“These minerals have been super helpful in my healing!”

This is a message I recently received from a reader in response to my post on the safety of Atom-Sized, Angstrom, Nano Minerals. I reached out to her immediately and asked if she would share her story with our Listen to Your Gut community, and she was kind enough to do so.

Here is what she had to say:

“I love the Nano Minerals because they gave me a shortcut to my healing. I was suffering for a year with a gut infection that induced IBS, was using the bathroom 5-15 times a day, and hadn’t had my period in 4 months. I lost 15 pounds and felt chronically dehydrated. My muscles ached, my body itched, I had constant headaches, brain zaps and was always freezing. I slept a lot, but was always on edge. I was able to tolerate about 10 foods without a reaction. My doctors couldn’t give me a clear diagnosis.

In August I found Jini’s protocol and slowly began WOO and Probiotics. I was making progress, but slowly. 3 months in I began taking Nano Minerals (actually hoping to help my teeth!). I started with Angstrom, and now I am on my first batch of QuickPlus Bone Matrix and Magnesium. The effects were immediate. My shivering stopped, my headaches calmed down, my body aches eased, and within a few weeks I no longer felt faint when standing. My skin returned color and I was able to walk, move around, clean the house and breath more fully. After 2 months on the minerals I returned to a part time job, while gently healing my gut.

I originally took Bone Builder, Minerals of Life, and Iron as needed, and I added Magnesium a few weeks in (I am now using QuikPlus line Bone Matrix & Magnesium). It’s been 11 months since I began the protocol, and 8 months since I began the minerals, and I’m doing much better thank g-d. I use the bathroom 1-3 times a day, eat a big variety of food, work and take care of my family. I use extra minerals whenever I feel a need for an electrolyte or energy boost.

Thank you for your research and putting this information out there! Thank you for sharing your experience with the world!”

And I want to say, thank YOU for sharing your experiences with us.  We all benefit when we share our experiences and body wisdom. I still remember the first time I took magnesium and the spasming in my throat disappeared. At that time, I did not know that magnesium relaxes smooth muscle tissue.

I love her story because it’s a great example of how atom-sized minerals can assist as a supplement to your healing journey when dealing with a stubborn gut infection – as they do not require digestion and are absorbed through the lining of your mouth.

If you’d like to learn more about these atom/angs