Join me in a guided meditation, where you connect with your favorite tree – real or imagined. Perhaps it is one from a memory, like a trip you took to the California redwoods? Or maybe it’s a tree you grew up with in the backyard of your childhood home?

I’m sure it’s not hard to guess that one of my favorite trees is out in the horse pasture…

It doesn’t matter if it is a physical tree, or one you are imagining. You can do this out in nature, or wherever you are at the moment. Just bring that tree into your space, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and listen to the sounds around you. Bring that divine source energy in through the top of your head, down the length of your body, and send it deep into Mother Earth…


If you choose to take this journey with nature, I would love to hear your experiences – either comment below, or send us an email at What tree did you choose? What meaning does this powerful tree have for you, and what energy did you feel in your heart/body during this guided meditation?

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