You ate something and it just didn’t sit well…or worse, it made you SICK! We all experience these moments when we eat something and afterward, we can just tell something just isn’t sitting right. And if we already have sensitive stomachs, the last thing we need is some bad food ruining our day!

Food poisoning is no joke, and for anyone with gut issues the panic that ensues after eating something bad is REAL.

Today I’ll be sharing with you 2 more tips that have helped me detox during the times I’ve accidentally eaten something bad. This is part 2 of 3 total videos, so stay tuned for 1 more!

If you haven’t seen the first video, you can watch it here – and here is the third and final video.

Tip #4: Detox

Open all detox pathways! The tips Jini and I have already shared help greatly with detoxing, but what else can you do when it comes to detoxing?

Here are a few ways you can detox:

1.) Epsom Salt Bath

An Epsom salt bath is great for so many things! If you are not familiar, Epsom salt contains magnesium, so this can help to pull out toxins. Many people also use this to relieve aches, muscle pain, joint pain, etc.

2.) Sweat It Out! Exercise 

Another thing you can do is sweat it out! Exercise and get your heart beating because sweating helps to pump out toxins!

3.) Infrared saunas

Infrared saunas are great as well, but see Jini’s recommendation on the right type of infrared saunas – as some may actually emit radiation and harmful waves.

This treatment can help the body eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins within the body. Now, this is important – not only to get the bad food out but also to help with any systemic issues. If there were bad bacteria in the food, you don’t want that hurting your GI or creating inflammation in other areas of the body.

Tip #5: Colonic Massage and/or Hot Castor Oil Pack

Jini’s colonic massage is great for so many things, including trapped gas, stool, constipation – and it can even be used to assist babies who may be suffering from similar issues!

It is gentle enough not to cause problems but strong enough to get the movement going if there is colon paralysis. This will assist in gently pushing out the bad item ingested, but again in a safe way. Basically, it’s a massage of your abdomen, and Jini demonstrates this in her awesome video below:

Hot castor packs are also just as versatile! They are great for so many things, including painful menstruation! Castor oil packs promote circulation and healing of tissues and organs underneath the skin. The liver gets activated too, which is what you want: to get the bad stuff out!

Castor oil packs can help with pain, cramping, and inflammation as well. So if you are suffering from bloating, gas, or pain from ingesting bad food, this is an overall gateway to relief! I even use castor oil packs on injuries or after I received treatments that left me sore.

I recommend reading Jini’s blog post, Hot Castor Oil Pack for IBD or IBS – Pain, Spasming, Bloating, for more information on the benefits of castor oil packs, as well as more info on how to use one!

This castor oil pack kit we carry in the LTYG Shoppe makes it easy, as it contains everything you need to get started – just add a heat source!