In this video, Dane Johnson picks Jini Patel Thompson’s brain for her insights and tips for his difficult cases using DMSO-based healing protocols for Crohn’s and Colitis.

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DMSO-based Protocols for Intestinal & Rectal Scar Tissue – VIDEO

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  • Thank younfor this. I have gone back to see my naturopath who is pushing me to get my fistula surgically removed. I have an abscess, presacral, and osteomyelitis in my sacrum and hip. I have had the abscess removed twice, two types of ostomies. Now I have the fistula which opened four and a half years post-surgery. It has been a relief. I do not have crohn’s. I have diverticula from a tortuous colon. A diverticula ruptured when I was rear-ended at a stop light in 1994. The abscess was found in 2011 when I could not walk one day due to what I am sure now is osteomyelitis. The osteomyelitis was Rx’d in 2015 when an MRI was finally done. That found the sacral infection. The fistula runs through the sacrum somehow. Not an easy thing to treat, medically, or any other way. I have been using colloidal silver & DMSO both topically & internally. I feel that my fistula is improving by the type of drainage and amount. Also much hard tissue has softened and disappeared. My infection has become resistant to every antibiotic I hve ever taken. You give me hope. Doctors tell ne I am dying & will do so horribly. Tha5 makes me very angry & I am not following that suggestion. How dare they!

  • I have fistula through my tailbone, too. It has tunneled all over my pelvis. I do not know why I have lived through infection in my pelvis for so long leading to the fistula & infection I have now, but I thank God very often for my life and ability to do what I do!

    1. Hi Tammy,

      For Oral protocol, you have to mix together all the ingredients and DMSO is only 1/4 teaspoon. Take this 1 to 3 times per day on an empty stomach (20 minutes before food or 2 hours after food). Itʼs a good idea to start with lower amounts, or lowered frequency, and then build up over time to establish tolerance and then increase to full frequency and dosage. Be sure to purchase Jini’s Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Intestinal Strictures eBook in our Shoppe for full, detailed instructions and dosages StrictureHeal. Thanks for your comment!

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini!! Thanks so much for this! I learn many new things every time.

    A question for you: you said not to use comfrey if you have an active infection. Does a flare-up of ulcerative proctitis (or UC, or Crohns) involve an infection? My acupuncturist made some coconut oil & comfrey suppositories for my proctitis, but I’m unclear on whether it is safe to use them. I do have some mucus and bleeding. Does the mucus mean there’s an infection? Is a flare-up an infection? Curious how to know whether it’s safe to use comfrey. And thank you!

  • Hi Jini , im glad i came across you and this site. I have strictures and was told i need operations, so far im 8 weeks on your protocol, and getting better. Thank you for this video it has give me a lot of confidence, and the spiritual aspect is great. I have one question , is there a way to test if my DMSO is real not fake ? I dont get bad smells, not smelling like garlic, and once i apply it i dont taste it.

    1. Hi Scott,

      First, go download Jini’s free eBook here:

      After you learn more about DMSO, you may want to try the 20% formula (given in the eBook). Jini think the 20% solution would be strong enough (combined with the potassium iodide as per the formula). This formula dissolves scar tissue in the rectum, so should work well for the penis, which is similar tissue.

      Please let us know your feedback if you decided to try it. There are MANY people suffering from Peyronie’s, so Jini would like to know if the formula worked for that as well.

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer care

  • Hi.

    Will DMSO help with skin infections such as acne, folliculitus, skin ulcers etc?

    Also, if you mix DMSO with Baking Soda for topical use, will the Baking Soda penetrate through the surface skin along with the DMSO?

  • I had hemorrhoid surgery several years ago and since then have pain when I have a bowel movement. I believe this is related to scar tissue and my anus being smaller in diameter. I tried the DMSO protocol a few years ago and it helped somewhat. However, it still feels like I am getting small cuts in my anus when I have a bowel movement. I have also been diagnosed with Levitor Ani. I started the DMSO 20% protocol again today however, I am wondering since it appears, I have the restricted or scared anus and the muscle spasms, if I should be using Oil of Oregano or another approach due to the possible irritation of the levitor muscles while trying to rectify the restricted anal opening? Do you have any thoughts on how to address the muscle spasms and irritated anal opening, during bowel movements?

