You ate something and it made you SICK! Food poisoning is no joke, and for anyone with gut issues, the panic that ensues after eating something bad is REAL. If we already have sensitive stomachs, the last thing we need is some bad food ruining our day!

Today I’ll be sharing with you the FINAL 2 tips that have helped me detox during the times I’ve accidentally eaten something bad. This is last video of 3 total on this topic, so thank you for being here as I’ve shared my experiences with you!

Watch Part 1 HERE
Watch Part 2 HERE

Tip #6: Jini’s Lazer Tapping

You would be amazed at how this can help physically, especially when it comes to detoxing! If you’ve seen any of my previous videos, you’ll know detoxing was a HUGE part of my healing journey.

Lazer Tapping is fantastic for detoxing because it helps release any stuck or stagnant energy, thus alleviating and pushing out stuck or fermenting foods – which happens when you eat something bad! The beauty of tapping is letting go and releasing…so getting that energy moving will help in releasing not only stuck emotions but stuck food in this case.

Tapping can be used on any aliments, symptoms, or issues, so join Jini for a FREE session today!

Tip #7: Lean Into Your OWN Body Wisdom

In Jini’s 8 Key Steps video, she tells a story of when she went out with some friends to a 5-star dinner and immediately spit the food out. She knew something was off, and she refused to eat the food. Lo and behold, everyone got sick – except for her!

This is a fantastic example of leaning into your own body wisdom. Jini knew something didn’t sit well the moment the food touched her mouth, so don’t be afraid to listen to what your body is trying to tell you!

If you take a bite of food and can sense somethings not right, that’s your gut talking. Listen to you. Don’t let the embarrassment of spitting out food in front of people, or reasoning with yourself that it’s a “5-star” restaurant, keep you from listening to your gut instinct. If it doesn’t smell or taste right, it probably isn’t.

This video is fantastic and honestly changed my life, as it delves into what Jini feels are the 8 key steps needed to heal gut disorders. I highly encourage you to watch it below, if you haven’t already! It was one of the very first videos I ever found on Jini’s channel.

As always, happy healing – and always listen to your gut! 🙂