Oh this is my most frustrating topic to date – I’ve done two teleseminars with leaders in holistic dentistry: one with Dr. Hal Huggins and one with Dr. Ara Elmajian, in an attempt to figure out WHAT those of us with poor teeth can do to heal ourselves. I have read Dr. Weston Price’s flagship book and also Dr. Gerard Judd’s book (and spoke with him before he died), along with derivatives stemming from these works (for example “Cure Tooth Decay” by Rami Nagel).

I had a very poor diet from in utero throughout my childhood and yes, I have really bad teeth. What’s really heartbreaking though, is my children’s teeth. I have 3 who were all breastfed for 13 – 20 months. During my pregnancies. breastfeeding and ongoing I ate unprocessed organic food, lots of omega 3s, animal fats, probiotics, sweetened with stevia whenever possible, no white anything, etc. My kids eat this same type of diet and my youngest actually begs for “green juice” (we have a premium juicer and we juice fennel, celery, spinach, parsley, apples, carrots, etc. daily). You would think their teeth would be great wouldn’t you??

NOT. They have multiple cavities and my eldest are only 6 and 9. My youngest will be going to the dentist the end of the month for his first check up, and he is the only one who received raw milk from weaning, so it will be interesting to see if his teeth are doing better (there is no visible decay on his). However, my other two received raw cheese from a young age and have both had raw milk for the last 2 years – since which they have developed new decay.

So, after extensive research and experiential evidence, I’m afraid I must conclude that there is some other really KEY FACTOR in dental health other than diet, environmental toxins, dental hygiene, and emotional health – all of which we have addressed. Any ideas??

Having exhausted all the possible contributing physical factors, Oscar, Zara (my two eldest children) and I are now trying EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and are tapping every night after our brushing and flossing.

Here are all the things we have implemented to stave off tooth decay that have had no effect:

– organic unprocessed food, probiotics, vit. D, raw vegetable juices, yoghurt, raw milk and cheese, animal fats, omega-3, raw salmon, salmon roe, olive oil, coconut oil, organic meat, cod liver oil, multi-vitamins, whole grains, etc. Use honey, maple syrup and stevia wherever possible. My kids eat about 1/80 of the sugar of all their peers – we have even sent home “No sugar or chemicals please” letters to all their playdates and teachers.

– brushing with toothpaste that does not contain SLS, flouride, glycerin or anything artificial. But does contain beneficial herbs, tea tree oil and other essential healing oils.

– no synthetic clothing, no T-fal pans, all natural mattresses, bedding, etc. natural cleaning products only, no microwave, no cell phones, no wifi, etc.

– lots of exercise and sports – all 3 of my kids look like they bodybuild in the gym their muscles are so defined. They have had craniosacral and osteopathic treatment from birth and their spines, legs, alignment are all excellent.

– the health of the rest of their bodies are superb – they hardly ever get sick, normal bowel movements, clear skin, they have excellent energy all day and only need about 10 hours sleep at night, they are all at the top of their class academically (brains healthy and functioning optimally).

It is only their teeth that are doing poorly – Zara has decay on 4 teeth (all baby teeth as she has no permanent teeth yet) and Oscar has decay on 6 baby teeth and 2 permanent teeth. I tell you, this is driving me NUTS!! I honestly cannot think of anything else to do/try.

All I can conclude is that there has to be some other really decisive factor involved here. And to say “it’s genetic” does not really tell me anything meaningful. Also, as we now know, you can change your genetics and alter your DNA, which gives the phrase “Oh, they’ve inherited my bad teeth” even less meaning. Then you take a look at tooth decay among siblings. I know many families where one child has no decay, or only one cavity and the other has 4-8 fillings. A friend of mine who is a dental hygienist – so you can bet her kids teeth were cleaned properly from birth! – has a daughter with 7 cavities. And her son has one.

Further proof that there’s another mechanism at work is evidenced by my children’s friends. We do not live in a health-conscious city. The kids around here eat the standard junk diet of North America and guess what? Most of them have LESS tooth decay than my kids! Some kids who eat almost all processed food and massive amounts of candy have only 1 or 2 cavities.

Like I said, there’s something else going on and I sure wish someone would figure it out……post your thoughts below…..

Oh, one more thing I just have to share, for those of you who can’t afford modern dentistry, here’s how to give yourself a filling at home!


STOP PRESS!!! – We have found another piece of the puzzle and healed a fair amount of our tooth decay! The kids have been cavity-free for 3 years now: Nanoparticle minerals held in the mouth every night, combined with low sugar and all the other dietary things we do, Vit. D, cod liver oil, probiotics, etc. Read all about it and what we do here:


If sugar has a hold on you, or you want a quick overview of what I did to heal active decay, see this post:


What Causes Tooth Decay?

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  • Firstly, I think your own negative experience with problematic teeth may be making you hyper-sensitive about the potential problem with your (gorgeous) children. Many (if not most) children with downright rotten baby teeth have perfectly healthy and hardy adult teeth.
    I think there is a lot of evidence that the wrong type of bacteria in the mouth are the causative agents behind cavities. Nutrition plays a role in that 1) it provides the resources to arm your mucosal immune system to keep pathogenic bacteria away; 2) provides the necessary building blocks for strong teeth; and 3) keeps “good” bacteria happy and provides a negative growth environment for cavity-causing bacteria.
    Endogenous factors that could make one more susceptible to cavities include 1) having an immune system that doesn’t have all the components of innate immunity (such as defensins) – due to genetic alterations (which is often found in people with inflammatory gut disorders) – or having an underlying inflammatory disorder, 2) not enough saliva or saliva with a pH that favours cavity-causing bacteria to flourish, and 3) altered hormonal environment (for example, women with high levels of estrogen tend to develp more cavities – which also shows up during pregnancy as well as fluctuations with the menstrual cycle).
    If it is a salivary problem – chewing “natural gum” can help (in fact, many native cultures have a habit of chewing on something – such as sticks – to keep teeth healthy). Studies have shown that there are compounds in green tea as well as licorice (the real stuff – not that artificial stuff made of corn syrup) that help prevent cavities. Vitamin D is also essential (for both immunity and bone strength and calcium absorption) – and I’m not sure how much raw milk typically has since convential dairy products have Vitamins A and D added. Cow milk is fairly high in lactose which may exacerberate the problem rather than remedy it (goat or sheep milk is closer to human milk composition) – though cheeses wouldn’t have this problem.
    Good luck with the dentist – sitting in that chair is not my favourite past time!

