Why Am I Not Healing Part 2In Jini’s blog post, Why Am I Not Healing?, Jini touches upon three reasons why the healing process may not be occurring:

  • Expecting Results Too Quickly
  • Simultaneously Ingesting Harmful Supplements
  • Avoiding Emotional Healing

Pulling from my own personal journey, I wanted to add a few other reasons I’ve also encountered. I hope they can help you on your journey, too. I also want to start by saying if what I’m discussing today sounds harsh, I promise I am not trying to make you feel bad! Remember, I went down this road too! So most of this post is based on what happened to me, combined with others’ experiences.

1.) Not willing to change or give up what’s hurting you.

You may not be willing to give up a stressful job, a toxic relationship, an illness-creating food – or even be willing to give up the illness itself to truly heal. This is BIG, and it requires a lot of inner reflection. Many people actually cling to their illnesses because it’s all they’ve known. It’s become their identity, or how others see them.

Maybe it creates a victim role that they feel they need? Within this victim role, they feel wanted or needed – that being sick is the only way people pay will pay attention to them, or take care of them. With this mentality, it’s no wonder the body cant heal! Because to let go of being sick, in order to heal, is terrifying for that person. I recently wrote a blog post exploring this exact topic, actually – Letting Go of the “I Am Sick” Identity.

By no means am I saying just wish away your illnesses! But really think deeply about what emotions are connected to your issues. You can be doing all the physical protocols, but as Jini says: until you have gotten into the emotional and spiritual side of your dis-ease, you have not given her healing methods a proper try. 

Food is another HUGE issue I’ve noticed with a lot of people – including myself at the beginning of my journey. Many people don’t want to remove certain things from their life, even though it makes them sick.

“I feel miserable, but I don’t want to give up ____.”

One great example of this is dairy, which is a huge trigger for most people with gut issues. Even with that being the case, with dairy making them sick every time they eat it, they still continue to indulge because they “can’t” give it up.

I recently watched an incredible master class with Tom McCarthy as the host, and he said that he hears this a lot from people as well. He said he hears a lot of, “ but I like the food I eat.” He usually responds to those people with, “Well it doesn’t like you, and it’s not doing anything great for you!”

DairyThis small example proves exactly what I am saying – we may hold on to the very thing that could be making us sick because we are resistant to change. Now, why might this be?

I’ve noticed almost 99% of the time it’s fear blocking any necessary change that’s needed to heal. When it comes to food, it could be fear of social pressure. Perhaps not wanting to change a diet or lifestyle that could affect your social life/status?

And letting go of the sick identity I was talking about earlier, which in my experience usually stems from fear of success and/or lack of self-confidence. Jini’s Lazer Tapping (or acupressure tapping) has helped me work through and release tons of my own blocks and saboteurs, and she actually offers a free session on improving self-confidence and releasing “I am not ____ enough.” She also offers a session on setting healthy boundaries, as well as releasing negative emotions which could be causing symptoms in the gut, and you can join her for a free session here.

Honestly, there are numerous things that could be blocking your healing, but if this is resonating with you at all, I encourage you to try to get to the bottom of what may be fueling this fear or resistance to deeper healing.

2.) Lack of commitment – these protocols are not a magic pill!

There is no such thing as a magic pill, and that goes for all supplements, medications, etc. Sometimes healing with natural methods can take longer because you are peeling off layers and treating root causes (not just symptoms), but the time and effort are worth it in my opinion!

It takes dedication and time, as Jini has mentioned many times throughout her blog. Before I even started the protocols, I had to DECIDE. I had already decided this is what I wanted to do and it was going to work. This decisive and positive energy was a part of my progress, as I was fully committed and that alone helped me immensely.

3.) Physical restrictions.

I have spoken a few times in my blog posts and videos about visceral manipulation. Jini also recommends cranial-sacral manipulation, and you can find more information on this treatment in her book, Listen to Your Gut. She has also written a post on her favorite practitioners in Vancouver, Canada (where she lives!), which you can read here.

The reason I bring this up as number 3 is that it’s possible you may be doing everything correctly, taking the right supplements, working on the emotional components, etc. but you have a restriction on a physical level that is affecting full healing. This was the case with me on my healing journey. I had done all of the protocols, but later on in my journey I was still having some issues.

