Although we sold the Mini-Minerals line for many years and I used it myself with good results, I also wondered why other products – like the Angstrom line and Dr. Carolyn Dean’s line – tasted so much stronger. These other nano/angstrom/picometer/atom-sized minerals had an actual taste, whereas the Mini-Minerals line (Bone Support) tasted like water.

Then I went through a period where I was getting severe leg cramps from all the hard labor I was doing on the ranch. As I took the Mini-Minerals Magnesium to relax the muscles that were cramping, I began to wonder why I had to take such a large dose to get the cramps to release.

I began to suspect that perhaps the bottle did not actually contain the dosage it claimed to have. So I pulled a bottle of Mini-Minerals Magnesium and had it independently tested and my suspicions were proved correct – the product tested 6x lower than the label claim. At the same time, I submitted a bottle from the Angstrom line and it tested out just fine (we continue to stock the Angstrom Minerals line).

It is very expensive to have this testing done – and the charge is per mineral, so I did not want to have the entire Mini-Minerals line tested, especially when my own body had already told me the truth.

Is this testing conclusive? Is the whole line not meeting label claim? Perhaps it was just that batch, or that bottle? What changed in the company after the founder, Jim Haszinger, died? I’m not interested in making any kind of claim against WHM or Mini-Minerals. I have always listened to my gut, to my body wisdom above all else. And that is why we discontinued the Mini-Minerals line in the Shoppe… until some readers complained.

Bone Matrix Formulation

Fortunately, I was already in process formulating the QuikPlus line of angstrom/atom-sized minerals with Imix (with my ideal formulas and potency) so I can ensure the contents of the bottle are accurate with every single production run!

I also believe that my Bone Matrix formula is the best one available – because I not only extensively researched the minerals required for bone and tooth formation, but also the ratio these minerals need to be in.

The unique thing about my research is that I pulled only from published clinical trials and studies, and then, I cross-referenced these results against the data gleaned by Dr. Weston A. Price when he analyzed the food composition of super healthy tribes (less than 1% tooth decay and no degenerative disease).

At one point, we were having a very difficult time sourcing a supplier who could give me zinc in the concentration I required for Bone Matrix. So I threw it out to the universe/divine and said, “Is this ratio really crucial? Please give me a sign.” The next morning there was an email in my Inbox from my MD Geneticist brother with an article saying that autism begins in utero because the copper:zinc ratio is off. Well I call that an answer! So I persisted in my search until we found the right supplier.