  • Hi Jini,
    I used to be a dentist and learned a few things that might be relevant. Honey and maple syrup can be as damaging as sugar. And like sugar, it is really only if you are having it more than 3 or 4 times a day, like every hour another cup of tea with sugar in it. It is the frequency not the amount that causes the most damage. There is a critical pH at which decay occurs and a recovery after eating any sugar or honey, which if it is frequently tipped back towards acid, even with a very small amount of sugar, is an aggravating factor. I used to get kids to save all their sweet foods for once a day if possible.
    And when my own kids were little, I discovered that they really don’t have the dexterity to do a proper cleaning job until they are at least 9 or 10. So I developed a routine that allowed time for giving them the support they need in cleaning their teeth. This takes more time because it requires their “permission” each time, and a real commitment to respecting their autonomy while “insisting” firmly on doing it for them. I had a stool they stood on and they rested their heads against the wall, so it was comfortable for both of us. None of my four kids have any cavities, even the one with Crohn’s, or the other one with IBS, so it was worth the effort. And I really think their skill is better when they are older if they haven’t got into “bad” habits when really young. There are such a lot of angles and positions required to clean all surfaces.
    I may have been a bit obsessive, but I very rarely let them go to bed without cleaning them, even on those special occassions when we have been extra busy or tired. Not because once would matter, but so they realised it was a valuable priority.
    These may not be helpful ideas for you if there are other issues, but I just wanted to share my experience. I suspect the honey might be more relevant than the cleaning, since your kids cleaning wouldn’t be any worse than the rest of the population.
    Best wishes, and look I orward to hearing what else you find out..

  • Penny and Ashley – thanks so much for your helpful comments! From what you’ve written I think I need to look at the saliva component. I think I’ve got them on about as low sugar (including natural sugars) as they’ll willingly go and will tell them what you’ve said about once a day being best. But if I make some natural Xylitol gum available whenever they want to have some – or maybe get them to chew some after every meal…

    And yes Penny, I know exactly what you mean about brushing their teeth for them – and your description of it shows you’re a Mum who’s actually had to do it! Day after day, no matter how tired, stressed, etc you all are. That’s a good tip about resting their head against the wall – I’ve been using my hand at the back of their head to steady them, but I think I like your idea better. I brushed my son’s teeth until he was nearly nine and my daughter’s until she was 6 – but then she is far more dexterous and focused. My three year old I’m still brushing.

    And interesting too Ashley about the estrogen – being that I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for about 8 years solid, that makes more sense why every time I’ve been to the dentist I have a new cavity. Plus I’ve noticed that my saliva production is low.

    Well now that I’m finished with all the childbearing, I’m having everything tested – stool, hair, saliva, hormones, etc. to get a good profile of where I’m at now and what needs balancing. I’m working with Jim Ehmke (who I’ve done a teleseminar and podcast with for JPT Wellness Circle) so am excited to see what shifts!

    thanks again for the great feedback!

  • I have the same issue. Great diet since my son was in my belly, breastfed till he was 3, no sugar, and no white bread, pasta, rice, only brown. He’s been taking vitamins an fish oils forever. He is now 4 and we just had his 5th cavaty fixed with one more left. His dentist says that he has very deep groves and that’s where he is getting his cavaties, also it seems frequent snacking has not helped, apparently the seliva ph changes after you eat and affects the teeth and takes a while to go back to normal, so if the child is constantly snacking or nursing like mine did it affects the teeth.

  • I’m sorry to hear about your kids. I hope you can eventually get those cavities under control- also for the sake of not re-affirming common society’s view that fluoride is a necessity.

    The only thing I can suggest is trying low carb. You may be surprised, with all those fruits you are juicing and grains you are eating (presumably- and any beans too?), and the milk (unless you ferment it), that the carbs really add up. I know at least fruits may seem natural, but if you think of what they call the “paleo-diet”, the diet we evolved to eat, fruits were really not that plentiful. They only came in season about once a year, and there were only a few kinds available in any given region. On top of that, they originally were small and often not that sweet (sometimes downright bitter). It is only through modern domestication that we have made many of them so sweet, much like how we made all the different breeds of dogs through selective breeding. And paleo people certainly didn’t juice.

    I point to ancient Egypt as evidence, as described in Michael Eades’ “Protein Power” book. The ancient Egyptians had NO sugar, though they did have honey and lots of sweet fruits. They did NOT refine their flour, but did eat a ton of whole grain bread (and I assume it was naturally leavened, though maybe not sprouted). And yet they notoriously had some of the worst dental problems in the world- so bad, that their teeth were often rotted nubs by the time they were adults. They also had rampant obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and often died fairly young of heart attacks. They did have raw sheep’s cheese, and vegetables too, but didn’t eat much red meat. About the only factor (besides small lack of animal fats) you can point to that caused such dramatic degeneration is the amount of carbs in their diet.

