Although we sold the Mini-Minerals line for many years and I used it myself with good results, I also wondered why other products – like the Angstrom line and Dr. Carolyn Dean’s line – tasted so much stronger. These other nano/angstrom/picometer/atom-sized minerals had an actual taste, whereas the Mini-Minerals line (Bone Support) tasted like water.

Then I went through a period where I was getting severe leg cramps from all the hard labor I was doing on the ranch. As I took the Mini-Minerals Magnesium to relax the muscles that were cramping, I began to wonder why I had to take such a large dose to get the cramps to release.

I began to suspect that perhaps the bottle did not actually contain the dosage it claimed to have. So I pulled a bottle of Mini-Minerals Magnesium and had it independently tested and my suspicions were proved correct – the product tested 6x lower than the label claim. At the same time, I submitted a bottle from the Angstrom line and it tested out just fine (we continue to stock the Angstrom Minerals line).

It is very expensive to have this testing done – and the charge is per mineral, so I did not want to have the entire Mini-Minerals line tested, especially when my own body had already told me the truth.

Is this testing conclusive? Is the whole line not meeting label claim? Perhaps it was just that batch, or that bottle? What changed in the company after the founder, Jim Haszinger, died? I’m not interested in making any kind of claim against WHM or Mini-Minerals. I have always listened to my gut, to my body wisdom above all else. And that is why we discontinued the Mini-Minerals line in the Shoppe… until some readers complained.

Bone Matrix Formulation

Fortunately, I was already in process formulating the QuikPlus line of angstrom/atom-sized minerals with Imix (with my ideal formulas and potency) so I can ensure the contents of the bottle are accurate with every single production run!

I also believe that my Bone Matrix formula is the best one available – because I not only extensively researched the minerals required for bone and tooth formation, but also the ratio these minerals need to be in.

The unique thing about my research is that I pulled only from published clinical trials and studies, and then, I cross-referenced these results against the data gleaned by Dr. Weston A. Price when he analyzed the food composition of super healthy tribes (less than 1% tooth decay and no degenerative disease).

At one point, we were having a very difficult time sourcing a supplier who could give me zinc in the concentration I required for Bone Matrix. So I threw it out to the universe/divine and said, “Is this ratio really crucial? Please give me a sign.” The next morning there was an email in my Inbox from my MD Geneticist brother with an article saying that autism begins in utero because the copper:zinc ratio is off. Well I call that an answer! So I persisted in my search until we found the right supplier.

I am almost finished formulating the QuikPlus line – just finalized the test samples for Muscle Matrix (my cramp-relief formula) and Trace Matrix (all the trace minerals now missing from our soil), so those are coming soon. In the meantime, our staff is already getting great results from the QuikPlus Silica – which shows up in stronger, longer nails within a couple of months of usage. I use it to keep my joints from getting sore after all the physical labor putting up fences and other ranch chores.

And speaking of sore joints, I recently received this similar feedback from a reader:

“I LOVE this Silica. I have a thumb that gets sprained regularly as I over work it in the garden. I wear a thumb support when this happens. I read Jini’s similar experience and tried it and it works nearly instantly its amazing. I have already reordered. I take a squirt of it daily regardless and I believe it is improving steadily along with my thumb support. Its amazing how fast it works. – C.H.”

And of course, my whole family is swishing with Bone Matrix every night after we brush our teeth. And by the way, if your teeth feel a tad ‘sticky’ after swishing, that’s because I put a nice big dose of silica in Bone Matrix too.

Here is an email we received from another reader also using Bone Matrix:

“I’ve only been taking this for about a week, but I already see a difference in my teeth. The enamel is hard and actually whitening. Pretty awesome. It also help with my cramps. – J.L.”

Different Taste & Different Viscosity?

You may notice that Bone Matrix has a much stronger taste than Bone Support. And it also has a different appearance and viscosity. This is for two reasons. Firstly, QuikPlus Bone Matrix actually contains the levels of minerals listed on the label, so the taste is stronger. Yes, I know that Bone Support (Mini-Minerals) claims to have more minerals on the label, but… see my lab testing experiment above (i.e. 6x lower than label claim)!

Bone Matrix is slightly cloudy and over time will begin to agglomerate (clump) a bit – this is from the high level of silica that I included in the formula. Silica is so good for bones, teeth, hair, joints etc that I didn’t want you to have to supplement separately to get a good dose. Again, see the section and quote above on silica. Or read lots more about how fantastic it is here.

“The doctors questioned my wisdom of taking my Mum off bisphonates 4 years ago and giving her 3 doses of the nanoparticle minerals accompanied with Australian emu oil (the Australian emu has a gene that is not found in any others and therefore among other vitamins, has a very high vitamin K content). Well my mother has gone from having osteoporosis to now being osteopenic! Bone Matrix has now been added to Mum’s Medical Record for other doctors to follow, that it is approved for helping her manage her osteopenia and kyphosis! So I no longer have to argue the point with each and every doctor! yay!!!!😊😊😊😊” – L.D.

I’ve created a number of videos showing you how our family uses these amazing health-boosting/sustaining minerals. And if you have any questions, please post them below…

“Mum takes 1 tbsp of Bone Matrix 3x/day straight from the bottle after washing teeth and she swishes it around her mouth before swallowing. Mum now lives in an aged care home and she recently had a witnessed fall. The staff were amazed that she came through without any broken bones. She still has all the teeth that she had when she started taking Bone Support and now Bone Matrix. The staff where she lives can’t believe she doesn’t have dentures. (She will be 90 in March.) I previously told you that she no longer has osteoporosis. This is a direct result of having been on your products.” – L.D

“I started off only taking 1 tablespoon of Bone Matrix per day. Almost a year ago I chipped a large slice of bone off my front tooth so now I have upped my dosage to 2-3 tablespoons per day. After I chipped my tooth I didn’t get it repaired, but started wearing teeth aligners to straighten my teeth and they also serve to protect that damaged tooth. I can report that the damaged tooth is rebuilding itself! It is no longer rough on the surface where the piece of tooth flaked off and the actual tooth is gradually building in thickness. I am keeping my aligners on until December. (Before I put them on again after each meal I wash my teeth and swish with Bone Matrix. I make sure the aligners go straight on after freshly swished teeth so that some of the liquid is held on the teeth). Also, some years ago, just after I started on Bone Support, I asked the dentist not to fill one of the holes in my teeth because I wanted to see if the Bone Support could mend that hole, if I took that and followed good tooth health protocol. IT DID!!! (When I went back to the dentist, the dentist who left the hole unfilled, was no longer there.) I was so overjoyed when the new dentist took my X-ray and said there was no hole there. I told her the history and asked her to pull up the last X-ray that showed there had been a hole there last time I had my teeth checked. She did that but wouldn’t believe it had healed and argued that it was probably just the angle the previous X-Ray had been taken at that made it look like there had been a hole there(!!!!!!) I haven’t had any more holes since then, so I can’t prove it again to her, ha! You know what a stratospherically high opinion I have of your products, Jini, please don’t change anything.” – L.D.