Join Natasha Trenev, founder/owner of Natren probiotics, and me as we discuss safety concerns around kombucha. Did you know that kombucha is fermented using a yeast culture? Natasha shares a news story of 20 people who died from drinking their home-fermented kombucha…

We also have a great little scientific study on problematic issues with taking Saccharomyces Boulardii – another yeast organism.

If you’d like the details and scientific explanation, here’s a great tutorial on exactly what happens during fermentation.

Lastly, we field some more great questions from Deb, Robert, Erica, Kiran, Desiree, Patsy, Brooke and Tiffany – about SIBO, diarrhea, probiotic retention enema, enteric-coatings, E. coli Nissle 1917, gut flora as you age, inflammation, and more!

Or listen/download the audio of this session:

You can either watch the video, or listen/download the audio – it’s great drive-home material!

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This is the final installment of this 3-part, in-depth series on probiotics, dosing, usage, etc. with Natasha Trenev and I.

In case you missed it, here is PART 2

And here is PART 1


Healthy Gut Bugs – Session 3 – Dangers of Kombucha & S. Boulardii

15 thoughts on “Healthy Gut Bugs – Session 3 – Dangers of Kombucha & S. Boulardii

  • I’ve used your trinity natren and found it helpful. How do you know which one I need to be on, without having to buy every single one…too costly for my budget, but really trying to find the right product. I’ve been diagnosed with chron’s disease but have managed quite well without medication and simply watching diets. I’m not a saint, I do cheat from time to time, but doing quite well and managed inflammation quite well. Just would appreciate to know which one would be best for me and my personal condition if there is a score sheet sample to help select? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello Nathalie,

      Thanks for reaching out. Natren is the only brand that Jini recommends and uses through years of research and experience and the only one with all the requirements (probiotic strain selection, manufacturing, storage, and other factors effecting potency and efficacy). Any of the Natren Probiotics variants mentioned in the video are best for you, as long as they contain the right strains of beneficial bacteria:

      • Lactobacillus acidophilus, NAS super strain,
      • Bifidobacterium bifidum, Malyoth super strain,
      • Lactobacillus bulgaricus, LB-51 super strain,

      You can have many strains of bacteria in a product, but if they are not the right kind, they won’t help you. If you would like to check out the criteria Jini uses to evaluate any given probiotic product (and why), take a look at the link below:

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      Cris B,
      Customer Care

  • Wonderful! A few questions, whether for the comment section here, or possibly for a future video interview:

    -Since water “wakes up” the bacteria, it seems they are dormant as powder and as powder inside capsules. In that case, how do we know that they compete for dominance in a capsule with multiple strains together in which there is only powder?

    -Natasha mentioned that it’s ok to mix powdered probiotics in a glass of water and sip on it all day. Just wanted to confirm that in the course of one day, there isn’t a time limit to this before the bacteria will lose potency? Also, would it be ill-advised to mix more than 1 strain of Natren probiotics into the same glass for the day?

    -Natasha mentioned something about people not knowing how to wash produce. Can you talk about how you do this? (I’ve heard you mention that you use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, but I’ve noticed that this can be corrosive to the produce fairly quickly. How much of each do you use, and how long do you soak them?) Does this also kill the beneficial bacteria that might reside in or on the produce?

    -When you say that the body can’t handle the background bacteria on raw foods, is this also true for fruit? I usually eat a couple of raw pieces of fruit a day.

  • Hi Jeannie, to answer your questions in order…

    – when she says “wake them up” she means for maximum potency – consider that most bodies are challenging, if not hostile environments, so you want the probiotics to hit the ground running, so to speak 🙂 Also, they are not truly dormant in refrigerated conditions, you have to use dry ice to get them cold enough to cease all activity.

    – I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean sip ONE glass all day. I do this with my kids when they’ve had vomiting flu. They sip it slowly – in the beginning one sip every 5 minutes. When that glass is gone, I mix up another one, and so on, all day long.

    – Yes, you will kill all bacteria. I personally only wash with water, so I can’t comment on this, but I would only wash the produce right before consumption. So perhaps that would minimize corrosion.

    – Fruit that is grown off the ground is going to have a lot less bacteria, peeled fruit is even more protected. I pick and eat blackberries right off the bush at my barn all season long 🙂

    1. Excellent, THANK YOU!! I will stop my obsession with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in that case, will continue mixing probiotics in water only just before I take them, and will continue eating fruit. 🙂 Wonderful that you have blackberries at your barn!

      I continue to accumulate questions as I’m trying to learn and am slowly creeping toward remission. I can tolerate about 5x the amount of Natren’s digesta-lac now as before (almost half a capsule). Yay!

      Feel free to cut me off at any time, if my questions are too much!

      1. No worries – BUT remember that your body has it’s own wisdom and is not in the same state as my body. So it’s good to listen to other people’s experiences and practices, but ALWAYS always listen to your own gut above anyone else’s. Maybe your body wisdom is directing you to wash everything with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, because that’s what you need at this time. In 3, 6, 12 months… maybe that will change.

        If you have trouble discerning between your body and your mind’s chatter/ideas, then do some workshops in developing your intuition. Take up meditation. Do an animal communication workshop. It’s all good!

  • Like tens of thousands of other people, I’ve been making my own kombucha, and kefir for years, following strict cleanliness guidelines easily found online. No problems, ever. Twenty alleged Iranian victims in one area could have been a random occurrence due to a specific contaminant, as Natasha said. I think most experts would agree careful DIY is safe. This interview sounds like a scare ploy to scare people away from DIY and into only purchasing commercial products, like her own. What are this woman’s scientific credentials? I see no Ph.D. degree or experience within mainstream research hospitals or other laboratories. Please provide.

    1. I think Natasha is more cautious than most – because she has seen the worst of the worst. She also runs a super sterile manufacturing facility – I had to prep like I was going into surgery – mask, booties, gloves, everything! They also test every batch to ensure there has been no contamination.

      So obviously a home culturing environment is nowhere near as sterile as that – and there is no finished product testing. BUT we also have to take holistic view of it. A tribeswoman in Tanzania fermenting Togwa is also not going to match Natren’s standards for sterility! But, as they live with their animals, are surrounded by dirt filled with microbes (and likely water too), their immunity and gut microbiota are going to be COMPLETELY different from yours or mine.

      Your system is going to have a very different level of immune function and susceptibility to someone else’s. Anyone dealing with a chronic illness is going to have greatly lowered immune function. And so on…

      Here is more info on Natasha Trenev’s qualifications on this topic:

  • Is it ok to consume homemade 24 hour yoghurt when taking the Mucosaheal? I read that probiotics are not recommended, so wondering if someone can clarify.

    1. Hi Kristy,

      I believe I already answered this question on Facebook. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      Cris B
      Customer Care

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