    I’m not sure how it works, that carbs would cause this effect. There is lots of things that go wrong with chronically elevated insulin, but I can’t think of why that would affect the teeth. It might be that we require more vitamins and minerals to process carbs- I know Vitamin C is one of them. Or maybe the carbs just displace other, animal based foods that we would otherwise be eating. It could be because our plant foods have less vitamins and minerals in them due to depleted topsoil (of course, wouldn’t that apply to the animal foods as well?). I honestly would have thought your kid’s teeth would’ve been fine, based on the fat soluble vitamins (you do eat meat, right?) and lack of sugar alone. We can point to the Swiss or Gaelics that Weston Price visited for which grains were a big part of their diet. (Notice fruits weren’t, however.) Probably some of the problem is genetic, because I know that I ate a terrible diet growing up (though relatively better than some), and I’ve never had a cavity.

    Perhaps it’s the phytates in all the raw vegetables and whole grains. I know of one person, Barry Groves, who thinks it’s actually healthier to eat white bread than whole grain (see his well regarded book “Trick and Treat”). Of course, he doesn’t recommend either. Bran should really not eaten under any circumstances- I’m not sure if even soaking will neutralize the phytates in that case. But the raw vegetables might be a problem too- again with the juicing. Vegetables, even fruits, have historically been cooked- even salads with lettuce. Nearly every culture did it. All these phytates might be leaching minerals from the blood into the intestines. Then the blood would have to replenish by leeching minerals from the bones, which would explain the tooth decay. According to Barry Groves, vegetables aren’t that important anyway- this is a fairly modern notion. There’s not that many antioxidants in vegetables that you can actually absorb, and also your body is perfectly capable of making it’s own enzymes and antioxidants. Of course, more antioxidants are required to neutralize AGEs that are produced when your body burns blood sugar for fuel, instead of fats and ketones as it should be.

    One more thing- have you tried a good Cod Liver Oil? As pointed out in the latest issue of “Wise Traditions” (the WAPF’s journal), milk, even raw, is not a really great source of the fat soluble vitamins, especially K, the “activator” for the other vitamins. The cows only produce it when they are eating quickly growing green grass, so it’s kind of an unreliable source. Meat, I believe, is a sure source of vitamin “everything”. Shrimp is especially high in A and D.

    Anyways, sorry for the long post, but I’m just throwing out some ideas. And it’s tough to convince people that low carb is natural. First of all, they believe in the glycemic index, but honestly, every bit of starch you eat (or fructose) is going to end up as glucose in your blood rather quickly. And secondly, they believe that glucose is our cells’ one and only source of fuel- it isn’t, and never was in our hunter-gather days. And thirdly, we just like carbs so much- I’m still struggling with this myself. But maybe you should try it with your kids, if you are desperate enough. Fructose in particular is a sugar to avoid- Gary Taubes, author of the comprehensive “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, is aiming to write a book sometime solely on the harmful effects of fructose. Honey and maple syrup (and table sugar) all are at least 50% fructose. I don’t know how much you use, but think of the mainland Chinese- surprisingly, they live their whole lives without a desire for sweets. The children don’t feel deprived there. Even things like raisins and prunes add up surprisingly fast on the carb count. And also, if restrictions are piling up too much, I wouldn’t worry so much about buying organic, EMF radiation, or your kids’ emotions as a cause for the tooth decay. Lack of pesticides and EMF radiation did not help the Egyptians. I pay more attention to the BULK of what we put into us these days. Weston Price believed the teeth were a window into the health of the entire body, so I hope you are able to solve this problem.

    Good luck, and I bookmarked your page. I actually want to start my own webpage soon, partly so I can back up all these claims I make. Michael Eades has an outstanding blog at: http://www.proteinpower.com/drmike/.

  • Hi Jared – thanks so much for this fabulous post! And I agree with you. I have read Weston Price’s flagship book and am a WAPF member. Yes, we take cod liver oil daily and we eat lots of meat and animal fats. And we could go on about the dietary factors for pages – but it still doesn’t speak to the fact that (as you pointed out was the case with yourself) some kids eat CRAP and don’t have a single cavity.

    So aside from diet and bacterial balance, there must be some other key factor. What is it??

    I’m certainly not saying we ignore diet as it is very important for a variety of reasons – including our dental health. And no, I have never advocated flouride usage. Even if you can argue that it hardens enamel, the whole-body ramifications (poisoning) are not worth it. What I am saying is there is some other factor at work here – and I really need to figure it out!

    Whilst researching nanoparticle minerals on PubMed, I came across an interesting trial that mixed dental filling material with the minerals (in nanoparticle size) needed to build healthy teeth/bone. And then they used this mixture as the filling in the person’s tooth. And guess what? HUGE preventive effect against further decay.

    So, my latest experiment is the kids and I are taking a Bone Support formula of nanoparticle minerals (www.worldhealthmall.com) just before bed. After brushing and flossing, we are holding them in our mouth and swishing around our teeth for as long as we can and then swallowing. These minerals also have a pH of 12, so nice from that angle as well – inducing alkalinity.

    Due to their minute size, nanoparticle minerals do not require digestion and they penetrate directly and pretty much instantly into the cells.

    We’ve only been doing this for 10 days, so too early to tell anything other than we all sleep more deeply and have not been waking to use the toilet in the night. I’ll post here again after our next dental checkup!

  • I just wanted to say that I’ve tooled around with juicing on and off for a while – and here is what I have learned FOR SURE — CARROTS are a hybrid plant at this point in time and VERY HIGH IN SUGAR. I cannot consume carrot juice without heart palpitations
    (even as a small component of a green juice…) and neither can other folks I know. People rarely connect the dots only because carrots come from the plant world, so it all seems good Apples are a safer bet. Beets are another overly sweet (and hybridized) veggie that must be avoided in a juice.

    There has been some talk about the concentration of sugars in juices themselves – where there is no fiber really. So just keep this in mind for the little guys. I don’t have children, so I can only give you this little bit of wisdom. Another thing I read in a raw food book – it’s not hard to de-mineralize quickly. I know you guys are not vegetarians – but maybe the little ones are ‘de-toxing’ from the veggie juices too quickly, and as a result – pulling minerals from their teeth – often the first place this shows up! Their bodies may just be too young for it? Just a thought — GOOD LUCK .

