As the mother of 3 healthy kidlets – combined with all my gut knowledge – I often get friends or family members who have become pregnant emailing me to ask for any advice or tips I might have. So, I created this blog post with all of my tips in one place: Diet, supplements, infant colic, sleep, morning sickness, birthing and radiation concerns.

For myself, my pregnancies were the strictest diet/health times of my life. I was always aware that every single bite was going straight to my baby’s body.

So aside from avoiding food toxins (like chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, genetically-modified foods, etc.), it is also important to eat enough of those super-nourishing foods that pregnant women have consumed for centuries. Or, if you can’t bring yourself to eat raw, fermented foods, organ meats, fish eggs, etc. then you need to take supplements that will help provide a lot of these key nutrients for you.

Essential Supplements For Pregnancy or Breastfeeding Moms

Note: I am going to give links to each product in my LTYG Shoppe, so you can see which brand I recommend and why – but if you don’t like to buy online, just get your local store to order them in for you.

Here are the supplements I believe every mother should take during pregnancy (and ideally for three months prior to conception), for the duration of breastfeeding, and then for at least three months following weaning (to replenish your own body stores and health):

Nature’s Way Prenatal Multivitamin – this one has everything you need in easily tolerated forms.

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Udo’s Oil (or flax oil) – 1 – 2 tbsp. per day. This will not only nourish baby, but prevent your hair from falling out or thinning after you birth.
Cod Liver Oil – 6 capsules or 2 tsp per day. Crucial for baby’s brain development and must be from an animal source (like fish), not a vegetable source.
Bone Matrix – 2 tbsp per day. These are the minerals that are needed for bones and teeth. If you are not getting enough of these minerals, your body will pull them from your own bones and teeth to give them to baby and you will experience a whack of tooth decay! You can mix these in water or juice (they’re tasteless), or just take them straight.
Minerals Of Life Trace Minerals – 1 tbsp per day. These are all the minerals that used to be in our soil before Agribusiness trashed  things. Mix with water or juice (almost tasteless)