SC_blogIf you’re one of my readers who needs to avoid any traces of fructose whatsoever – then you will be very pleased to hear that Imix Nutrition has just launched a completely fructose-free, chocolate version of their bestselling elemental diet shake.

Instead of being sweetened with stevia and fructose, like the other Chocolate Royale version, this new Simply Chocolate  elemental shake is sweetened with stevia and dextrose.

As you know, ONLY monosaccharide sugars are allowed on an elemental diet – where everything is pre-digested to provide bowel rest for those with digestion, absorption, inflammation, or ulceration issues in their gut.

So why not sweeten with just stevia, you might ask, and don’t include any sugars?

Well, Imix does have an Unsweetened Vanilla that contains NO sweeteners whatsoever – so you can add your desired amount of stevia to that if you wish. And here’s how to make that shake into a chocolate flavor, if you wish.

However, as the person who formulates these shakes (and has consumed nothing but Absorb Plus shakes for 7 weeks straight!) I can tell you that you simply must cut stevia with another sweetener, otherwise you get that distinctive stevia aftertaste – that most people (including me) don’t like. Kids, in particular, are very sensitive to this aftertaste, so that’s why most of the Absorb Plus flavors are cut with another monosaccharide sweetener, like fructose or dextrose.

We also have single-serving samples of the new Simply Chocolate  Absorb Plus shake, in the Shoppe if you’d like to try it.