  • Jini, I read this post and the comments with great interest but I have to say that what is prompting me to comment is the fact that you have been pregnant or breastfeeding for about 8 years. Me too! Either pregnant, breastfeeding or breastfeeding while pregnant.
    Nice to know I’m not the only one…

    There is a holistic dentist who now advocates a particular regime for dental care, her name is Dr. Ellie (if you do a search with the words “ask dr. ellie” you’ll find her web site). She emailed back and forth with me numerous times and was so helpful. She has a book coming out about how to avoid the dentist (which is saying something, since she is a dentist)…Her stance is also that teeth CAN repair themselves. I think I have seen this in Weston Price info too; that you may still see discoloration but the tooth can rebuild in many cases. The reason I got in touch with her is because my daughter (now 6.5, was diagnosed at 2.5) has UC and many cavities.

    For what it’s worth, on the EFT, I have read at least one case (I subscribe to the EFT newsletters) of a mother who did surrogate EFT for her son’s cavity(ies) and had measurable and surprising results! Also, when I was pregnant I read a book by Laura Shanley (a free/unassisted birth advocate) in which she talks about the power of our minds directing our experiences and as an example talked about how her mouth was riddled with cavities and much to her dentist’s surprise, was able to eliminate or reduce a number of her cavities…I know that will sound ridiculous to some, but stranger things have happened…


  • Hi Claire,

    I’m surprised Dr. Ellie positions herself as a “Holistic Dentist” since she advocates flouride treatment and dental care products that contain lots of chemicals and artificial ingredients. At any rate, thanks for the referral as it was interesting to see her approach. The fact that she focuses on inducing alkalinity in the mouth means that we may really be on the right track with the oral nanoparticle mineral soaking.

    My other main question with Dr. Ellie’s protocols is what effect does that much Xylitol have on the gut flora? I have posted that question on her blog and asked if she also has any references for further info on this issue. That’s the main reason I don’t think people should consume too much Xylitol. Well, we’ll see what she says…

    You know, I think someone should have figured out how to grow new teeth by this time – I mean sharks can do it. Why isn’t someone researching that relentlessly, because that would really solve all our problems. I wonder if it’s a money issue…i.e. what would happen to the revenue from all these dental products and dental procedures if they were all rendered unnecessary? Who knows.

  • Jini,

    Have you tried Dr. Ellie’s 3 rinse method? Also, she says that it would take 60 grams of xylitol a day before it would be considered excessive – 10 x her recommendation. I use Tooth Soap and Tooth Swish from toothsoap.com instead of Crest toothpaste, and Zellies mints/granular packets thoughout the day. Also, you may want to try OraMD instead of Act at night. If you don’ t use Act, then you don’t need Listerine. Her system is based on the chemistry of Closys, regular Crest toothpaste, regular Listerine followed by Act and NOT rinsing with water between steps.

  • I’m not sure is that is in fact how she positions herself, so my apologies if the term I chose was misleading; I just know that her beliefs about teeth being capable of remineralization are very different from the typical dentist I’ve ever spoken with. Two dentists wanted my daughter in the hospital under general anesthesia to do dental work; we kept shopping until we found someone who said he could do the work with nothing more than a little nitrous oxide. As for flouride, that is definitely a hotly debated topic. My 6.5 year old (with UC) has pica so we don’t let her use flouride paste but we now do a flouride rinse after brushing which she spits out. It has made little difference unfortunately but I think that has more to do with the consistent level of acidity in her entire GI tract, mouth included.

    I remember reading (maybe it was Mr Judd’s work) that it takes about 26 rinses to get all the toothpaste (flouride type) off your teeth; that your teeth have to really be clean in order to best absorb the calcium and phosphorus for remineralization.

    I have also read of some mothers who’ve been advised by dentists that do homeopathic stuff to take calcarea flourica and calcarea phosphorica cell salts for rebuilding dentin (pulp?) and enamel.

    But you make a salient point, if we solved any of these health issues an entire profession would be virtually out of business.


  • Jeni,
    We use Weston A. Price’s protocol which includes nearly triple the amount of cod liver oil daily along with a homemade tooth powder of 1/2 baking soda & 1/2 celtic sea salts crushed and some flavoring. We use salt water rinses, collodial silver paks on a severely decayed tooth andwe have seen one tooth regenerate. We still have 1/2 of the tooth to work on but slowly but surely we are avoiding a root canal and have had no infection. His book is amazing. It is an old book but well worth checking into. You will be impressed with the protocol. I have not read Nigel Rami’s book. We do drink and use fresh whole milk as a rinse on teeth at night as well. Hope this anwers some questions for you.

  • Milk rinse, like raw milk? What sort of flavoring to you put in the tooth powder? Seems like it would be very salty tasting but my daughter loves salt. We get raw milk from a co-op for whom we supply raw honey (dh is a beekeeper)…my daughter doesn’t care for the taste of the raw milk from this particular co-op (we’ve had from other sources) but I wonder if she would just take a little cupful as a rinse nightly. Sort of like bathing the teeth in calcium and phosphorus, the elements that healthy saliva is supposed to supply (if your flora is good). When we first tried a raw milk diet to improve our daughter’s colitis, her hair grew long, she grew out of clothes and shoes, and her teeth got very white after looking very grey. Perhaps it was not even so much the ingestion of minerals (which were malabsorbed from colitis anyway) so much as the milk “bathing” the teeth with healthy bacteria and minerals that support tooth integrity. Thanks for the tip! We’ll definitely try that….

