Find out what’s wrong with using enteric-coated capsules for probiotics.

And why the culturing substrate (intrinsic supernatant) is so important to the functioning of the bacteria inside your body, and directly benefits your digestion.

Learn about competitive exclusion; the nature of bacteria is mutual antagonism – they produce compounds to compete with any other bacteria in their environment. This environment could be a pill, a bottle, or your gut.

Did you know that if you culture your own yogurt – using a powerful starter culture like Natren’s – that yoghurt will contain about 100 million c.f.u per serving? By comparison, Natren’s Healthy Trinity contains 30 billion c.f.u. per dose. Join us for this talk to discover why we need so much more beneficial bacteria today then 50 or 60 years ago.

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Listen To Your Gut
Listen To Your Gut
Healthy Gut Bugs Q&A - Session 2 - Improve Your Microbiota

In this week’s session, Natasha Trenev and I answer questions from Nellie, Brooke, Patsy, Edie, Chris, Desiree, Sarah, Wendy, Terry and Robert. You can either watch the video, or listen/download the audio – it’s great drive-home material!

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