May I be so bold as to say that there is NO WAY you can heal completely (long-term) from a chronic illness without going into the physical and energetic (spiritual, emotional) places where past trauma is stored? Okay, YES, I am going to say that – here we go…

Jini’s Favorite Mind/Body Healing Therapies & Meditation Techniques

14 thoughts on “Jini’s Favorite Mind/Body Healing Therapies & Meditation Techniques

  • Do you think it’s possible with stage 4 colon cancer to heal your body with meditation?
    Also, to visualize eating up cancer and restoring one body back to normal?

    1. In my experience, once an unease, or dis-ease, has manifested in the physical body, you need to heal ALL the levels of the mind/body/spirit, simultaneously. So you need to heal the physical body, the emotions/psyche, and walk the spiritual path too.

  • Nice video on Mind/Body Healing Therapies & Meditation Techniques. Yes, You are right that there is no way you can heal completely from a chronic illness without going into the physical and energetic places where past trauma is stored. Also, you can read Healing inspirational poetry like Roots Poetry that inspires people to natural healing. Thanks.

  • Jinni, this is wonderful. I tried to write more but there is no language and it sounded trite. What a journey! Thank you.

    1. I hear you Stephe – sometimes languaging “felt experience” can be really difficult! I was just talking to a friend of mine who hosts animal communication workshops about this today.

  • At the point of 3:57 in your talk, did I hear you say, “kill yourself”? Inappropriate.
    It’s not that I don’t get the point you’re making, but to make a comment like that as a way to say, no need to be here if you’re desire is to transcend is, at the least, glib and at it’s worst dangerous. You are not the be all, end all to knowledge of this universe. Watch what you say.

    1. “Watch what you say” – Really?? So I’m supposed to muzzle myself, kill my voice, and not express my thoughts and opinions *just in case* I happen to offend someone who disagrees with my theory?

      Perhaps someone you’re close to committed suicide, so you’re very sensitive to anything around that issue. Or perhaps you’re concerned that someone contemplating suicide might hear this video, disregard all context and what I’m actually talking about, and kill themselves as a result.

      Well, aside from needing to own your own triggers – because therein lies the road to greater healing and freedom – I invite you to consider the fact that I was voicing my personal opinion, my thoughts. At no time did I claim to be the “be all, end all to knowledge of this universe.”

      I enjoy hearing from people with radical, different thoughts to mine – they stimulate me to think deeper, or to look at something from a different perspective. I would never suggest that anyone censor their thoughts/opinions because it made me uncomfortable, or because I didn’t agree with them. I support freedom of speech, thought and expression.

  • Why has my comment not been posted? To screen out only the positive ones isn’t really a fair representation of your audience.

    1. All comments are held until they are approved by the moderator – otherwise we get a ton of spam, porn, etc. on here. Comments are only deleted if the person is being noxiously nasty – which almost never happens on this site. You are always welcome to post your sincere thoughts and opinions of anything.

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