  • Jini,
    I know exactly what you are going through. We have done ALL you said and MORE! I have read all the books you have mentioned and more. I too could never understand all we do when friends and families on terrible diets have next to no cavities. It has been very frustrating!!
    Have you read Natasha Campbell’s “Gut and Psychology syndrome”? Have you seen Bee Wilder’s website? Both of these were VERY helpful to me.
    My kids were on Campbell’s diet for about a year (basically the SCD diet) that along with taking HCL was key. My husband and I are on Bee’s diet that is very restrictive, but some day yet hope to get my kids on it. Before this, it sounds like we ate a diet very similar to yours.
    We totally cut out the grains. NO GRAINS, way down on fruit and no dried fruit. They had little sweetner and stevia for that needed sweet treat. Lots of bone broths!
    I know about cavities. I have eight children. My oldest were riddled with cavities no matter what I tried…baby teeth and adult.
    If any of my kids had 2-3 cavities that was a GOOD check up. Well, it wasn’t immediate. I almost gave up. It took time and patience but my younger children’s teeth are improving! NO cavities in the last two appointments. We thought the first check up could have been a fluke but when the second rolled around with no cavities (X-rays taken), we knew we were finally onto something. I know how frustrating it can be. It has been over 20 years of this heartache for us. And yes, my children are very healthy besides the decay too.
    We aren’t as strict right now but the grains are rare, one piece of fruit a day, stevia for most sweetners. Still lots of bone broth, really push the butter and coconut oil, lots of good eggs. Toothbrushing did not make a difference, no matter what potion we used.

    Having them take HCL DID help. I read and believe (Campbell’s book) that my children were born with weak stomach acid. How I understand it (Read Bee’s site) if you are low in HCL your other enzymes don’t kick in hence you do not absorb all that expensive, wonderful nutrition you put in the body.
    It also seems to matter what blood type you are I don’t buy all the blood type diet hype but O’s do seem to have more HCL naturally so better digestion so absorb nutrients better. I have my own children A’s and O’s to attest to that.
    I also agree with another post. You must get a premier cod liver oil. We take Green Pastures fermented clo now and it does seem to make a difference for a lot of people.
    I am interested how your last checkup went?.
    Would love to share more if you have any questions. I know how awful if feels when you try to do your best for your children and nothing seems to help.

  • Calcium is only one of the nutrients needed to build healthy bone and teeth. Also, most calcium supplements are only 10-15% absorbed – the rest is not excreted in urine and causes collateral damage in the body (arteries, kidneys). The solution is to get your calcium (and other necessary substances) from food sources – hence the talk of raw milk – or nanoparticle or angstrom-sized mineral supplements.

  • Hi Jini,
    I just wanted to pass on some relatively new concerns with nanoparticles that would make me hestitate on implementing their use at this point and time. I had attended a presentation of the endocrine disrupting effects of nanosilver particles on thyroid function – which occurs with doses far below that used in new washing machines that use this material as an antibacterial agent. Nanoparticle toxicity and profile are quite different from its macroparticle equivalent (i.e. nanosilver cellular effects is different from elemental silver). We don’t know much about them at this point and time to put out recommendations for toxicity. You may want to look at the limited research that has been done http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17435390701675914

  • Hey Ashley – thanks for that. I also found some info on how the nano silver in socks, sport clothes and washing machines is altering the algae, bacteria etc. of the water bodies the waste water from the washing machine drains into. Yes, I am aware they are highly experimental, so I’m really staying tuned and going with my gut on this one. Also, I have a list of autism clinics who’ve been using the nano minerals for up to six years and the founder of World Health Mall (Jim Haszinger) says his whole family has been using them for about 20 years – so I’m not the first! Well, we’ll just have to keep an eye on the research. Please post anything else you come across…

  • Hi Jini – if anyone has a gut instinct to trust – it’s you! I’ve found that where nano-silver behaves differently from elemental silver – not all nano-particles are as disruptive. Nano-zinc, for example, doesn’t seem to have toxic effects on the endocrine system.

    Your dental caries mystery had stuck at the back of my mind – and when I heard another woman with Crohn’s lamenting her extensive dental work – and how she thought it must be genetic as this appeared to be a familial trait, it motivated me to do a quick search to see whether there was any anecdotal evidence suggesting a relationship between those who have gut problems like Crohn’s and a problem with tooth decay. And what do you know – there is indeed a real correlation. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6588344
    Incidentally, the relative I have with Crohn’s had the most awful teeth as a youngster, and the extensive diet of apple juice and rubber sucker was blamed. It seems that the same changes in immune function that predisposes one to inflammatory gut problems are at play for problems with tooth decay – which apparently has a lot to do also with inflammation. Not sure whether knowing this helps at all with the remedy.

  • Ooooh Ashley I do so love your mind. But before I get into all that, I have to report the result of my dental checkup (2 days ago) – the ONLY thing I have changed in my life, diet, etc. is to use the nanoparticle minerals (Bone Support) each night before bed (swishing and holding in my mouth for ~ 5 mins. before swallowing) and the results of my checkup are…..


    For the first time in 11 years!!!

    Needless to say, my kids are ecstatic and can’t wait for their checkup next month.

    Allrighty, now that we’ve got that out of the way. Yes, the IBD link makes perfect sense and fits in nicely with the the other correlations the med literature has found between IBD and sugar consumption, refined carb consumption etc. And don’t dietary habits tend to run in families?

    But here’s something else to sink your teeth into: I just read an article in my Weston Price Journal – oh hang on, I’ve found it online for you:


    Have a read through that, because what I’m wondering now is: what’s the correlation between IBD and maloclusions, mouth breathing and orthodontic work (braces)? What do you think?

    And yes, I was malnourished from a low-nutrient diet in utero onwards, had 10 mercury amalgam fillings by age 14, had 4 bicuspids removed at 18 and wore braces for 3 years – I was just like the twin in the top set of photos (see Twin Study in the article).

