As you may well know I’m ALWAYS stressing the importance of addressing the mind/body/spirit element of your healing journey. I know I sound like a broken record! But after recently receiving this email from a reader, I am again here to tell you that it’s essential to do the emotional work too – otherwise you will never achieve FULL healing.

“Hi Jini. I feel like I need to speak with you or your team about this, as I started taking DMSO 3 years ago per Jini’s StrictureHeal protocol. I am now addicted to DMSO, and I need to know how to get off it. The body odor is intolerable…to myself and everyone around me.

Please help me – DMSO has so many wonderful healing properties, and it has done so much for me. I am afraid I will fall apart without it…

Thank you.”

Unfortunately, this is what happens when people use natural therapies the same way they use drug therapies: as a crutch, or as a magic pill to just make everything go away. Rather than dealing with all of the mind/body/spirit elements that combine to create dis-ease or imbalance in the body. So the first thing that needs to change is your mindset or approach, or paradigm around what real, true health looks and feels like.

None of the substances or supplements in my healing programs are meant to be taken long-term, forever. They are powerful tools used to bring the body back into balance, while we heal the roots of our dis-ease or imbalance. I have written many blog posts and videos emphasizing the fact that when you cannot seem to heal or move forward, the imbalance or root of your issues is actually in your emotional or spiritual body.

So what can you do right now, today? Please go take a look at my lazer tapping course at try a free session and see if it resonates with you. And/or book a session with Dr. Juliet.

Both can help you deal with your current fear, and also with the underlying issues that are still present, that are making you want to use DMSO long term in the first place. Wishing you the greatest peace, grace and healing in your life. ❤️