocol is only 5 minutes per night with total dietary freedom. If you can make it through the first 3 weeks, you’ll be home free.

I was surprised how much dietary freedom you can have AFTER you’ve reset the bacterial flora in your mouth. This was the missing link that eluded me in all my previous experiments. Yes, diet is crucial – and other things that support whole-body health – but without clearing decay-causing pathogens from your oral cavity and resetting it with beneficial microbes, we could not become (or remain) decay-free.

My kids can now eat sugary items (but they hardly ever drink soda pop) and we’ve gone on holidays where they’re drinking piña coladas and eating dessert twice a day, for 2 weeks solid – with no issues! BUT keep in mind, their overall, normal diet is homecooked, organic/pasture-raised, low-sugar, and nutrient-rich – see our Ongoing Whole-Body Health list below.

This protocol is designed to clear all the bad (decay-causing) bacteria from your mouth, and replace it with good bacteria. It also contains all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed to re-enamelize teeth – in the proper forms required for utilization. In addition, this protocol contains the substances and actions required to restore gum health.

If your gums aren’t healthy, your teeth are not going to be healthy!

*Do not use brands other than the ones recommended, or you will not have the same results. If you don’t want to order online, just get your local store to order them in for you.

Can amazing dental health really be this simple? Test it and see – do everything exactly as I’ve outlined it here, and then post your results below. Let’s see if this works as well for you and/or your family, as it did for us!

Jini’s Dental Decay Healing Protocol

Please note that EVERY piece of this protocol is crucial – do NOT skip any of the steps, or think that they’re not necessary, and do not substitute other brands for the supplements.


1. Eliminate pathogenic bacteria from oral cavity.
2. Re-mineralize teeth –> heal decay and dental disease.
3. Heal and strengthen gum tissue.

Daily for 3 Weeks:

  • No sugar or grains (rice, wheat, oats, etc) for 3 weeks – absolutely crucial to re-set the bacterial flora of the gut and mouth. Keep other carbohydrates (potatoes, legumes, quinoa, etc.) to a minimum – no more than 1/4 cup, 3x/week maximum. Only one piece of fruit per day.
  • Natren powdered probiotics orally, 1 tsp of each (Megadophilus, Bifido Factor, DigestaLac) twice per day. Mix the powders, or the contents of opened capsules, with water, sip slowly and swirl around mouth before swallowing. If you/your kids can’t do this, then you can swallow the capsules, or mix the probiotics into milk or a protein shake – no swishing required.
    Note: If you tend towards constipation, then double the DigestaLac, if you tend towards diarrhea, then double the Bifido Factor. If your gut is unbalanced, prepare for the Herxheimer Reaction (die-off of bad bacteria can result in unpleasant symptoms), or, start with a smaller dose and gradually build up.
  • Rinse or brush with water after every meal, then chew xylitol gum or xylitol mints/candy (2 hours away from probiotics), use GUM soft picks if necessary.
  • Vitamin D3 – 4,000-6,000 IU per day, along with 1 tbsp QuikPlus Magnesium. Vitamin D3 is crucial for bone and tooth formation and Vitamin D requires magnesium in order to be converted to its active form. If you have white skin, take 4,000 IU, for darker skin, take 6,000 IU.
  • Take 2-4 capsules cod liver oil, and a full-spectrum multi-vitamin, like MultiAbsorb, that includes a therapeutic level of Vitamin K2. Or, at least take Vitamin K2 along with your Vitamin D3 and food.
    Note: I formulated my ideal multi-vitamin for Imix Nutrition (which includes K2 & K1) and it’s called MultiAbsorb 🙂

Before Bed (IN THIS ORDER) For 3 Weeks:

  • Brush for 3 minutes with Phillips Sonicare Flexcare+ or Flexcare Platinum (with UV sterilizer). Eco-Dent tooth powder (baking soda + minerals) and Natural Dentist fluoride toothpaste – mix the two together 50/50. Easiest way is to first sprinkle Eco-Dent on your toothbruth, then add a squirt of toothpaste on top. Also brush your tongue for 10 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and do not swallow any of the toothpaste. See video below for proper brushing technique. Why fluoride toothpaste? Here’s why.
  • Floss with Oral B Glide Dental Floss for 3 minutes – use it to massage gently between teeth, around gums. I tried other brands but they did not remove the same amount of gunk and were harder to get between tight teeth. If you don’t like getting your fingers mucky with floss, then use the GUM Flossmate Handle (re-usable) to hold the floss for you. You need to use the floss to scrub/loosen the bacteria between teeth and below the gum line – a lot of bacteria hides out in the gum tissue so do the full 3 minutes of gently scrubbing and massaging with the floss around all angles of the teeth – see the video below for proper flossing technique.
  • Oral irrigation for 1 – 2 minutes. I like this one that attaches to my shower, so I can multi-task and don’t need to be careful about it spraying everywhere.
  • Apply MI Paste, especially coating areas of decay, leave on for 15 – 30 minutes. Do not swallow, don’t worry about saliva production – saliva helps the product do it’s job. Spit when time is up, and just rinse lightly once. Note: If you do not currently have active decay, or softened areas (pre-decay) you can skip the MI Paste.
  • Add 2 tbsp. colloidal silver and 10 drops potassium iodide per 16 oz bottle of PerioBrite mouthwash (contains herbs, powerful essential oils, xylitol, etc.) and shake well. Swish with one mouthful for 60 seconds, spit, do not rinse.
  • Swish 2 servings of QuikPlus Bone Matrix nanoparticle minerals (calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, copper etc) around teeth for 2 – 5 minutes. Dilute Bone Matrix with an ounce of water before swishing. Swallow. Do not rinse. Go to bed.