  • How wonderfully delightful that you have finally beaten the orthodontic curse, Jini! I can’t imagine ever looking forward to sitting in the reclining torture seat – and I speak as one who has had relatively well-behaved teeth that sprouted without much ado in a straight orderly manner. Given your amazing results with bone support for your teeth, I wonder how strong an effect it must have had on your overall skeletal strength – which is something that all people with inflammatory gut issues should be conscious of.

    Oh how I weep for the victimized twin! I thank god everyday that I don’t have such a one to be constantly compared to… but your point is fascinating. It is sort of a chicken and an egg query – people with misaligned teeth and such have a harder time keeping them free of bugs and gum disease as they tend to provide niches that are hard to reach and provide a perfect breeding ground. Then again, this problem may be due to poor nutrition or other such deficiency. Now almost every disorder – from heart disease to diabetes is linked to poor teeth, periodontal disease or cavities. The mouth – being the opening of our large hole running through the body – is essentially the welcoming mat for both pathogenic and friendly bugs. Thus, it makes perfect sense that it would set the stage for problems further down the opening. This leads to the question of whether fixing problems with your oral cavity is the first step to controlling or healing your gut problems. I think that is a very novel hypothesis.

  • Reply to post #9:
    I know this may been posted a quite a while ago. But I found some interesting articles on regrowing/repairing teeth. The ultrasound (LIPUS) device regrows teeth as long as the roots are living. Very few people have regrown teeth without treatment.

    Animals and humans treated with LIPUS regrew teeth and increased bone density of their jaws equivalent to those of teenagers. Another benefit of regrowing teeth is that mercury fillings and other metal restorations can be removed without the risk of exposure and the cost although tooth extractions can be traumatizing even if told they will regrow. They were expected to be in the market by late 2009 but unfortunately, they haven’t yet.


  • Anybody have a solution to a missing front tooth? I lost my front tooth at age 18 had a bridge put in then after working in a sick building syndrome place i have all sorts of health issues but one thing i noticed is when the bridge has fallen out (twice ibnn the past 5 yrs) my health issues diminish alot Until i get it cemented back in thenn the symptoms get worse once again At present ive had the bridge come out but havent had it put back in decided to give it a month and i feel much better but the bad thing is i am embarrassed to have no front tooth so i need a solution Any help or info would be great you can e mail me as well derekb246@aol.com

  • Leslie: I read the article you suggested – it was not so much a description of his theory, but rather a refutation of other theories. Still it was interesting and caused me to look further.

    And then I found this:


    Which has interesting info on Dr. Albert Schatz and his theory, but also leads us deeper into the variables that may be at work in dental caries (tooth decay).

    I also find it interesting the link Larmas makes between tooth decay and osteoporosis – which was my immediate intuitive line of inquiry a few years ago. Funnily enough, my brother is a medical geneticist whose specialty is….. osteoporosis! So I had spent some time going over theories with him and also immediately looked at which minerals are essential for rebuilding bones and could we apply that to teeth? However, it was not until recently that I found a form (or delivery system) of these minerals that were able to “get into” the teeth. You can read about that here:


    On another note, this study also seems pretty indicative of the role of sugar in the process:


  • Derek: Does the bridge contain metal? Perhaps it is acting as an antenna for EMR? Or does it contain any non-compatible materials? Well, regardless, you know that it triggers illness, so no wonder you don’t want to have it put back in.

    What about a removable bridge?

    What about a porcelain tooth that you just glue into place when you feel the need, or when you go out?

    I lost a tooth in the middle of my mouth after the birth of my third child (my husband lost the exact same tooth on the other side of his mouth a few months before me – yes, we were both very stressed!) and I have kept it. I’m going to try filing the root down and then glueing it into place for photos or special occasions. I’m thinking denture adhesive should work and may be okay for short periods….

  • Dentists should make a saliva test kit which predicts the risk of cavities by testing antimicrobial compounds, pH, minerals, vitamins, etc. Weston Price found that caries prone individuals’ saliva dissolves phosphate in bone powder when incubated. The opposite is true for those immune to caries.

    Dr. Mercola has a NT test which determines a person’s optional diet based on genetics. This explains why some people do well on a given diet while another does poorly. The nutritional types (veggie, mixed, and protein) determines the caloric ratio of the diet. Have you heard of it before?

    I’m wondering is it possible to avoid jaw bone loss associated with tooth loss without implants by following a healthy diet? Some people even say it is better to keep the root. Could thyroid issues also cause tooth decay since thyroxine affects the direction of fluid in dentin tubules?

  • When I was a little girl, 5yrs old, my dentist said to me that if I avoided hard candy and brushed my teeth daily cavities could be avoided… I listened and applied this knowledge as I truly did not wish to have a filling ever! So this is what I did, avoided hard candy and brushed my own teeth daily since that time.

    I am now 39yrs old, I am a European female. I have zero cavities, therefore no fillings, healthy white teeth and gums, free from any signs of disease or tooth decay.

    I drink black tea daily with 3 teaspoons of white sugar and milk in it and have done since I was 7 yrs old! I have approx. 6 cups a day. I drink plenty of full fat whole milk and have done all of my life. Consume a lot of chocolate and strawberry milkshakes! I eat plenty of cheese, fresh vegetables and some fruit like bananas, strawberries. I enjoy drinking pure apple juice. My diet is Vegetarian. I do not drink alcohol but do smoke cigarettes and have done since I was age 15. I have brushed my teeth EVERYDAY myself since 5yrs old, once a day with colgate toothpaste.

