I am SO happy to be able to provide this for all of you who are worried, fearful, anxious and stressed about COVID-19 (or any other infection) and the ensuing reaction by governments worldwide.

What we CAN do, right now, is move out of a place of fear and stress, and into the space of love, hope, and infinite possibility. I’m using my version of EFT Tapping – an acupressure tapping method that provides an interface between the mind/body. So we can go into the cells and tissues and address the fear at this level, as well as our emotional or psychological fear.

Follow along with me and I hope this brings you peace and positivity. I know I sure felt a whole lot better afterwards!:

Standard Immune System Supplements:
Natren probiotics
Vitamin D3 – at least 4,000 IU
B complex vitamins – 30-50 mg each
Vitamin E – at least 400 IU
Vitamin C – to bowel tolerance
Zinc – 10 mg per day

For anti-pathogen effect (viruses, bacteria, fungus): Wild Oregano oil or Olive leaf extract or Aged garlic

Others: ginger, lemon, manuka honey, immune blend herb tinctures in your tea, nettle tea, astragalus, medicinal mushrooms (reishi, maitake etc)

Here are quick links to the posts I referenced:

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If you enjoyed the 5-minute guided meditation part at the end, you can download that as an audio to play whenever you wish:

Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Transforming Fear Of Infectious Disease - Tapping Session & Guided Meditation

And if you’d like to explore tapping further, check out my course and try a Free Session with me. You can learn how to tap for yourself, your loved ones, and even surrogate tap for your pets or young children.

Doing a surrogate tapping session for my horse, Zorra