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Oh this is my most frustrating topic to date – I’ve done two teleseminars with leaders in holistic dentistry: one with Dr. Hal Huggins and one with Dr. Ara Elmajian, in an attempt to figure out WHAT those of us with poor teeth can do to heal ourselves. I have read Dr. Weston Price’s flagship book and also Dr. Gerard Judd’s book (and spoke with him before he died), along with derivatives stemming from these works (for example “Cure Tooth Decay” by Rami Nagel).

I had a very poor diet from in utero throughout my childhood and yes, I have really bad teeth. What’s really heartbreaking though, is my children’s teeth. I have 3 who were all breastfed for 13 – 20 months. During my pregnancies. breastfeeding and ongoing I ate unprocessed organic food, lots of omega 3s, animal fats, probiotics, sweetened with stevia whenever possible, no white anything, etc. My kids eat this same type of diet and my youngest actually begs for “green juice” (we have a premium juicer and we juice fennel, celery, spinach, parsley, apples, carrots, etc. daily). You would think their teeth would be great wouldn’t you??

NOT. They have multiple cavities and my eldest are only 6 and 9. My youngest will be going to the dentist the end of the month for his first check up, and he is the only one who received raw milk from weaning, so it will be interesting to see if his teeth are doing better (there is no visible decay on his). However, my other two received raw cheese from a young age and have both had raw milk for the last 2 years – since which they have developed new decay.

So, after extensive research and experiential evidence, I’m afraid I must conclude that there is some other really KEY FACTOR in dental health other than diet, environmental toxins, dental hygiene, and emotional health – all of which we have addressed. Any ideas??

Having exhausted all the possible contributing physical factors, Oscar, Zara (my two eldest children) and I are now trying EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and are tapping every night after our brushing and flossing.

Here are all the things we have implemented to stave off tooth decay that have had no effect:

– organic unprocessed food, probiotics, vit. D, raw vegetable juices, yoghurt, raw milk and cheese, animal fats, omega-3, raw salmon, salmon roe, olive oil, coconut oil, organic meat, cod liver oil, multi-vitamins, whole grains, etc. Use honey, maple syrup and stevia wherever possible. My kids eat about 1/80 of the sugar of all their peers – we have even sent home “No sugar or chemicals please” letters to all their playdates and teachers.

– brushing with toothpaste that does not contain SLS, flouride, glycerin or anything artificial. But does contain beneficial herbs, tea tree oil and other essential healing oils.

– no synthetic clothing, no T-fal pans, all natural mattresses, bedding, etc. natural cleaning products only, no microwave, no cell phones, no wifi, etc.

– lots of exercise and sports – all 3 of my kids look like they bodybuild in the gym their muscles are so defined. They have had craniosacral and osteopathic treatment from birth and their spines, legs, alignment are all excellent.

– the health of the rest of their bodies are superb – they hardly ever get sick, normal bowel movements, clear skin, they have excellent energy all day and only need about 10 hours sleep at night, they are all at the top of their class academically (brains healthy and functioning optimally).

It is only their teeth that are doing poorly – Zara has decay on 4 teeth (all baby teeth as she has no permanent teeth yet) and Oscar has decay on 6 baby teeth and 2 permanent teeth. I tell you, this is driving me NUTS!! I honestly cannot think of anything else to do/try.

All I can conclude is that there has to be some other really decisive factor involved here. And to say “it’s genetic” does not really tell me anything meaningful. Also, as we now know, you can change your genetics and alter your DNA, which gives the phrase “Oh, they’ve inherited my bad teeth” even less meaning. Then you take a look at tooth decay among siblings. I know many families where one child has no decay, or only one cavity and the other has 4-8 fillings. A friend of mine who is a dental hygienist – so you can bet her kids teeth were cleaned properly from birth! – has a daughter with 7 cavities. And her son has one.

Further proof that there’s another mechanism at work is evidenced by my children’s friends. We do not live in a health-conscious city. The kids around here eat the standard junk diet of North America and guess what? Most of them have LESS tooth decay than my kids! Some kids who eat almost all processed food and massive amounts of candy have only 1 or 2 cavities.

Like I said, there’s something else going on and I sure wish someone would figure it out……post your thoughts below…..

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