Is Perfectionism Hindering Your Healing?Hello, all my LTYG people! I received a recent question from one of you which inspired me to write on this topic today. 🙂 You are all such an inspiration to me, so a BIG thanks for all of your feedback, questions, and wonderful comments. I love receiving them, and I am so happy to hear that some of my Youtube videos have been so helpful!

The question I received recently really made me think about the idea of perfectionism with protocols. Many people believe there is a perfect protocol out there somewhere, and when they find it they will magically be healed. The reality is there is no perfect protocol! The only perfect protocol is the one that your body needs.

Jini has an entire lazer tapping session based on the idea of perfectionism (which I highly recommend!), as well as a blog post on the magic pill paradigm so you can further understand why we fall into this pattern of thinking.

Creativity in Healing

In my opinion, healing holistically requires some creativity. Throughout my healing journey, my entire care team had to think outside of the box to provide solutions for me that actually worked (as I was hypersensitive to everything) – but even if you are not hypersensitive, the principles remain the same.

It requires a lot of “out of the norm” perspectives and ideas to customize and create a solution that fits you and your body. Now if you are not a creative person naturally, don’t freak out! This is not the end all be all. I am just suggesting to try looking at things and protocols from a different light.

Ask yourself: How can I adjust this product/modality to tolerate it better? What times of day/night am I taking _X_ supplement? It really helped me to write all of my observations down on paper to clarify whether something was actually making a symptom worse or causing new symptoms.

These are just two questions to get your mind going. I ask myself these questions frequently, and when an idea pops into my head that I think would benefit me, I try it! And that’s how I got to speak with all of you about my experiences because I wasn’t afraid to try new things.

fearNow the fear can be real. If you’re like me, you can become traumatized by bad experiences, as a lot of things I tried in the past actually made me WORSE. For a long time, this prevented me from trying new things, as I was afraid of a reaction. This, however, also prevented further healing because when I finally opened the door a smidge to try new things, I found a floodgate of new modalities that worked.

If this is you and you are afraid to try new things, but you feel stuck in your healing, watch this video by Jini. That video helped me a lot, and whenever I feel nervous about trying a new method or protocol, I remind myself, “I am resilient.” This helps me bring my inner power back so I can deal with it whatever that it might be.

And if you find you need some professional assistance, here is Jini’s recommended list of practitioners. I have worked personally with Dr. Juliet myself, and I highly recommend her!

When to Change Protocols

Now keep in mind, if you are dealing with severe symptoms that are not yet stabilized (such as extreme diarrhea, bleeding, mucus, or vomiting), I would not recommend playing around with these protocols unless you are doing so with the guidance of a coach or doctor. A professional can help you consider all aspects of your issues to figure out your best course of action.

Now by all means, if you have an allergy or sensitivity to something, then obviously don’t continue to use that! The message I want to get across here is to consult your doctor, of course, but don’t be afraid to try new things – as perhaps trying new modalities could be YOUR game changer like it was for me.

Personally, I feel the best time to try new things is when your health is stabilized. I never try new things if I already have bloating or a queasy stomach – or any symptoms out of my norm.

I make sure I’m in a good place both physically and emotionally, so I can bounce back just fine in case I get a reaction to the new product I am using. I also ensure my schedule fits into my “testing.” I don’t use new products while I’m working, for example, so that potential stress doesn’t affect the end results. I try to test things out when I have free time and am relaxed. This gives me the best chance to see if it is helping or not, and what dosage my body needs.

Working With Your Body

A lot of times you can get into a good rhythm, take the same 10 supplements every day for years…and then all of a sudden flare! Obviously, flares can stem from many different things/stressors, but one thing I’ve personally observed is this:

The body changes.

What it needed last week could be different from today.

listen to your bodyAs much as we humans love consistency, when it comes to protocols and supplements it’s important to re-assess them every once in a while to make sure you are still needing it – and at that dose. This also alleviates any allergy or intolerance that may occur from taking the same thing every day for years. Remember that ALL anti-pathogens need breaks so that the wild oregano, olive leaf, or whichever anti-pathogen you’re using doesn’t lose potency.

Our bodies need breaks too! Sometimes, for a few days, I stop taking everything except my probiotics to reset. Then, if I’m trying a new supplement, I can try it completely on its own. That way the results aren’t mixed with other things that would give an unclear diagnostic. What I do is separate any new supplements/modalities by either a few hours or a few days. For instance, when I first began using infrared saunas I stopped all my other treatments – and I was glad I did, as I had a big detox reaction after my first sauna experience!

Fear Hinders Healing

Addressing the emotional component, or fear surrounding chronic illness is so crucial. Make it your aim to release the fear from past experiences (like I had) to break away from stagnancy in your healing journey. Jini has a wonderful Lazer Tapping session on releasing emotions in your gut that are causing physical symptoms, which you can try yourself for free here.

If you watch my Healing in Layers video, you will see all the different symptoms and emotions which arose during my healing journey, and how I had to address each symptom/emotion layer by layer. For each layer, I had to adjust my protocol, so I hope you can see the importance of being open to change as needed. In the meantime, work on releasing fear and building self-confidence so you can know and feel secure when making your healthcare decisions.

And as I mentioned previously, if you need additional support in this regard, you can reference all of Jini’s Home Remedy pages, her books, and the professionals she suggests who are also familiar with her protocols.

Final Takeaways

Now when it comes to health and listening to your body, I truly feel there are no mistakes. Even if a “supposed mistake” occurs, there’s always a lesson you can take away from the experience.

If your current protocol is working, that’s fantastic! Jini offers so many different protocols depending on your symptoms, so keep on trucking – and whatever you decide, don’t let yourself be held back by fear!

Stay tuned, as I’m currently working on a blog post about “how to listen to your gut,” which I hope can further assist you in learning how to tune into your body and its needs.

Well, I hope the information I’ve shared with you today can help you break away from the idea of perfectionism and move into a place of resilience and power, so you can find the protocol that fits you.

As always, happy healing everyone – and remember to always listen to your gut! 🙂