“I remember the first time my doctor insisted I have surgery. This was before the internet (so I had no way of researching on my own), and I asked my GI for some more information. He loaded me up with a stack of textbooks and his research reports, and you bet I took it home and read it ALL.

The stat that hit me hardest was, “Every time you are opened up for surgery, the disease jumps to a minimum of 3 new sites.”

And I thought to myself…That’s INSANE. They know this will worsen my condition, but they have no other solutions. They are just trying to keep me alive, and so they want to do the surgery.

Thankfully that stat is now outdated, but at the time I thought…this is RIDICULOUS! It was like throwing darts in the dark and hoping something sticks. I refused surgery, but I stuck with what the doctors told me for 3 years…until I said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If I’m going to be anyone’s guinea pig, I’m going to be my own…”

Wow! How to convey about 6 hours of information in only an hour??

I do my best in this lecture presentation about the eight steps involved in healing IBD or IBS – using entirely natural methods. Then I also take some questions from the audience at the end.

Please post any questions you might have in the COMMENTS section below and I’ll answer them there…

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Original post August 2015. Most recently updated December 2020.