After several requests, I’ve put together this video to share with you my family’s winter immune system protocol:

Jini’s Winter Immune System Protocol

Good food, good sleep, Vitamin D & cod liver oil, probiotics, and immune boosters like astragalus and medicinal mushrooms. And wild oregano oil when needed.

Standard Immune System Supplements:
Natren probiotics
Vitamin D3 – at least 4,000 IU
B complex vitamins – 30-50 mg each
Vitamin E – at least 400 IU
Vitamin C – to bowel tolerance
Zinc – 10 mg per day
Cod liver oil – 4-6 capsules per day

For anti-pathogen effect (viruses, bacteria, fungus): Wild Oregano oil or Olive leaf extract or Aged garlic

Others: ginger, lemon, manuka honey, immune blend herb tinctures in your tea, nettle tea, astragalus, medicinal mushrooms (reishi, maitake etc)

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Original post March 2009. Most recently updated January 2021.