Nanoparticle or angstrom-sized iron is especially exciting for people with gut disorders, since normal iron is quite irritating to the gut and can trigger intestinal bleeding and/or result in constipation. However, due to its extremely tiny particle size (smaller than DNA) angstrom iron does not need to be digested. It is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Previously, with conventional iron supplements, I advised quite a multi-step process in Listen To Your Gut for taking iron in order to boost absorption and guard against adverse effects. Most of that becomes unnecessary with angstrom or nanoparticle-sized iron, since it does not require digestion and therefore does not irritate the GI tract. As long as you take angstrom iron with plenty of water, there does not seem to be any ill effects.

We have been testing the Angstrom Minerals Iron Plus Vitamin C over at LTYG Wellness Circle for several months now. Even people with some active bleeding have found it does not increase or trigger bleeding. Two people reported a tendency to constipation, but as soon as they began ingesting it with 4-8 ounces of water, the constipation disappeared.

I even tested it by taking 8x and then 16x the dose on one day – to see if a mega-dose would trigger anything. My stool turned green at the 16x dose, but that was all. In my teleseminar with pH balance expert, Maraline Krey (who prescribes a lot of nanosized minerals), she confirmed that this green color indicated my body was throwing the excess off into my bowels.

I wanted to test the super high dose because I was concerned by research on nanoparticle ferric oxide in rat models – which showed that it caused oxidative damage in their lungs when instilled intratracheally. However, ferric oxide is a pretty irritating form of iron and who breathes iron in anyway? But still, being cautious, I wanted to test it extensively on myself first, before recommending it to others.

Initially, I used this iron myself to raise both my hemoglobin and my ferritin (iron stores), taking 1 tablespoon once or twice per day. It works really fast and there are no intestinal effects as it does not require digestion. For this reason, it should be safe to use whilst bleeding – but go slowly and test it to be sure. The iron particles are angstrom-sized = .10 nm, very tiny nanoparticles, which are absorbed instantly into the blood and cells. It tastes fairly mild – like metallic water with a bit of a tang, so easy to get even kids to swallow. If you add it to a glass of diluted fruit juice, the taste is masked completely.

Ongoing, I take 1 tbsp/day, chased with lots of water, during menstruation and have been doing that for about a year, with no adverse effects. I know, it would be better for me to split it up into smaller, divided doses, but I just can’t be bothered! And as I have no sensitivities, it works fine for me taken in one big dose.


If treating anemia, ideally, you should take 1 tsp of the Angstrom Minerals Iron Plus Vitamin C in the morning and 1 tsp in the evening, washed down with lots of water.

For severe anemia (hemoglobin less than 7 or 70) , I would take 1 tsp, 3 – 4 times per day, washed down with 4-8 ounces of water.

It tastes only faintly of iron, but mostly just like metallic water.

If you are using it for maintenance, then I would think 1 tsp every other day (or even just twice a week) should be sufficient.

Test Sooner!

You can get your hemoglobin tested (to track your progress) within 30 – 45 days, rather than the usual 3 months, since this product builds hemoglobin so fast. For best results, make sure you are also getting adequate Vitamin B12 and folic acid – co-factors needed to utilize iron properly. This brand of iron comes with Vitamin C, but feel free to take extra – since it’s so beneficial. Many people don’t know that aside from boosting your immune system, Vitamin C is also essential for blood clotting and wound healing.

Remember though, do not take your vitamin C and folic acid at the same time – as they interfere with the absorption of each other.

Let me know what you think of it… and especially post any bloodwork results!


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Angstrom Iron For Anemia Is Easily Tolerated

33 thoughts on “Angstrom Iron For Anemia Is Easily Tolerated

  • I just started this product and I my tongue turns purple after taking it. Is that normal? Did you notice the same thing?


  • Dear Jini:

    My 81 year old mother had a reaction to an aldosterone blocker called Spironolactone in November 2011. It was prescribed to help with her moderate high blood pressure. She stopped taking it but it caused a spiraling down of her iron. She has gone from a completely independent person who could do whatever she wanted (before the spironolactone) to a weak and fatigued person whose joints hurt tremendously and all her bones crack. She had an iron level of 40 before the medicine which isn’t all that high but her serum iron continued down after the severe reaction to the Spironolactone:

    November 30, 2011: Serum iron-40 (35-155)

    January 3, 2012:Serum Iron-18, Hemoglobin 11.4 (11.5-15.0)

    Mid January: Ferritin 35 (11-306) Doctor told her this was normal! We had to ask him to check it.

    February 2: Serum Iron-17, Hemaglobin-11.3

    April 12: Serum Iron 12, Hemaglobin- 9.7, Ferritin 23

    Started Angstrom Iron April 25 (1 Teaspoon 3x daily) Floradix was ineffective for her

    May 15: Serum iron-12, Hemaglobin- 10.6, Ferritin 25, TIBC 315 (250-450), Iron Saturation 4%

    It seems that the Angstrom iron has stopped the iron, hemaglobin and ferritin from falling and in two cases they rose. This is the first Iron saturation reading that we have so there is nothing to compare it to. I am assuming that it measures her absorption and transfer ability of the iron to her cells, and she is not absorbing at all.

    She has no other health concerns except the genetic high blood pressure which is apparently caused by an overproduction of aldosterone by her adrenal glands.

    It seems that the Angstrom Iron is the only thing that has helped and maybe can reverse her problem.

    Thanks, Vicki

  • Hi Jini,

    I recently purchased the IBD remission diet, and am looking into the products reccomended. I am curious if you could tell me how much it affected your ferritin levels? My ferritin was a 5 on my last test. I have been getting iron infusions, but am hoping I will find something I can take orally to maintain… I have pretty severe reactions to taking most supplements unless in a liquid preperation.

  • Hi Akki,

    We’ve had customers suffering from anemia who have reported positive results using the product but I’m afraid we haven’t heard about any specific Ferritin test results except for the person who posted in post #3 right above you.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  • I just purchased the angstrom iron, and I am awaiting delivery. These are my questions: After I take it in the morning, how long do I wait before other supplements/vitamins/foods? Is this still instantly absorbed even though I have had other surgeries? I am currently taking a ton of carbonyl iron before bed at night. My iron studies are great, but I am considering changing to the angstrom nano iron because it absorbs instantly; therefore, there is no malabsorption. My intestines/stomach do not absorb much iron, so I take a lot, and the rest is malabsorbing, thereby passing through my Crohn’s colon. Because that is not healthy for my colon, I am willing to give the other nano iron a try.

    Then I can take my Mucosaheal at bedtime. I hope it works out, but I just need to know how long to wait to take the other supplements. I usually take my b vitamins, my multi, zinc with my protein shake in the morning.

  • I received the Angstrom iron, and I take it first thing in the morning. Now I can take Mucosaheal before bed at night. Right now, I am not taking the carbonyl iron pills that saved me. I am giving this iron the “old college try.” I think it is working because I would feel the difference already. I am going to write here again when I get my next blood work.

    BTW, I also had a severe vitamin A deficiency for years. I was told by another vitamin company that without proper levels of vitamin A that my body cannot build iron. Therefore, I take a water soluble vitamin A daily, along with water soluble vitamin E. I wish that Vitamin A and E were available from Angstrom because I have to take the A and E together but on an empty stomach.

    I also have a water soluble copper supplement. I am going to look for more Amgstrom formulations. I thought I saw copper on their website.

    It makes my vitamin schedule so much easier to take the Angstrom iron since is does not require digestion. I hope my next blood work is as good as I feel now.

    Someone else reading this may realize that no matter how much iron they supplement with that if they are deficient in A,D,E,K, or copper, they may not be able to build their iron levels. My efforts to communicate this fact to medical professionals appeared to fall on deaf ears. In addition, I had a mediport for almost five years JUST for iron infusions. At the transfusion site, the nurses were totally clueless when I approached the subject.

    At least I have a primary care physician who had tested my blood for all these deficiencies–plus more.

  • Justin,

    Thanks for the info about the vitamin e. However, my body only absorbs water-soluble vitamin E. I order it online from Vitalady.



    Angstrom Iron Plus C is the best iron supplement in the known universe!

    When I first read about it, I was really scared to switch from my Vitalady Tender Iron (carbonyl.) I did not think it would work for me because I not only have Crohn’s for six years now, but I had weight loss surgery 14 years ago. Vitalady’s carbonyl iron was the only one that had worked for me, and I had my mediport taken out because of it. I had a port for over four years because of the anemia.

    I decided to give the Angstrom iron the old college try. If there was something that worked better than Vitalady tender iron (carbonyl,)I owed it to myself and to my family to try it. I knew that I would be able to tell if it was working right away because my iron would start falling, BUT I FELT BETTER THAN EVER! Therefore, I kept taking it.

    I had labs yesterday, and my hemoglobin was 12.4. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO. My iron held steady in the 12s and did not drop!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE, THIS IRON DOES NOT MALABSORB even if you have a malabsorption
    condition, and I have two issues with malabsorption.

    It is so much easier to take this iron and not have to worry about separating it from other things like food, medicine, vitamins, etc. It does not matter when you take it.

    Jini, maybe you could have a section in the shoppe for gastric bypass patients/ WLS patients. I know you are not encouraging the surgery, but think about how many lives you could save…I see this product as a must-have for anyone who is several years out from a gastric bypass. No, I cannot get mine reversed because of the potential for damaging scar tissue.

    BTW, I tried to review this product, but there was no code below for me to copy to submit my 5-star review…..


    1. Hi Susan – that’s awesome!! I’m so pleased for you. And yes, we could certainly set up a gastric bypass/WLS section… why don’t you give me a list of ALL our products you think should go in there. I think it’s better for you – who has lived a long time with this and extensively tested everything – to compile this list, as you have the firsthand experience of this condition. I’ll also get Justin to look into why you couldn’t submit your review… And again, I’m so pleased for you, that’s such great news!

  • Jini,

    I think that a weight loss surgery section in the shoppe should include:

    Angstrom Iron Plus C
    Mini Minerals Bone Support
    Mini Minerals Minerals of Life
    Mini Minerals Magnesium
    George’s Aloe Vera Juice ( I found out today that WLS patients drink that to recover after surgery.)

    There are different surgeries aside from the gastric bypass. Therefore, the name of the section could be weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery…I guess the right title would encompass the various surgeries.

    You have no idea how important and lifesaving it could really be. There is another vitamin company run by WLS patients, and they are ready to retire. If they do not find buyers for the company, they will not be able to get iron supplements anymore. I am pretty sure that the Tender Iron Carbonyl is made especially for their company. I really hope they find a buyer, especially after all their hard work!

    Of course, you can count on me to review all those products.

    1. Okay, excellent list Susan – thank you! Also, how about these supplements? You don’t necessarily need to click on every link – you can tell from the url/words which product it is… (can apply to skin, or add to bathwater)×1-6-box-of-12/ (also have a kit for external hemorrhoids)
      Lastly, how about these probiotics – but only the ones in powder form (that you mix into water)?

      You can tell the people at the vitamin company (assuming they are an online business) that they can list their company for sale with Lenny Farber at:
      A friend of mine listed her company with him on Tuesday and it sold Wednesday afternoon.
      The general way they calculate the worth of the company is the yearly net revenue X 3 or 3.5
      Good luck!

  • Hey Jini,

    Because I have two malabsorption conditions, it is sometimes hard to determine which condition is benefiting from the supplement. Technically, I am a WLS patient. However, I identify far more with being a Crohn’s patient. For example, I benefit from cod liver oil. I realize that is recommended for Crohn’s, but maybe it is helping because I malabsorb some of it. Therefore, as it is slipping and sliding along my intestines, it is soothing and healing.

    I am not really sure why I malabsorb some things more than others, but vitamin A has been one of the biggest issues. I benefit from cod liver oil, but it will not build my vitamin A levels.

    BTW,the external hemorrhoids kit looks like a must-have since constipation is an issue after WLS. Probiotics in powder form would help also. I am not sure about the glutamine supplements because that should be in a good protein shake already. I will have to read about all the different protein shakes that are popular in the WLS community, and see if they contain it….

    Thank you for the contact info for selling online companies. I am going to get it to them soon.

    Take care,


    1. Ah see, I didn’t know if protein powders were used, or not. So I will add all of those in too. Let me know if they use the broker and what happens!

  • World Organics Chlorophyll should be on the WLS list because it is good for wound healing and constipation.

  • I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease back in March during a flare, and I began following the protocols in the IBD Remission Diet and Listen to your Gut books in May. After three weeks on the elemental diet, my flare subsided and I have enjoyed stability since June. I work a full day, enjoy solid foods, and have the energy to enjoy leisure time with friends. I worked out in the gym and gained all the weight back that I had lost. I have had some ups and downs, but everything is pretty much manageable. If there is any sign of trouble, I follow the respective protocols in the literature. When I went for my routine evaluation last month, I requested some blood work and my general care doctor said that I am very low in iron and she recommended that I begin supplementation. I purchased the Angstrom iron product and started it right away. I am taking 4 tsp per day. I had some follow up blood work today and my iron levels were even lower. I was surprised and disappointed to see that. I am seeing no blood in my stools, and I have been taking my iron supplement! To your knowledge, is it possible that I could still be bleeding inside and yet not seeing it in my stools?
    I believe that I can get past anemia by continuing with aloe vera juice, l-glutamine, and mucosaheal, and supplementing with the Angstrom iron. Do you have any other tips?

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience – Jini is delighted to hear that the protocols seem to be working well for you and that you were able to gain the weight back! I’m afraid we can’t give you a good answer about the bleeding question so you might want to run that one by your doctor. What you may want to try is bumping up the angstrom iron dosage to 4 or 5 teaspoons per day and see if that makes a difference. Also, make sure you are taking enough vitamin B12 and folic acid or your body might not be absorbing the iron as well as it could be. Jini recommends spacing out your folic acid at least an hour from the angstrom iron or any other supplement which contains vitamin C because vitamin C and folic acid inhibit the absorption of each other. We’d love to hear how it works out!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

    1. Hi Joseph,

      We don’t have any experience with black strap molasses or info about studies, unfortunately. There was a conversation about it going on in the comments at the post below back in 2010 but I’m afraid that’s all we have about that:

      Jini continues to highly recommend the angstrom iron supplement for people with Crohn’s since it does not have to be digested and we’ve received a lot of good feedback.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Are there any reviews where iron levels increased? From above it seems it helped the levels from falling or just keeping them steady

    1. Hello Anita,

      Thank you for your interest and question. The Angstrom Iron can increase your iron levels. However if they are really low you may need more than the regular dose of 1 teaspoon. We recommend checking with your doctor on your iron levels to decide if you need a higher dosage. Here is more information on dosage amount due to anemia:

      If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Have been suffering from Anemia and low ferritin levels (my ferritin was 3 when tested last month whereas it should be atleast 30) and B12 was fine. Doctor wants to put me on iron shots because there is a bacteria overgrowth and some bacteria would thrive on iron. I started Jini’s WOO-natren protocol a week back to combat the bacteria/yeast overgrowth. Do you have any information about angstrom iron causing adverse effects in a bacteria overgrowth situation? Would bacteria also thrive on angstrom iron?

  • Hi Purvi, I have not seen any data on this so I can’t offer you any insight. The angstrom iron does not require digestion though so perhaps very little if any is going through to the intestines.

  • Hi jini just wandering how I purchase the iron liquid. Am in new Zealand, maybe not looking g properly. Thanks annette

  • Hi,
    I was wondering what type of vitamin c is used in this mix and also where the iron comes from???

    1. Hi Phoenix,

      The Vit C is in ascorbic acid and the iron is derived from ferrous sulfate. It does go through a process that turns into the final product in the bottle. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

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