The Minerals of Life Trace Minerals contain most of the minerals (64 in total) that used to be present in our soil, before industrial agriculture, mono-crops and widespread pesticide use degraded our soil. And they are all in a naturally-occurring, nanoparticle or angstrom sized form, for instant absorption into the cells, no digestion required. As Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND wrote in my Infoletter, Good Health Is Real Wealth:

“Physicists tell us that the size of the mineral channels in our cells, are between 4-5 angstroms in diameter. An angstrom is one ten billionth of a meter, a range between a nanometer and a picometer. If minerals are larger than this size, they are not readily absorbed through the cell membrane. What I call “dirt minerals” may be millions of times larger than the channel they are trying to enter. Colloidal minerals and ionic minerals, while they may claim to be smaller than dirt minerals can still be thousands of times bigger than angstrom minerals. Therefore, you not only need to take the proper type of mineral, but it also has to be in an easily absorbed form.”

These minerals also used to be present in our water – when our water ran through natural rock and soil and wasn’t filtered and processed, like it currently is, to remove pollutants.

So, whilst you can just swallow these Trace Minerals straight (1 tbsp/day), I feel the best way to take them is to mix them in with your water, or pitcher of herbal tea and drink throughout the day. This is because minerals help to alkalize the body, so I figure if you’re ingesting them throughout the day, it’s a good balancing mechanism.

Of course, that’s not always possible, so what I also end up doing is just dumping them into a glass of water, or Emergen-C, cooled herbal tea, or an Absorb Plus shake.

In my teleseminar with the manufacturer of Minerals Of Life, Jim Haszinger, Jim revealed that he often takes a lot more than the recommended dose. So it sounds like there’s some leeway in usage – but the recommended dosage on the bottle that should be fine for most people is 1 tablespoon per day, either taken straight, or mixed in water or juice. You can also blend them up in any kind of shake or smoothie – the taste is indetectable. On their own, taken straight, they have a taste, but it is so mild that all my kids just swallow it straight from the cap.

I use the cap on the bottle to measure and 1 capful equals 2 teaspoons, so I give my 4 year old 1/2 a capful and my 7 and 10 year old kids a full capful. I take 2 capfuls per day.

Click here to download my Nanoparticle Minerals Teleseminar with Jim Haszinger

If you have a hair analysis done, you will most likely be deficient in certain trace minerals because we no longer get what we need automatically from our food (soil) or water – by taking a comprehensive blend like this one, you can address or prevent deficiency and also provide your body with one of the foundational building blocks for good health.

Up until very recently, major and trace minerals were not available in this super-bioavailable form, so I recommended your standard powdered minerals (chelated whenever possible). But these naturally-occurring nanoparticle-sized minerals are so superior they just take supplementation to a whole new level. As Jim and I discussed in our teleseminar:

Jini: I want to jump in here real quick because when I did my research on nanoparticle-sized minerals and the whole nanotechnology thing – which as you already pointed out, is manipulating objects to that nanometer size – one thing I discovered is that the minerals in plants are automatically in the size of nanometers. As you said, you’re not manipulating,