Yes, you can also use Absorb Plus elemental shakes to lose weight, because Absorb Plus can be used in three ways:

1. To maintain your current weight whilst increasing your level of nutrition
2. To resolve malnutrition and gain solid, healthy weight (not fat)
3. To control calorie intake and lose weight whilst still getting good nutrition

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or simply maintain your existing weight, is simply a matter of calories ingested. One serving of Absorb Plus, with 1 tbsp. of Udo’s Oil added = 485 calories. You need 15 calories per pound of body weight, per day, just to maintain your existing weight. If you want to gain or lose weight, 1 pound = 3000 calories. Therefore, if you add 3000 calories per week to your existing diet, you’ll gain 1 pound per week. If you subtract 3000 calories per week from your normal diet, you’ll lose 1 pound per week.

E.g. Mary weighs 100 pounds. Therefore, to maintain her current weight she needs to consume 1500 calories per day. She could have an Absorb Plus shake for breakfast or dinner, and have her other 2 meals total 1015 calories per day.

To gain weight (1 pound per week) she needs to consume 1928 calories per day. So she would need to drink 1 Absorb Plus shake per day in addition to her current/regular diet. Or, she could have 2 Absorb Plus shakes per day and have her other food equal 958 calories per day.

To lose weight (1 pound per week) she would need to consume no more than 1072 calories per day – she could do this by eating 2 small meals (totaling 587 calories) and having an Absorb Plus shake for breakfast each day.

To ensure weight loss is long-term, make sure you don’t lose too much weight, too quickly. One pound per week is really the maximum you should lose if you want to prevent a “famine response” in your body and lower your metabolism (the lower your metabolism, the more quickly you’ll gain weight in future). To keep your metabolism at a good rate, ensure your endocrine (hormonal) system is healthy, exercise regularly, and eat at least 3 meals per day.

Can I use Absorb Plus to LOSE weight?

7 thoughts on “Can I use Absorb Plus to LOSE weight?

  • hi there,

    I have gained 7 pounds in 3 days and I wanted to maintain my current weight or loose a few pounds would be ok.

    I weighed 160 pounds (5 foot 6) and am more comfortable in my body when I weight 140.

    I now weight 167 and I took 20 shakes in 3 days.

    I think for me a good calorie number would be 1400.

    so 3.5 shakes.

    Not 6 or 7 shakes….

    Do I keep adding vitamin C and glutamine sepperate from my 3 shakes per day?

    1. Hi Elissa,

      Most people with IBD or IBS have difficulty keeping weight on so it’s great to hear that you don’t have that problem. Each Absorb Plus shake contains 100% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C as well as 1000mg of L-Glutamine but you can certainly continue taking your other supplements if you feel the need to do so, based on where you are with your symptoms and overall state of health.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I’ve been on the absorb plus now for 13 days. I have SIBO and Hashimoto’s. I need to lose weight. I figured out my daily intake of 4 shakes per day for a 135lb person. I lost 1lb and gained it back. My bowels are moving, I drink about 80 oz of water per day and for a couple of those days I supplemented with bone broth. I am taking herbals for the SIBO after taking 2 rounds of the antibiotics. How is it possible that I am not losing weight? Is it because of the starches? I decided to cut back and do 3 shakes a day and supplement more with the bone broth, but what do I do?

    1. Hello Michelle,

      Thank you for you question. You may still be taking in too many calories a day. To lose a pound a week Jini recommends 1072 calories a day. If you are doing 4 shakes a day with the oil that would be about 1,940 calories a day. If you are doing it without the oil that is still 1,480 calories a day. If you are doing the shakes without the oil Jini highly recommends adding in the oil for the nutrients and healthy fat.
      Jini recommends using this oil:
      However Flax oil is also a good alternative.
      To lose weight we recommend 2 shakes a day with the oil, and bone broth a couple of times a day as well. You may also want to contact your doctor to make sure there is no other illness causing the lack of weight loss. Jini also recommends exercise as well with the diet for weight loss.
      Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • I can only afford to take Absorb 1 time a day. I weigh 205 and should weigh 140. Having trouble calculating how many calories to take in a day to lose.

  • Is there a liquid diet that I can take that cost a lot less than Absorb, the cost for me is like a monthly mortgage, I am retired on a fixed income, if I can’t take the liquid diet I may as well get operated on and let medicare pay for it…everything is expensive here it’s incredible!

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