Perhaps you’ve just had severe food poisoning, or an intense Crohn’s or colitis flare? Maybe you’ve suffered prolonged vomiting, or intestinal bleeding or some other serious condition that requires you to now be as gentle as possible with your digestive system.

Here are some very well-tolerated, easy-to-digest meal ideas for those times when you need to be extra gentle with your GI tract, yet still take in high quality nutrition.

Of course, omit or modify ingredients according to your unique body’s allergies, tolerances, and tolerance thresholds.

10 Soothing Meals for the Gut during a Bowel Rest

1. Steamed rice with miso soup. Take half a spoonful of rice and then dip it in the miso soup to fill up the spoon and eat.

2. Sliced avocado drizzled with a tiny bit of lemon juice and then a little bit of soy sauce. So delicious you cannot imagine it. Avocado is super delicate, so you only need to use a tiny bit of sauce or flavouring and it becomes prominent.

3. Absorb plus shake with 1 tablespoon Udos oil and one scoop of MultiAbsorb Immune Booster

4. Bone broth or veggie broth with rice Ramen noodles. If you’re ready for it, add some well-cooked carrot and zucchini, or diced cucumber. Add soy sauce to taste.

5. Steamed rice with sliced avocado on top, drizzled with the yolk of a soft cooked egg and Himalayan salt or soy sauce to taste.

6. Soft-boiled eggs with gluten-free toast soldiers. Cut toast into strips and dip into egg yolk.

7. Porridge with diced cooked apples and coconut sugar as needed to sweeten. Soak the oats the night before for improved digestibility.

8. Roasted butternut squash with steamed rice and homemade teriyaki sauce.

9. Congee – Traditional Chinese congee (or in Korean culture, jook) with broth is a great meal to provide bowel rest during digestive upset.

10. Bone broth or veggie broth with diced roasted squash, carrot, sweet potato, red potato, zucchini.