Hello everyone! Linsy here with another video on what to do during a flare up of symptoms. This video is the THIRD hack of SIX which has helped me through a flare up. Stay tuned for 3 more!

If you haven’t seen the FIRST hack, here is the video so you can watch it BEFORE this one. 🙂

If you haven’t watched the SECOND hack, here it is as well.

Links mentioned in video:

1:40 – Dane Johnson: CrohnsColitisLifestyle.com

5:20 – 2 Blog posts + VIDEO
Confusing Supplement Schedule
Confusing Supplement Schedule – 4 Simplifying Tips (VIDEO)
Before & After Examples of Supplement Schedules

Because we get a LOT of questions from our readers regarding what to do when in a flare up of symptoms, I’m sharing a total of 6 hacks which have helped me get through a flare up. These tips come from my personal experience, and they are what I have found helpful during these stressful times. I truly hope sharing these will be helpful to you on your healing journey.

What do you do when your symptoms flare? I’d love to know what has worked for you. Tell me in the comments!

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