    1. Joe from my own experience, I’m going to tell you you’ll need to proceed very slowly and REALLY listen for what your own body wants each day. You may need to do the 20% protocol one day, then just straight castor oil the next, and then maybe a FissureHeal suppository the next day, then nothing for 2 days, then back to DMSO – you get the idea?

      You have a very complex mixture of elements happening. And for sure get my ebook on Rectal Spasm if you don’t have it already as you’ll need the tools in there as well:

      Lastly, when you are straining, spasming, restricted, take a few calming breaths and place your consciousness into your rectum. Imagine taking it out of your brain and placing it in your rectum and see what’s there. Maybe you will get an emotion, or a picture will flash into your mind, or a memory. Then delve into the opportunity for emotional/spiritual healing that is there. Use this if you want more guidance on this aspect/sphere of healing:

      Take care

  • Hi Jini;

    I have Scleroderma and I had my gallbladder removed 6 years ago. I was on the Thomas McPherson Brown protocol for RA for many years which is antibiotics, but it works differently than orthodox treatments for RA diseases… Since the gallbladder was removed, I have had major gut inflammation and chronic bile/acid reflux..I have been on your elemental diet 2 x’s off and on. Recently started the stricture heal protocol with caster oil/DMSO packs and 1/8 tsp DMSO in Aloe and Wild Oregano and collodial silver. I am also very underweight I have had no problems with the packs at night, however; when I take the 1/8 tsp orally with Aloe and oregano oil, I experience pain throughout my colon. I do take tons of probiotics as well. I only take that one eighth of a tsp DMSO so I am not sure why I am having so much pain. Anyone else had this issue?

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      We haven’t heard of that particular symptom occurring as a result of using the Oregano and Aloe Vera Juice. It could be die-off (die-off rarely lasts long) or intolerance to other substance you are taking. You may want to stop taking it or the other for a while to see if either one seems to be causing the issue. The pain could also be abdominal pain caused by stricture and Jini’s Intestinal StrictureHeal is very effective treatment to use for softening and dissolving adhesions and clearing intestinal obstructions to relieve pain. However, a quick treatment for the pain would be hot castor oil pack.

      If you have only experience this unusual symptom recently, you may want to back off your probiotics and wild oregano oil a bit to see if they go away. Some people have difficulty with handling high dose probiotics and need to work into it so you might fall into this category. Jini outlines a cautious/sensitive approach to probiotics on page 175 of her Listen to Your Gut book which might work better for you. If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

      Kind Regards,
      Cris B
      Customer Care

    1. Hi Rogene,

      Thanks for reaching out. While we cannot give any medical advice, if you feel you may be dealing with a blockage it may benefit you to give a Colonic Massage a try. Colonic massage is a valuable tool to have if you’re suffering gas, bloating or diarrhea, you’re constipated, or you have a blockage, obstruction or stricture in your colon.

      Jini has a video on this technique here:

      In good health,
      Savannah B
      Customer Care

  • Hi my name is Alan, I’m from Ireland, I have ulceritive colitis and strictures, I bought the structure heal supplies here, can anyone tell me what product to buy to apply this in my rectum when you make up the protocol?
    I’m miserable at the moment
    I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 7, I don’t know why this is happening

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thank you for reaching out, and I understand how frustrating and painful strictures can be! We have experimental protocols for healing both anal/rectal strictures and intestinal strictures. Here are the products you will need to make up the various StrictureHeal formulas:

      Either eBook Jini’s Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Anal Stenosis & Stricture, or Jini’s Healing Guide: Natural Treatments for Intestinal Stricture will give you the formula and instructions for each condition.

      I hope this information is helpful to you, and wish you well on your healing journey.

      Savannah B
      Customer Care

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