Linsy’s Struggle with Herxheimer Reaction

My assistant Linsy is known around here as the Queen of Herx. This is because her healing journey involved just off-the-charts sensitivity and massive reactions to any kind of anti-pathogen or detox agent that resulted in the Herxheimer Reaction (pathogen die-off).

In addition to her sensitivities, she had extensive food and environmental allergies. If all of this sounds familiar to you, then you will likely learn a lot of helpful tips and tricks from my interview with Linsy below.

Linsy’s Healing Journey

As someone who has walked a difficult pathway of healing from IBD, Linsy is now clear of any colitis symptoms. And her allergies and sinus issues are almost completely cleared up.

She also continues to follow some of the protocols in Listen To Your Gut; taking ongoing healing supplements for her gut, while also being proactive on the mind/body aspects of healing.

You can also download this as a Podcast, or listen to the audio here:

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
How to Reduce Herxheimer Reaction & Detox Sensitivity

Show Notes

Jini Patel Thompson interviews her assistant Linsy (the Queen of Herx) for in-depth info and strategies on how she dealt with her off-the-charts sensitivities and still managed to heal her ulcerative colitis using entirely natural methods.

If you’d like to work with Linsy for personal health consultation, click here.

Linsy details how to manage anti-pathogen protocols, like wild oregano or olive leaf, whilst providing the body with effective detox procedures to minimize reaction and discomfort from the die-off effect.

Here is a list with the names of a few different binder options and then you can choose which one is best for you! Just find which one your body needs and do your own research and consult a professional to see which one suits you best!

Binder Options:

  • Bentonite clay
  • Activated Charcoal or Charcoal
  • GI DETOX (A powerful, strong combination binder, for some, has been very helpful. Please consult a professional before use of this binder for your specific condition)
  • Sun Chlorella (this is usually considered a light binder for most people, Jini’s MultiAbsorb Immune product has Chlorella in it)
  • Chlorophyll (similar to Sun Chlorella this has been known to help detox the body, so could potentially help purge the toxins out)
  • Sprouted chia or flaxseed (This can be taken on its own or in the BCPH shake. It must ALWAYS be taken with lots of water to avoid constipation)


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