This video is brought to you by REACH – a private practice based in the UK made up of over 65 practitioners specialising in a range of disciplines which include: counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, meditation, nutrition and mind-body medicine, among others.

Their underpinning belief is that synergy is the answer – the panacea for all ills. Until we realise we are unlikely to find all our answers in one place, we will continue to go through countless revolving doors which promise to meet all our needs. Reach’s model is built on the principle that to truly meet one’s needs, all areas of one’s life need to be looked at honestly and no one body of knowledge offers us the insight required to take that journey. Therefore holism and integration are the keys.

Enjoy this beautiful and elegant 30 minute meditation from the team at Reach that will take you to that space where healing on all levels is possible.

This guided meditation combines words, music, images, and some echo effects to bring healing light to your gut and your cells, release negativity and re-program yourself with positivity and belief in your body’s self-healing abilities.

You can either just close your eyes and listen to the narration, or allow the beautiful images to help transport you to that place where the mind can entertain the impossible, and the miraculous becomes real….

30 Minute Free Guided Healing Meditation – For the Gut & Whole Body

12 thoughts on “30 Minute Free Guided Healing Meditation – For the Gut & Whole Body

  • thouroughly enjoyed this meditation have saved it to my personal file so that I can access it daily. Thank you!!

    1. Hello Gayle,

      Great to hear you enjoyed the Meditation session. If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful, empowering meditational. I have been suffering daily from horrible digestive symptoms, leaky gut, some kind of symbiosis, constipation, gastritis, many food intolerance.And fodmap issues. No one practitioner seems to be able to help me. I’ve been trying to help myself. This meditational made me feel hopeful and empowered. Thank you! In gratitude, Laura Coyne

  • This was lovely. I’ve been an IBS sufferer since I was a late teen. I’ve recently entered into a new phase of my life where I’m trying to life my vocation/potential as I knew it as a teen. Not coincidentally, I’ve had the worst pain and flare ups of my colon and GI system ever. I have no doubt that I developed IBS as a result of my true vocation not being supported by my family as a youngster. I’ve known all my life I need to be this true self in order to fulfill my purpose here. Now, at this mature time in my life where I’ve done many things trying to fill the gap that I know only my true calling can, and I’ve finally dived into fulfilling myself in this area more than ever, I’m struggling with this physical manifestation of the blame, shame, guilt thrust upon me for wanting to be my whole self. I know my body is a mirror of my mind. Heal the mind. Heal the body. I’m determined to not give up on myself but to take the time, love and self-appreciation necessary to heal both mind and body and live my vocation. Live my whole life. I’m so glad I found you today.

  • Thank you I am grateful for this meditation, will send it on to my followers. Will use this tool for myself ,and followers. Love and light Fab Sheridan.

  • Hello

    I been listening to this meditation off and on for 1 year
    I suffer with crohns disease and not what else
    I have truly started to heal all aspects of my life starting from your meditation
    I learnt to eat healthy and let go of the fake believes that I was not worth much
    Only to find truth that it was others around me that were jelous of me.
    That they made me believe I was crazy only because they were so unhappy in their lives
    I am on such a great road of perfect health success of all aspects of my life
    Thank you so much ♥️

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