Each of us has a super-effective healing tool ready to go whenever we wish – it is our body’s own healing mechanism. You can activate this powerful healing tool by imagining or visualizing your desired healing in a Theta brainwave state.

There’s a fascinating book called The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge MD and in it, he describes exactly why and how when you visualize or imagine something deeply, the brain (and subsequently the body) cannot tell the difference between reality and the imagined event.

To give you one example, on page 201, Doidge tells a story about Pascual-Luone, who taught a sequence of piano notes to two groups who had never studied piano before. One group just sat in front of the electric piano keyboard and “imagined” playing the sequence and also imagined hearing the notes being played. The other group actually physically practiced the music on the piano keyboard.

“Both groups had their brains mapped before the experiment, each day during it, and afterward. Then both groups were asked to play the sequence, and a computer measured the accuracy of their performances.

Pascual-Leone found that both groups learned to play the sequence, and both showed similar brain map changes. Remarkably, mental practice alone produced the same physical changes in the motor system as actually playing the piece.”

So, in this way, when we imagine or visualize a healing action or sequence – especially when we are in Theta brainwave state, the brain will action it without question or hesitation. Personally, I feel that when the “imagining” is done in deep meditative state (when the brainwaves are in Theta frequency), this will potentiate the effects/results.

The more we visualize a particular occurrence or sequence, the brain builds neural pathways, or maps, to support that sequence – like grooves being worn deeper and deeper. This continues until it gets to the point where a habit is formed, or you will automatically do that thing without thinking.

We have a number of different guided healings available in our Shoppe, but I also wanted to give all of my readers a chance to experience this healing modality.

In this healing meditation, I lead you through breathing and visualization techniques to bring you into deep relaxation and Theta brainwave state.

Once you are deeply relaxed, you can then visualize or imagine whatever needs healing in your body – whether it’s pain relief, or increasing circulation, or wound healing, or combating infection, or stimulating peristalsis, etc.

If you’re not sure how to imagine your healing, see Healing Visualizations on page 364 of Listen To Your Gut, or, listen to one of the other specific/targeted healing meditations to get some ideas.

You can also use this meditation to implement the Dialoguing With Your Body technique on page 350 of Listen To Your Gut.

When I stop talking and the music begins, that’s when you begin your visualizations. I also have another version of this meditation with silence, instead of music, if you prefer that. You might want to try both and see which one works best for you.

Simply download to your iPod or mp3 player, or, you can burn it onto a CD.

Do this healing meditation every night before you go to sleep, or perhaps during your quiet time in the daytime. Do it often, until the neural pathways have been reinforced to the point where you see the change in your physical body.

An added bonus will be the deep physical