In case you haven’t heard, I have indeed formulated a vegan version of the all-natural elemental diet shake – Absorb Plus.

And HOORAY it’s finally available for all of you who’ve been asking for it!!

Made with Organic, sprouted brown rice protein isolate, custom amino acid blend, extensive vitamin and mineral panel (including trace minerals) with the delicious flavor you’ve come to expect. For those of you who have never tried rice protein – it has a nuttier taste and more grainy texture than whey protein.

In formulating this vegan version of the Absorb Plus elemental diet shake, my primary concern was to find a vegan protein source that was likely to be highly tolerated, plus in a highly bio-available form. Lastly, the protein needed to actually be a protein isolate, not a generalized protein or concentrate that would likely contain a lot of carbohydrate matter as well. The certified organic, sprouted (fermented to increase digestibility) brown rice protein isolate in this product fit the bill and also passed my taste requirements!

And yes, if you want to customize your vegan shake, we still sell the individual vegan protein in the Shoppe. For those of you who want to press the Easy button, here are the below links to all of our vegan shake options:

Absorb Plus Vegan
Sun Warrior

This is a banner day and I look forward to hearing what y’all think of it! Remember that even if you’re happy with the whey isolate version of Absorb Plus, it’s a good idea to rotate or alternate protein sources if you can; as it helps to prevent the possibility of developing an intolerance.