Jini’s Favorite Mind/Body Healing Therapies & Meditation TechniquesMay I be so bold as to say that there is NO WAY you can heal completely (long-term) from a chronic illness without going into the physical and energetic (spiritual, emotional) places where past trauma is stored? Okay, YES, I am going to say that – and have been saying it for years!

If you have not already combed through the mind/body/spirit healing section of my blog, I recommend you do so. It’s chock full of valuable information to help facilitate the spiritual and emotional aspects of your healing journey, which are too often overlooked. Root-level, long-term healing comes from healing ALL levels of the self. We must go into the emotional and spiritual aspects or messages of our dis-ease.

And now, here are some of my FAVORITE mind/body healing therapies and meditation techniques…

Try a free Tapping Session with Jini

After I did this video interview, I realized I could not find a GOOD tapping workshop, or training course, to refer my readers to. EFT Tapping or other acupressure tapping sessions with a therapist are expensive and run anywhere from $175-$250 per session. While that can be really helpful to get you started, or when you’re stuck, it’s simply too expensive for most people to utilize long-term.

The best way to use Tapping to heal yourself is to learn how to tap for yourself. Then you can do a tapping session anywhere, anytime! So I developed my own course, called Lazer Tapping. As a Certified EFT tapping practitioner, I took the key process and then also added my own piece where we go directly INTO the cells and tissues of the body. It is very efficient and laser-focused on specific situations or pain points.

Come try it for yourself, tap along with me, and see what your body feels about this powerful healing technique. You can select from 3 different session topics – whichever you feel would benefit you most at this time.

Original post May 2017. Most recently updated January 2022.