    I share this information with you in the hope that it may help in your quest.
    Everyone always comments on my smile saying I have a beautiful one. No candy, brush daily, lots of milk! 🙂

  • (cont.) I wish to add to my above, previous entry…

    When I was first put onto solid food as a baby, anything that contained meat or fish I would spit out. I wanted vegetable products only. My mother reckoned I was born vegetarian, my father was insistent on not having a daughter who be vegetarian and was forced to eat meat! In my later years I recall picking at my food would eat all the vegetables on my plate and barely touched the meat but would eat it if was disguised in sauces like say in spaghetti bolognaise but my favorite food as a child was always that without meat like macaroni cheese and salads. By the time I was 10 yrs I developed chronic bowel pain… so bad it made me constipated and would vomit, had to have 1 to 2 days off school each time this occurred (regularly). The doctors began tests, even had a barium enima age 11, nothing found, the pains continued for years, I was diagnosed with IBS and given pain killers. Pain killers helped but did not cure. My Dad left our family when I turned 15yrs old and I began to eat what I enjoyed, cutting out most meat and fish but had been brainwashed by him to believe that it was a necessary part of my diet. So I ate some ham, mince, chicken and breaded fish…. plenty veg and fruit, milk and milk products and bread. The chronic pains continued. By the time I reached 19 yrs old I I began working with some people in a bakery food outlet to find that my colleagues were all vegetarian. To my surprise I realized that it were possible to be veggie and healthy, unlike my father had taught me years before. I in an instant stopped eating meat and fish products completely. Since that time I have never had the so called IBS issue!!!!!! I talked to my new doctor about this and she said it could be that an enzyme that breaks down meat and fish is missing from my gut hence all the chronic pain, discomfort and severe constipation for years! I have never looked back… no medication, healthy, fit and free from pain. My teeth are healthy as explained earlier too, and my weight is ideal… at age 39 with my gut and teeth doing well, I do wonder whether meat has anything to do with teeth issues? I also do not look 39 and am mistaken for my late twenties frequently. I do hope all this helps someone out there with teeth and or gut issues… I have heard too that teeth can repair themselves, tea tree oil dabbed onto decay does miracles… my canine teeth and not as others appear… rounded completely. Guess I was born this way! Evolution at it’s best. Here is a very interesting science article regarding teeth, gut and meat… best wishes in your continued quest regarding tooth decay. Tara

  • TARA – you may enjoy the debate on one of my other posts:


    And you are very rare not to have any tooth decay, even as a vegetarian. Here’s another blog post where raw food vegetarians are detailing the ongoing problems they have with tooth decay:


    I think it’s safe to say you are an anomaly, but you have obviously found the best regimen for your unique body, so keep it up! Thanks for sharing.

  • In addition to Jini’s eloquent reply to Tara’s synopsis for what makes for perfect dental health, I would like to add the fact that we now know that the individual micro flora (which is now trendily called one’s “microbiome”) is very idiosyncratic and a result of both genes and environment. It is what defines not only dental health, but also how you metabolize food, drugs, and endogenous hormones – and your susceptibility to things like cancer, allergies, autoimmunity – and, yes, cavities and gingivitis. I know my own microbiome changed quite a bit when I had started taking oral contraceptives. The high estrogen resulted in many dental problems (and if you do some research – you will find this is particularly common – and also a significant problem for pregnant women) as well as yeast infections. I am largely vegetarian (consuming seafood on occasion for the good fats) and avoid added sugars. Brushing is pretty much basic hygeine for most – though it is more important to floss. You can be doing everything right – but it is the particular chemistry in your body that sets the stage for dental problems.

  • There are some good points made in this book (Money by the Mouthful), about dental disease …from a successful dentist who for many years practiced preventative dentistry. PDF book here:

  • Jini, I understand your frustrations. My 8 year old daughter used to get big cavities right and left. You’ve done great work to get to the bottom of it. Have you tried high vitamin butter oil (made by Green Pastures)? That is the KEY for us. That, along with using a Vitamin D sun lamp or taking NOW Foods Vit D chewables 1000 mg, has virtually halted all of my daughter’s decay. In the past 2-3 years she’s had only 2 small cavities, that haven’t needed filled. I spread butter oil (plain flavor) liberally on 1/2 piece of toast 5 mornings a week for her. We drink pasteurized milk (my kids can’t stomach the taste of raw milk), we eat seafood occasionally, I buy Kerrygold grass-fed butter (from Trader Joe’s or even Safeway), and we brush with Weleda Salt Toothpaste. Have you read Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel? It’s great but I don’t follow all those protocols. We still eat lots of sugar (but I’m trying to dramatically reduce that…my husband makes that difficult haha) and white flour products. I’m trying to reduce white flour too. Our modernized diets are so deficient in the fat-soluble vitamins, especially in that very powerful decay-preventer and healer, Vitamin K2. That’s where butter oil saves us because we don’t like eating liver or other animal organs. Best of luck to you.

  • p.s. We use a Sperti sun lamp (w/ safety goggles) for 5 minutes, 3 days a week at most (the recommendation). We alternate with that and Vit D chewables. We live in the cloudy Pacific Northwest so we supplement Vit D in the winter months and don’t in the sunny summer months. Although my daughter doesn’t tan well and I may supplement Vitamin D for her occasionally this summer. Also, she’ll take Carlson’s cod liver oil from time to time. We can’t stomach the taste of fermented clo, nor the price. And intuitively it feels like it has too much vitamins a and d for me at least. Finally, it has much lower levels of omega 3’s than Carlson’s, and I need higher levels to prevent seasonal allergies. I know fermented is touted as being far superior to non-fermented clo, but I think we get enough benefit with Carlson’s.