I then explored visceral manipulation, where I found that from trauma on a physical level I had multiple adhesions and restrictions which were impeding my body’s digestion and proper elimination. It was also the major cause of my extremely painful periods! Some of my abdominal organs were twisted and adhering to one another or the facia. This restricts movement, and as we know from Jini movement and flow are a basis of true healing physically, emotionally, and energetically.

Honestly, these treatments can help with so many issues, so I would recommend seeking professional guidance to see if visceral manipulation can help you, or give you some guidance on where there may be a “restriction” needing to be released.

The first treatments for me were a bit intense, but now I have grown to love them – and they are almost like little therapy sessions! If I did get sore after a session, I would use Jini’s castor oil pack on my abdomen for any bloating, pain, and swollen areas.

Because in visceral manipulation the professional massages the organs and tissues to work out any kinks, I also try to do some emotional work along with it – like tapping. I’ve found that doing both at the same time helps to release better on a physical level, helping me and the practitioner. 🙂

4.) Get enough rest!

Get Lots of RestYour body can’t heal if you are pushing it. For me personally, I had to quit my job and focus on full-time healing. This was when I was bedridden sick. The thought of going to work almost flared me because I was just that ill, and I could not handle even an ounce of stress! Understandably, some can’t do this financially, so be reasonable in what you can do. But if this is what your body needs, look for ways you can make it happen!

If, however, financially you are not able to quit your job, don’t automatically assume you won’t heal. Many people have successfully been able to manage work and healing, but this requires a huge amount of balance! So if this is your situation, please make sure your priorities are where they need to be – on you and your healing. Work should come second to your health, and a good job/boss should understand you will have good days and bad days. Make sure you have clear boundaries along with your priorities, which leads us to number 5…

5.) No clear boundaries.

The more I listen to Dr. Juliet and Jini in their videos, the more I understand how many people with IBD also have an issue with setting and keeping healthy boundaries. One reason this can affect us is, if we have no boundaries, our body will have a very hard time knowing what is ours and what is not! This causes a form of emotional constipation, to use an analogy. If we hold onto everything, we internalize these negative emotions, and illness can manifest itself. Knowing what is yours to carry and what is not is a huge lesson to learn, especially during times in your life when you are dealing with a toxic person or relationship.

If there are no boundaries set for people, places, or things, then it also is a lack of self-love – and we risk over-exerting our bodies.

When I got stuck in a plateau with my healing, I would spend time tapping in nature so I could clear my mind and release anything blocking me from further healing. I would then start implementing a new plan that my body was ok with, now that I wasn’t blocked emotionally.

6.) Trust your own GUT above doctors or others!

As we always say, listen to your own gut! Even physicians don’t know everything, so if they suggest you do or don’t do something but your body disagrees, follow what your body says.

Listen to Your GutThis is a big pet peeve of mine, actually! All the time I hear people say, “well my doctor told me this,” but it goes against what their own body told them to do. Now, this is no shade against physicians, but as I said above no one is perfect. And no one is a match for your own gut intuition.

Out of fear that stemmed from experiences with the wrong physicians, I did things against my own will and suffered greatly. I would hate for this to happen to you, so I urge you to take this piece into consideration in your own healing journey.

Some physicians paint those with IBD as helpless individuals who are just stuck with this disease forever. The wrong doctor can make you feel like they are sticking you in a corner with no options unless you do what they say (medication, colonoscopies, surgery, etc.). If you know Jini’s work, then you know that’s just not true! There are usually other options, so take the professional’s opinions, consult your gut, do your own research, and make your own decisions.

I recently wrote a post on how to listen to your gut in which I talk about the SWAY technique, which is something I use for EVERYTHING I consider consuming. This may be helpful for you, too! Here’s how it works:

You stand with feet planted on the ground and hold the supplement in your hands, then close your eyes. If you begin swaying forward your body is saying YES, if you sway back your body is saying NO.

This is a small, simple technique you can use to see if a supplement, treatment, or medication resonates with your body as something it needs. If you can’t get clarity, find a person who does muscle testing (also called Kinesiology). This is a study of body movement, and often they can do muscle testing for you where you can hold food, supplements, medications in one hand and they push on the other to see the body’s response.

Well, I hope Jini’s first post on the subject, and my Part 2, can help you to navigate through the possible reasons why your healing is being impeded. What are your thoughts on this post? Have you found any blocks in your journey to health? Both Jini and I would love to hear them so we can assist in creating content to help and provide insight!

Until next time, happy healing – and remember to always listen to your gut. 🙂