*IF you also have halitosis (stinky breath) then in addition to the above, after flossing, drop 5 drops of diluted wild oregano oil (6:1 dilution – 6 drops olive oil to 1 drop wild oregano) all around your tongue, then immediately use a tongue scraper to scrape the gunk off the surface of your tongue. Rinse the tongue scraper, then scrape again. Do not swallow during this process.

*If needed: I also used an infrared laser (635 nm, 5 mW) on my torn lower gum for 10 minutes to help heal the tissue.

Note: If you currently have tooth decay where the tooth enamel is softened, or only light brown, then follow the protocol above, but apply the MI Paste and swish with the QuikPlus Bone Matrix TWICE per day. If your tooth decay is black, then I don’t think this protocol will be able to heal it… or it may take 6 months or longer. If you test it, please let us know!

The Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush is a sizeable investment and worth every penny – but here’s how to use it properly (most people brush too hard), how to clean it, and also how to charge the battery to maximize its lifespan (thanks to my son Hugo for helping me demo!):

Every two weeks for 6 weeks:

Polish teeth with prophy cup (rubber cup tooth polisher) and toothpaste or tooth polish. Leave paste in mouth and floss with dental tape. Rinse.

*OR have your teeth professionally cleaned before starting the protocol (much easier!).

Most people do not know how to floss correctly, so be sure and watch this video to learn how and make sure you’re not making these common mistakes. I also show you how to use the GUM Flossmate holder and a flossing tutorial for kids:

Ongoing Tooth/Gum Maintenance Protocol (in this order) Before Bed:

After you’ve completed the 3-week protocol outlined above, you can move on to this Maintenance Protocol (takes 5 minutes per night), which is much easier/faster, but does need to be strictly followed to remain decay-free.

In the morning, rinse mouth with hot water when you wash your face (or brush your teeth if you prefer), then take Natren probiotics in whichever form you prefer (powder or capsule), as directed on the bottle.

Whenever you eat or drink something throughout the day, be sure to rinse off your teeth with water. None of us brush after meals, but feel free.

Ongoing Whole-Body Health = Healthy Teeth

Here are the other things my family does daily for ongoing health (which of course includes dental health). Hopefully your diet has improved over the 3 week re-set period so that it is now easy for you to eat a nutrient-rich diet ongoing, for the rest of your life!:

  • Eat organic, pasture-raised, home-cooked food with plenty of cold-pressed good fats, cod liver oil, and butter/ghee – the kids drink raw milk and raw cheese.
  • Take these vitamins and minerals daily: QuikPlus Magnesium, Vitamin D3 & MultiAbsorb, Cod liver oil, QuikPlus Bone Matrix, Vitamin C
  • Take Natren probiotics daily.
  • Practice mind/body/spirit healing:
    • Exercise daily – remember, walking, yoga, tai chi, yard work, etc. are all good forms of exercise.
    • Get out in nature – an old growth forest, a hike, the ocean etc at least once a week. Expose skin to the sun. Try grounding (standing with your bare feet directly on earth – no shoes!).
  • Keep sugar to a minimum – we don’t deprive ourselves, we just make our sugar count. If you’re not really enjoying it, stop eating/drinking it. Sweeten with stevia and/or coconut sugar whenever you can. Rinse off your teeth with water when you’re finished.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks – they leach minerals from your bones/teeth
  • Whenever we eat or drink something throughout the day, we rinse off our teeth with water. None of us brush after meals, but feel free to do so.

YES dental freedom IS possible! Even if you’ve had decay throughout your life, like I did.

*Note: If you’re vegan, I’m not sure how well this protocol will work, since animal-source B12 and fish oil is pretty crucial to dental health.

If you have found it super hard to give up sugar in the past, use this acupressure tapping video to help break your sugar addiction. If grains (bread, rice, oats, etc) are your achilles heel, then just substitute the word “carbs” or “grains” whenever I say “sugar” as you tap along: