DMSO Protocol For Anal Stenosis or Rectal Strictures

We’ve been experimenting with DMSO-based formulas over at JPT Wellness Circle for a couple of years now  – you may have already seen my Quad-Synergy Pathogen Protocol on this blog.

DMSO is dimethyl sulfoxide – a natural substance derived from tree bark. But it has some pretty amazing characteristics that make it a potent healing tool. Of course since it is a very potent substance, you need to be careful handling it, since it transports into the cells pretty much any substance it comes in contact with. Here’s a few nuggets about DMSO:

* After application, anywhere on the body, you can taste DMSO on the tip of your tongue within 30 seconds – it travels through the bloodstream that fast.

* DMSO binds to free radicals and forms a substance (dimethyl sulfone plus water with the hydroxyl ion) that is readily excreted through urine.

* DMSO substitutes for water, so it pulls substances through cells that ordinarily would not move through them. The DMSO-water bond is 1.3 times stronger than the water-water bond.

* DMSO is readily absorbed via topical (skin) or oral application. However absorption is even better from the GI tract (oral).

So, what does all this have to do with anal stenosis, internal hemorrhoids and rectal strictures? Well, since the 60′s, DMSO has also been used with burn patients, since it dissolves scar tissue so well. When mixed with potassium iodide (SSKI), it also heals hemorrhoids – usually within 1 week.

Over at LTYG Wellness Circle, we have been testing a mixture of DMSO, potassium iodide (SSKI) and aloe vera and have been getting great results with both internal hemorrhoids and anal strictures.

Monica (not her real name) had a stricture in her rectum (just above her internal anal sphincter muscle), the opening was so narrow she could no longer defecate. Her doctor did not want to stretch it because he said it would just worsen the problem. This is true – if you stretch, cut or otherwise damage scar tissue, the body just repairs it by making more scar tissue!

Hence people often have their strictures dilated on a regular basis and people who have had sphincterectomies, or laser removal of scar tissue may either have the same problem recur in a few years, or they are left fecal incontinent from the procedure. Hint: when you look at the research on these procedures, don’t just look at one year outcomes, look at 10 year outcomes/assessments.

Anyway, Monica’s doctor confirmed by sigmoidoscopy that she had a stricture about one inch in length, most likely the result of her proctitis. So Monica – an admirable guinea pig – took a glass dropper, flipped her legs over her head every night and squeezed 15 drops of 70% DMSO into her rectum. She did this every night for 2 months. Then she went for a colonoscopy and her doctor confirmed what she already knew – the stricture was completely gone and there was absolutely no sign that it had ever been there. Because she used straight DMSO, Monica says she experienced some discomfort initially, but nothing too major. She says she also used my Healing Visualization mp3 for strictures and believes that was key.

I tried Monica’s 70% DMSO solution, but I mixed mine with aloe vera instead of water – however, it was MUCH too strong for my tissues and my rectum pretty much shut down – I had some bleeding and I didn’t defecate for 5 days! I’m very glad it worked for her, but it makes sense that it would be too strong for mucosal tissue, since DMSO used on the face should never exceed 50% – or it can damage the tissue.

I’m experimenting right now with a 12:1 dilution and a 6:1 dilution and also adding some other substances that help dissolve scar tissue. I also have a friend testing my formulas, so we’ll see how it goes with her as well. I’ll update this post when we have something definitive that works and is also well tolerated.

If you have any questions, or data to share (perhaps you’ve been experimenting?) please leave them in the COMMENTS section below.

I myself used the DMSO, potassium iodide (SSKI) and aloe vera to heal internal hemorrhoids I’d had since the birth of my daughter six years prior – they healed in 6 days.

Unfortunately, the FDA (as with many powerful natural substances) has banned DMSO for everything but interstitial cystitis (patent held by pharmaceutical company) – so you cannot sell DMSO as part of a formula or remedy and when you sell it straight, it has to say: For Use As A Solvent Only on the bottle. So the way around this is to provide people with the formula, instructions, ingredients and let you make up your own remedy!

You can now purchase the instructions and formula ingredients called HemorrHeal here.

WARNING: As I said above, DMSO will transport instantly into the cells anything it comes in contact with. So only store in glass, wash hands with natural soap before handling, only use unvarnished wood, stainless steel or glass to apply – avoid plastics or anything that contains synthetic chemicals that could be transported into your body.

If you suffer from anal stenosis, or you have a stricture in your rectum, then click here for my Rectal StrictureHeal remedy.


44 thoughts on “DMSO Protocol For Anal Stenosis or Rectal Strictures

  1. Hello Jini!
    After unsuccessful hemorrhoidoctomy on 05/03/2011, I have anal stenosis. I am going to colorectal surgeon for dilation weekly. Procedure is not pleasant with bleeding.
    Please, Jini let me know any natural that can help me.

  2. Hi Olga – I have emailed you the experimental protocol we are testing now. To give it a chance to work – without causing trauma through dilation – I encourage you to go on a liquid, or elemental diet ( ) to keep your stool liquid until you can feel it begin to work. Then transition slowly onto normal foods, whilst using MetaCleanse (or similar). Start the probiotics right away, regardless of how you eat.

    You can post any questions you have about the protocol here and let us know how it goes if you try it.

  3. Greetings,
    Could you kindly forward to me your DMSO protocol for the treatment of prolapsing internal hemorrhoids?
    I’m meeting with frustration with all of the topical medications that are available, and I am reluctant (although resigned that i eventually will have to) to go the surgery route. So, having heard so many positive results with DMSO, I would like to explore that option. But i don’t want to cause further complications to such sensitive tissues.
    Thanks, Anon

  4. Hi Jini,

    First of all thank you for all of your information, your protocols and products have been an amazing support in my 8 year journey with Crohn’s med free.

    It’s a long story, but after a series of health and family stress I found myself in a place for almost the last 2 years dealing with strictures that would all but close of my intestines and would not heal. It turns out that unwinding from these things takes a lot longer and more methodology that I had been giving it. For the last 8 months I have been on a plan with my naturopath to identify the bacteria in my body, get on a protocol to kill it, including a part that involved striping the mucous in my gut temporarily to get the bugs hiding under there. Although I was no longer having symptoms, I just couldn’t heal the scarring from the strictures and was relying on a lot of liquid meals and other things to allow my body to pass waste.

    Enter your trial DMSO external protocol. I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks now and the pain is gone and just started seeing a dramatic change in my internal processes, a place I haven’t been in 2 years. I may be able to eat real food at every meal again! I tried the oral version, blech, couldn’t get the taste of my mouth all day, so I decided to keep up with the external and maybe revisit internal if necessary.

    So, all that said, I have a question. My belly is really starting to get chapped and red from the external protocol. I don’t want to stop because I’m excited to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel, but am I doing any damage? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Thanks again!

  5. KARIN – that is so exciting! I’m so pleased for you. Why don’t you try reducing the DMSO in the Oral Protocol until you can tolerate it? Regarding irritation on your belly, are you putting the castor oil on after the Topical StrictureHeal is absorbed? As that usually helps to guard against irritation. Alternatively, you could apply Comfrey Salve after the Topical StrictureHeal is absorbed as that is super-healing and will likely take care of the problem.

    Please keep us posted on your results and questions…

  6. Jini,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I do have the complete instructions, I appreciate your follow up on that. I am putting on the castor oil after the topical Stricture Heal is absorbed and it soothes the burning completely. I do this when I go to bed and fall asleep with it on – I haven’t slept this good in so long! But I have developed a skin irritation and the next day my skin is still a little red. It doesn’t hurt or bother me really, I just thought I should ask, but I at the same time I don’t want to mess with progress! :)

    I noticed that redheads can be more sensitive, it didn’t bother me at first, just seems to be over time. Maybe I should apply the comfrey in the morning when I get up? Or is it possible that I’m not using enough castor oil if that should be taking care of it?

    I will try a smaller dose of the internal product, I want to be well so badly. I needed to give myself a few days to try it again. Tomorrow is a good day to start it back up!

  7. Hi Karin, Yes, I would try the comfrey salve in the morning and that should take care of it. Let me know if you don’t see a difference after one week of comfrey application.

  8. Hi Jini, I just found this blog and would like to ask you to send me the experimental protocol? I’ve got a stricture about 2 cm inside the rectum, it’s like a ring, about 10mm over. I can’t imagine the DMSO helping me when I put it on my abdomen, for this? So I would rather like to experiment with this, inserting DMSO and Aloe Vera in the rectum. Have you got any advice for me?
    Thank you!

  9. I’m severely suffering from (I’m guessing), anal stenosis. In 2007, I had 5 hemrrhoids removed and struggling to have a bowel movement. I’m spasming, throbbing, burning, bleeding at times. If feels like my anal canal it tight and has no elasticity…scar tissue! I use a donut pillow constantly. I feel bloated all the time, and I have to mentally brace myself whenI have to eleminate! I go 2-3 xs a day (sometimes) creating more irritation, but there are days when it’s right there, but my opening won’t what to open. Can you please help me? The thought of me having surgery again, makes me cry. I can’t bare another painful experience such as that!!! I cried for 2 weeks. Also, after the surgery, I was left with a piece of skin, size of almond that protrudes from rectum, making a clean wipe difficult. I’m so afraid when I become elderly, (54 now), that I may die from complications due to the surgery. Any videos? Any direction for help? I am in Southern California. Thank you so much!

  10. I would like to try the dsmo protocol for my daughter. She has crohns and she has developed a small closed perianal abcess. Her gi put her on two courses of antibiotics which reduced the size and pain. However she can still feel that it’s there and we don’t want to do anymore antibiotics. My question is, since dsmo carries everything through tissues is it possible that it would carry the bacteria from inside the abcess to her blood or surrounding tissues? Thanks for all the information.

  11. Dear Miss Patel,

    6 weeks ago I had my hemorrhoids removed the second time around. My last surgery was in 1983. My anal opening has been reduced significantly down to about 5 mm. Perhaps, Anal Stenosis due to which I have to push and strain to defecate. Right up my anal opening the tissue is hard and quite inflexible. Am I a good candidate for your Stricture Heal Protocol. Also, my doctor has put me on anal dilators which I use regularly after applying Xylocaine gel. Can I use the dilator and the stricture heal protocol at the same time? Gel? Also, the four ingriedients listed in your formula,i.e, DMSO, aloe vera, SSKI, and Silver .., are all these supposed to be mixed and used at the same time or should they all be used separately and in what quantity and mix. Please provide guidance on the exact mix and the way to use the formula. Thanks

    Farooq Malik

  12. Hi Farooq,

    I’m afraid we cannot comment on the use of your Xylocaine gel in conjunction with the protocol but you can read more about the protocol at Jini’s symptom page at the link below:

    The whole protocol is explained in great detail in Jini’s eBook at this link:

    If you have any additional questions about the products or protocols please let me know.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  13. Hi Justin, Thanks for the quick response. Do you have other people in your forum who use dilators and the Anal Stricture Heal formula at the same time. What do they do. Perhaps use olive oil for lubrication for the dilator. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  14. Hi Farooq,

    I wish I had a better answer for you but we haven’t been approached by anyone using a dilator with that particular protocol. Having said that, olive oil might work well so we’d love to hear how it goes if you end up giving it a try.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  15. Hi Jini/Justin,

    Your quick kind response is very much appreciated. I have been reading a lot about DMSO these days. I have already ordered your protocol from your website and hopefully I will have it soon. Just one question. I have read in several articles that a lot of DMSO being sold out there is industrial grade which may carry impurities which would then be transported into the skin and the body and could cause much harm. Just wanted to confirm that the DMSO that I ordered through your website is NOT industrial grade and is free of impurities. Thanks again.

  16. Hi Farooq,

    The DMSO we sell is 99.9% pure and made by Nature’s Gift. This is the same product sold by a wide variety of health stores but we aren’t able to comment any further on the grade of the product as it is not technically meant to be used as anything other than a solvent. Jini has used the product herself and, based upon her use and research, recommends the Nature’s Gift DMSO product as the only one suitable for her protocols.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  17. Hi again Justin,

    Sorry for asking so many questions. However, since this protocol is only experimental, I want to make sure that I am making the right decision before I use it. This past Friday, my surgeon did a digital rectal exam on me and told me that I don’t have scar tissue but my sphincter muscle went into spasm and has tightened thus tightening my passage. From the hundreds of papers and articles that Jini has read and from the hundreds of users of Jini’s protocols, is there any evidence that the Stricture Protocol also works to relieve the anal sphincter muscle. I am not asking for consultation, just asking for the experience of people on your forum and the knowledge that Jini has gained over the years. Thanks

    Farooq Malik

  18. Dear Jini, I have already ordered your Rectal Stricture Protocol but I have not received it yet. Is it possible to return the unopened package back to LTYG with a refund. Thanks for your cooperation.
    Farooq Malik

  19. Thanks Jini. I appreciate that. I am going for a second opinion to another surgeon because I can feel during dilation that I have about 2 inches of hard tissue which is very tight. It doesn’t seem like muscle spasm. I am assuming that muscle spasms must be very painful and radiate throughout the adjacent area. That is not the case with me. Just restricted anal opening where feeling in the lower end is also low and I have to apply pressure from the top to defecate. Your advice to apply pressure with the finger at the base of the tail bone is working for me. The only thing is if I stop laxatives, I gat into serious trouble.

  20. Hi Jini, I’ve had severe Crohn’s disease since about 15yrs old and am now 41, I’ve had 2 bowel rejections, strictures, vaginal fistula, and currently on humira….Recent colonoscopy dr found rectal stricture with a lot of inflammation so he did not dialate stricture. Biopsy came back showing high grade dysplasia, and dr said they can’t say if cancer or not bc tissue is so thick, it’s not showing definitive yes or no. He believes surgeon will recommend removal of rectum or possibly whole colon. I am beside myself with all these years of suffering. I just purchased your ebook for rectal strictures and am willing to try therapy you suggest just waiting for One more supply. I realistically want to make the best informed decision as I have a young toddler and husband to take care of. Are you familiar with high grade dysplasia? Are you then familiar with this treatment working for this ? I don’t want to make an emotional decision , so any guidance would be extremely appreciated as it is needed! I see the surgeon in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much, Denise

  21. Hi Denise,

    Sorry for the trouble but I’m afraid that Jini won’t be able to give you advice about your specific condition as she is not a health professional. However, as I mentioned in the e-mail I sent, you should be able to get the answers you are looking for by booking a consultation with one of the practitioners that Jini recommends. Here’s the list I provided just in case you don’t have it handy (and for the benefit of anyone else reading):

    All the best,
    Customer Care

  22. Hi Jini,

    I just began your Rectal Stricture Protocol. I had a coccygectomy 10 years ago and have scar tissue as well as probable hemorrhoids or other related issues. Have you heard of any others trying the protocol due to coccygectomy?

    Do you have any other information about post-coccygectomy issues and childbirth? I don’t have any kids yet but would like to in the next few years when I’m healthier and stronger.

    I began the scar treatment with a 10% solution once every 3 days because my health is poor right now. On the 3rd day I experienced a little rectal bleeding with my bowel movement. Although it was very little, I’ve never had rectal bleeding before. Would this be considered a sign of infection? Should I use the oregano oil treatment?

    Thanks Jini!

  23. Hi Jin,
    I am new to your website after searching for 2 years for natural remedies for anal fistula’s. So glad I found your website. I now have a very painful fistula and about to try your Oregano and olive oil and also bought everything for the Experimental Syringing Formula. I have 2 questions. 1. I bought the DMSO from my health food store and it is in a plastic bottle, Is that ok?
    2. What formula should I take of Oregano, I bought both ebooks and confused on what method I should use. Should I do the 3 Phases for Fistuala since right now I do not have any UC symptoms? Thanks :)

  24. Hi Loralie,

    I’m afraid we can’t comment on the DMSO you purchased as Jini only recommends brands bottled in glass and with no additives (fragrance, for example, is added to some cheaper products and lotions). The 3 phase strategy for wild oregano oil would make sense in your case. If you have any additional questions you can respond here or e-mail us at

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  25. Hi Lara, I have no experience with coccygectomy. Best would be to consult a physiotherapist (who specializes in pelvic floor area) or chiropractor.

    Regarding the bleeding, I have not heard of that in connection with the formula. But perhaps you are tearing the lining a bit when you insert the dropper? Coat your anus with comfrey salve or Vitamin E oil first, then insert the dropper.

    You may also want to experiment with using a 30-40 percent solution and applying it externally to the skin outside where your coccygectomy took place (base of the spine, likely just at the cleft of the buttocks) and see whether your body likes that method better and combine it with a hot castor oil pack:

    Of course, you must always keep in mind whether you are allergic to any of the formula ingredients.

  26. Hi. Jini. I have already bought ones of the dmso .I.want o t
    Know how I should take it taken by mouth or. Otherwise.
    Thank u

  27. Hi Akwasi,

    If you’re planning on using the DMSO within Jini’s Rectal StrictureHeal protocol, visit the link below and you can get a free eBook with all the instructions you’ll need:

    If you are using it for hemorrhoids, click the link below for more info:

    If you have any additional questions about either protocol or any of the products involved you can respond here, e-mail me at, visit the live chat at the little window at the bottom of this page, or call us toll-free at 888-866-7745.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  28. Hi there!

    Wow… I just read this information and am overwhelmed. I had a hemorroidectomy 20 years ago… everything seemed fine, ’til now. There is pain near my anus, and after any ‘activity’ down there, my left arm and leg go weak, and stay weak until several hours pass.
    I’m wondering if the 20 year old hemorroidectomy is just now rearing (no pun intended) its ugly head. And I’d LOVE to know if DMSO would help, and in what dosage/dilution, etc.
    Thanks so much!

  29. Hi Jini! I recently stumbled across this page and I really want to know exactly how to use DMSO for anal/rectal strictures. I’m 21 and have had Crohn’s for almost 12 years now. The worst problem I’ve encountered so far is anal stenosis, and would absolutely LOVE some relief from this. How exactly do you apply it (a glass dropper? suppository?)? How exactly do you mix up the DMSO and Aloe Vera? And what kind of DMSO would I purchase and is it available at any store besides your online store? Any answers are MUCH appreciated! Thank you!


  30. Hi Brittanee,

    The best place to start if you’re looking for more information about healing your anal stenosis naturally would be at Jini’s symptom page for that at the link below:

    All of your questions are answered in detail in an eBook Jini wrote for her anal stenosis and stricture protocol. For more information about the protocol and for a free copy of the eBook, check out this link:

    There’s a signup form in the post above which you can fill out to get the eBook for free (normally $4.95). If you have any additional questions about any of Jini’s protocols please let me know!

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  31. Hi,
    I have rectal cancer and have been taking cesium chloride and DMSO orally.
    I keep thinking I should insert it rectally, and people are warning me that it might not be a good idea. They say it is not good to apply DMSO directly by a tumor. They say topically it is enough as well as orally.
    My mind keeps going back to the idea that taking it orally (or even topically), is not efficient enough.
    My bowels are a wreck. I strain to poop and then only have diahrea. The tumor is so close to my sphincter muscle and so accessable by route of the rectum that I keep thinking medicine should be rectally administered.
    What is your thoughts on this.
    I have researched so much and need to find the answer.
    Thank you.

  32. Hi Janette,

    I’m afraid we cannot comment on the use of DMSO with rectal cancer as we do not have any experience with nor have we received feedback for using it in that particular application. However, I can tell you that the HemorrHeal and Intestinal StrictureHeal protocols both use DMSO topically. As always, it’s best to check with your doctor if you’re unsure about how to proceed.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  33. Hi Jini. I’m on day three of using your DMSO for my rectal stricture. So far so good. I will let you know as soon as I see any improvement. I started with the 20% formula. Thank you so so much. I am positive it’ll work. I’d like to know if it’s alright to take a stool softener with the formula.

  34. Hi Roberta,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in with an update – we wish you all the best with the protocol! Jini really appreciates the feedback and she looks forward to hearing more.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Care

  35. JANETTE – I suggest you research Dr. Simoncini’s baking soda protocol for tumors…

    ROBERTA – you can use a stool softener if taken orally. If applied rectally, then make sure you use it as far away (time-wise) from the DMSO as possible.

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