These atom-sized minerals are the ideal size and form for absorption and do not even require digestion – they can be absorbed through the lining of the mouth, making them ideal for those with digestive issues.

You may have read my blog post back in October announcing the nano-sized line of minerals I had been formulating for Imix… and I’m excited to say that QuikPlus minerals are finally here!

As I’ve mentioned before, my family has been using atom-sized minerals (as opposed to regular powdered minerals) since 2008 – and after testing them on our family for 2 years, I then told my readers about them in 2010.

Watch to the end of this video for a cute surprise… 🙂

Knowing exactly what goes into the bottle – and the ability to ensure that Imix Nutrition tests everything – was a huge factor in motivating me to formulate my own line of mineral products. Here are the current QuikPlus atom-sized, ionic liquid mineral products:

QuikPlus Bone Matrix – special blend of all the minerals needed to form teeth and bone, in the best ratios for maximum bioavailability and utilization.
QuikPlus Iron – absorbed directly into cell channels; does not require digestion so this iron doesn’t irritate the gut or cause constipation. Increases hemoglobin and stored ferritin.
QuikPlus Magnesium – does not loosen the bowel or cause diarrhea. Because it does not even require digestion.
QuikPlus Silica – great for hair, skin, connective tissue and joints.
QuikPlus Muscle Matrix – special blend to relieve cramping or spasming muscles.
QuikPlus Trace Matrix – all the trace minerals that used to be present in our soil before commercial farming stripped and depleted it.

*Note: As I say in the video, knowing the source of your minerals is important. As is testing the raw materials when they arrive, and then testing again after bottling to ensure what’s inside the bottle actually matches the label claim.

As I said in my previous post, I spent a LOT of time researching these formulations. For example, for Bone Matrix, I looked at actual clinical trial data to determine not only which minerals were effective in building bone and remineralizing teeth, but also, what ratio of each mineral was ideal.

I then cross-referenced these ratios with data gleaned from super healthy indigenous populations with no degenerative disease (thank you Dr. Weston A. Price) to see what ratios their food contained.

When you’re looking at mineral absorption and utilization, you have to look at the ratios of minerals in a blend, because if the ratio is wrong, the body can’t use or absorb the mineral properly. This study on copper/zinc as an autism predictor in utero is a great example of that. Another rule of thumb for mineral utilization is to make sure your blend contains more magnesium than calcium – 1.5:1 or 2:1 are ratios that work well.

And remember, if you have 2 different brands of atom-sized/angstrom/nano minerals and one of them tastes like straight water, yet claims to have the same amount as the other bottle… it means that one of them does not actually contain what it says on the label and is indeed, mostly water.

Note: In case you’re one of those people who don’t like drinking water, you can follow your QuikPlus Iron dosage with another liquid, like juice or tea. You can also split the dosage in half, so you only have to drink 1/2 cup of liquid afterwards. HOWEVER, the reason you’re advised to drink that extra bit of liquid/water is to prevent constipation. So if you don’t have any issues with constipation, then there’s no need to drink extra water at all!

I’m going to share a bunch of videos and blog posts over the next few weeks, showing you exactly how my family and I use each of these QuikPlus minerals. There’s a really funny one with my eldest son (Oscar, 19) coming soon!