The "Magic Pill" ParadigmWhat is the Magic Pill Paradigm? In my blog post and video, Healing in Layers, I explore my journey to healing the deep, root-level issues of my Ulcerative Colitis. I talk about how new symptoms and reactions ALWAYS came up during my treatments, and I relate this to peeling away the layers of an onion – each layer you peel, you get deeper and deeper into the root issues.

When you peel a layer off of an onion, the scent becomes more potent. This is the same with healing our bodies! When we heal and peel layers to get to the actual root cause, most people will experience more symptoms emerge as things get stirred up. So at first, it may be uncomfortable removing a layer. There may be discomfort in physical symptoms, or emotionally.

As more symptoms and issues arose as I delved into these treatments, I eventually got the message loud and clear:

Don’t just treat symptoms. Treat the entire BODY for deep and lasting healing.

In the blog post and video, I also discuss how Jini’s protocols were meant to be done on a physical and emotional level – and how it’s really impossible to get full deep level healing without addressing any emotional portion. As Jini says, if you’re not addressing this layer of healing you have NOT given her protocols a proper try!

Well, I received such fantastic feedback after publishing Healing in Layers that I wanted to expand a bit more on this topic…

What is the Magic Pill Paradigm?

Many of our readers are so anxious to start the physical protocols Jini offers, but not so much the emotional protocols. This reminded me of the “Magic Pill” Paradigm that Jini has touched upon in the past.

Jini explains it this way:

“What happens when people use natural therapies the same way they use drug therapies: as a crutch, or as a magic pill to just make everything go away? Rather than dealing with all of the mind/body/spirit elements that combine to create dis-ease or imbalance in the body. So the first thing that needs to change is your mindset or approach, or paradigm around what real, true health looks and feels like. None of the substances or supplements in my healing programs are meant to be taken long-term, forever. They are powerful tools used to bring the body back into balance, while we heal the roots of our dis-ease or imbalance.”

What I feel happens a lot (and in my humble opinion) is that Western Medicine sets us up to have this mindset from day one. If you have heartburn, take this; if you have SIBO, do that treatment. There is nothing wrong with treating symptoms, but overall this mentality is a very surface-level form of treating symptoms only. For me, this always rubbed me the wrong way – how can you treat something if you don’t even understand/know why this is happening in the first place? Because otherwise, it will most likely just return.

That is when I investigated and found Jini, and when I found her everything clicked. She had sound and scientific research to back up her protocols in a way that made sense to treat the actual root issue(s) causing the symptoms.

There is no such thing as a magic pill or cure.

How to Break Away from the “Magic Pill” Mentality

I like to remind myself that I didn’t get my disease from one sole thing. It was a combination of things, so naturally, a combination of things would also need to be healed. My sickness was part bad diet, part emotional, part lifestyle, part pathogenic (whew!), so I had to break down, look at each aspect of my life, and make a change to get full spectrum healing.

Magic PillMany marketing campaigns seem to feature one product as a “cure,” but at LTYG we take a full mind and body approach – which is why Jini always emphasizes doing all 8 steps in her video, 8 Key Steps to Healing IBD.

But here’s the thing: It’s important to follow these steps ALL at the SAME time! Because like I said, it’s a combination of things that will treat every angle of the disorder, leading to symptom relief and long-lasting healing.

Also, we are all unique, so this idea of a “one pill cures all” would be silly because each of our bodies has a unique formation, unique microbiome flora, etc…

Your Journey is Your Own

As great as it is to learn and gain more knowledge surrounding your issues, try not to judge yourself or compare yourself to others and their personal healing journeys. A certain treatment may have worked really well for one individual, but you can’t tolerate it at all and are highly reactive (like I always was!).

Just remember that in this case, there is nothing wrong with your body. You just haven’t found your flow yet! It took me YEARS until I could tolerate certain treatments, and some I still can’t tolerate. Instead of forcing these treatments to work for me or my body, I simply switched to alternatives that provided the same benefits, but in a way that my body could process it safely.

Jini’s journey was very different from mine. Jini’s personal physician, Dr. Juliet, also had a journey much different than mine – and Jini’s too. Everyone I met who has healed their IBD was just so different. We all started with different circumstances and ended differently, but we all got to where we wanted and needed to go. There is beauty in that! So follow your own path, and don’t compare your progress to others.

Take Responsibility!

One way to break free of the “Magic Pill” Paradigm is to take responsibility and charge of your own health.

What I love about LTYG is that we offer so many suggestions, but they are just that – suggestions. They are ideas and protocols that have worked for Jini (as she has tested them herself!), but she has provided them as a basis for you to take what you need and experiment until you find what works for you and your body – that groove and flow I was talking about – to start getting relief.

Don’t feel the pressure that if ___ protocol isn’t working for you, you HAVE to continue to heal. Maybe the timing or dosing is off, or maybe at this stage of your healing, you can’t tolerate it. As I always say, start low and slow, then modify based on how your body responds.

Let Go of Fear Holding You Back!

One other point I’d like to address regarding the “Magic Pill” Paradigm is to try to let go of the fear that’s instilled upon you by doctors, or others who may pressure you.

A major challenge I encountered in realizing there wasn’t “one magic cure” was letting go of what doctors had bullied me into thinking. Things like, “If you don’t take this medicine, you won’t ever heal.” This planted the “magic pill” syndrome in my own mind. I had been brainwashed for years that one pill/medication would be the cure, and if I didn’t do it all hope was lost.

But if I did take it against the warning of my body saying NO, that was even worse…

I eventually realized that this particular care team which was supposed to support me instead used fear to make me see their only way out. But deep in my gut, I knew there were better ways of handling these situations.

Let GoMy point here is, try to take the fear and panic away by trusting your body and gut. Take that responsibility for your own health, don’t give that to someone else – even if it’s a doctor, or trusted healthcare agent, or family or friends. You are in charge, and you still get to choose. Make sure you have people in your corner that you trust, who respect and value your choices.

In Jini’s book, Listen to Your Gut, she touches upon this point numerous times:

It’s very important that you feel empowered in your choice of healthcare.

Now you may be thinking, that’s great…but I personally don’t know what to do. I’m not a doctor. This is where we go back to listening to your gut! I’m currently working on a blog post about HOW to listen to your own intuition by listening to your gut – that way you can ensure you are respecting your body and what it needs while treating it.

There is a wonderful synergetic relationship you can have with doctors and healthcare agents when you trust yourself and what your body wants.

Address the Emotional Roots

While you reflect upon the points we’ve discussed today, make sure you are transmuting and releasing what no longer serves you. For me, this was tapping on the fear – the fear of letting go of the crutch I had to certain meds/supplements, the fear from pressure to do treatments I was uncomfortable with or the fear that I would never heal.

Jini emphasizes that to release the idea of this magic pill, fear needs to be released first. All of these fears can all be tapped on and released using Jini’s Lazer Tapping course. In fact, the slogan for her Lazer Tapping is “Self-Healing & Empowerment at Your Fingertips!” And in this case, that empowerment is going to help us let go of the “Magic Pill” Paradigm – but also take charge of our health.

You can join Jini for a free session here! Or, she has designed these mini-sessions to help peel away at these layers of emotions.

How do you personally navigate your healing protocols? Have you found alternatives that have worked better for you? Please share with me your journey (if you’d like) by commenting below!

Until next time – happy healing, and always listen to your gut. 🙂