With all the craziness going on in the world surrounding the Coronavirus, it is easy to get caught up in the fears being perpetuated by mass hysteria. You’ve read or heard about people over-buying toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, and hand sanitizer in bulk, and it is becoming more common that stores are running out of these essential items.

Of course it is likely that the panic/reaction to COVID-19 will cause far more damage than the virus itself (p.s. language alert on that link). So rather than getting into the complexities of what is actually going on here… let’s focus instead on a short-and-sweet plan of action. What is one to do when panic sets in? And what if you are living with an already compromised immune system?

First, get out of Fear: Live and breathe hope into your cells and tissues and remain in positivity. Get out in wild nature. Hang out with trees and animals. Go into your fear and use mind/body tools (craniosacral, Tapping, hypnotherapy) to receive the messages of your fear – then transform, or move into action, as required. Fear weakens, hope strengthens. What do you need to do, or transform, to dwell in hope?

This excellent video with Dr. Thomas Cowan MD and may be all you need to transform your fear and get into the deeper wisdom of your body, or at least introduce some new possibilities. And if you haven’t yet tapped along with my healing session to transform fear, then please do that too!:

Be proactive physically –┬áHere are some daily supplements to help boost your immune system and stay healthy:
Natren probiotics
Vitamin D3 – at least 4,000 IU
B complex vitamins – 30-50 mg each
Vitamin E – at least 400 IU
Vitamin C – to bowel tolerance
Walk or hike out in nature (around big trees if you can)
Walk on the beach or in the ocean, or lake, barefoot (earthing and minerals)

For anti-pathogen effect (viruses, bacteria, fungus): Wild Oregano oil or Olive leaf extract or Aged garlic. See my Wild Oregano Oil antiviral protocol or my Inhaled Glutathione & Hydrogen Peroxide for Lung Issues post for detailed instructions.

Other easy gifts to your body: ginger, lemon, manuka honey, immune blend herb tinctures in your tea, nettle tea, astragalus, medicinal mushrooms (reishi, maitake etc)

Have fun at home: Read eBooks, or take an online course and learn a new language or skill – Udemy is usually