  • p.p.s. Great comments LTD. I’d also like to add what Ramiel Nagel said in his book ‘Cure Tooth Decay’. He says tooth decay begins in the pulp of the tooth and it is caused by imbalances in the body’s glandular systems. The cause of those imbalances is an imbalance/lack of phosphorous and calcium. It is also caused by imbalance of blood sugar (too much sugar/white flour and not enough fat-soluble vitamins, natural foods like grass-fed dairy fats and organ meats, seafood, pre-soaked grains {to remove phytic acid}, etc). To me this resonates truth. So the cure for cavities is as Nagel put it, ‘Phosphorus + Raw Dairy + Organs of land or sea animals + Activator X -Processed & overly sweet food = Healthy Teeth. I totally agree but have found that this equation seems to suffice or very nearly suffice for our family: Butter oil (Activator X or Vitamin K2) + Vit d (preferrably from sun) + cod liver oil+ some seafood + Kerrygold butter + grass fed cheese (from trader joe’s) + lots of whole fat dairy – too much sugar= Healthy teeth. My husband and kids have modernized palates and this is the best we can do for now. But I’m trying to ‘naturalize’ their palates some. One final note is on the importance of WHOLE fat dairy. The fat is so necessary for vitamin and calcium absorption and in short to prevent tooth decay. It doesn’t make you fatter, it will actually make you trimmer over time, is what I’ve found.

  • One last note, we avoid artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup, as well as anything marked ‘low-fat’. We also meat with the highest fat content. I wanted to add that so much of this (and also the ever amazing Activator X/Vitamin K2 discovery) goes back to the wonderful dentist and nutrition researcher Weston A. Price. What a brave pioneer he was….he made so many true and natural discoveries.

  • parents with active tooth decay can spread the Streptococcus mutans bacteria through the transfer of saliva. causing children to then have the same tooth decay as parents.

  • I have a tooth decay but don’t know how to cure it.
    Any prescribe medicine for that? If yes please let me knwow.

  • Vitamin K2 (Activator X) may be the key that is missing in tooth decay. Read Dr. Kate Rheaume-Bleue’s book “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox”.

  • I wanted to add a couple things to this discussion from my own experience.

    I have a nourishing traditions-type diet. As such, I am well-versed on phytic acid. I went through a spell of about 2 months where I used fresh ground, organic wheat for biscuits each morning. I developed 5, yes 5, toothaches. I removed the biscuits from my diet and the toothaches disappeared within 48 hours. I now grind the wheat, sift out the bran and make sourdough bread with an 8-12 hour rise, which reduces phytic acid by 90%. Phytic acid is high in whole wheat and especially brown rice – it’s in all bran. After years of making sure we ate “whole”, we no longer do. For those eating whole wheat, I would suggest you either sprout it, sift it or make it with a sourdough starter using a 24 hour rise. It may just be the key you’ve been looking for.

    We drink grass fed, raw cow’s milk. I didn’t have any issues with my teeth while drinking 1/2g+ a day for 8 years. When I slowed down, the toothaches started.

    Every since I spent 2 months making those biscuits, I need to be VERY careful of what I do or the toothaches return. It’s because of this that I can know exactly what is a problem for me, as I have 2 days before it affects me. In a way, it’s nice to have a barometer to gauge what I should and should not be eating.

    I have a lot of work to do, but one thing is for sure, phytic acid is a beast.

  • Yes Vitamin K2 is important, but we were already consuming adequate food sources of it – I increased levels of it in my elemental shake product (Absorb Plus) because it is so important for many reasons.

    Phytates however…. YES I believe phytates are indeed the link that many of us overlook and I have recently been doing a lot of research on this. PLUS the ways that we have thought phytates were disabled, are actually incorrect, or insufficient. Also, I’ll bet the majority of people are not aware that nuts are a big source of phytic acid.

    So what I’m now wondering is this: Obviously, any kind of daily phytic acid intake is probably going to result in tooth decay. But where is the threshold? For example, could you have oatmeal or nuts two days per week and be fine?

    And how long does the mineral-blocking effect of phytates last? After you consume oatmeal, for example, for how many hours are your teeth prevented from re-mineralizing?

    KARI – have you found any answers to these? Or can you put your magic toothache barometer to work for us and let us know your results when you test for phytic acid frequency/tolerance?

    I have now established a reliable way to not only prevent decay, but to heal active decay (dentist-confirmed!) so you don’t require a filling. BUT the protocol is so strict that few people will be able to implement it.

    So now, I’m looking for where the “money shots” are in the protocol – i.e. which are the key elements and where can we cheat or relax, yet still get similar results. Phytates are part of that.

  • One more thing to WHITE who asked for a tooth whitener other than the usual hydrogen peroxide, etc.

    MI PASTE works well if you use it nightly and leave on for 10 minutes (do not rinse or swallow during that time). Then spit it out and if you can, leave the residue on all night.

    It will not work anywhere near as well as a tooth whitening kit (which I think look false anyway), but it does visibly lighten stains and calcified patches.

    It’s not as pure and natural as I would like, but there isn’t a comparable alternative.

  • Jini – do you have that dental protocol available on your site? Or is that something in the works?

    It may be strict but some of us are desperate enough to implement anything to halt/heal decay.

    Also is MI paste available without a prescription now?


  • I have done a lot of research on the teeth as an alternative practitioner and found, that if we consume carbs we become acidic and the more acidic we are the more dental issues we will have. There’s another factor no one ever considers, it’s the use of x-rays. They damage the salivary glands that are supplying our moths with the salivary enzymes we need to break down carbs and proteins. If we are deficient in either of these essential enzymes or in liquifying our food before it goes into our stomaches, we will become more acidic. The reason is that the stomach has to create as much as 2-3xs as much HCL to break down the foods that we are eating. With that much HCL our gallbladder gets overwhelmed and can’t naturalize the acids and we become acidic. It’s not that just our mouth becomes acidic, it’s that the blood becomes acidic and that sends a message to the parathyroid gland to release a hormone that liquifies the minerals right out of the teeth and bones leaving them very vulnerable to bacteria that thrive in an acidic environment. So, reducing the carbohydrate load on the digestion and alkalizing the blood are key. The blood Ph should be 7.4 at all times. The salivary Ph should be 6.8-7.2 at all times.
    Since the advent of x-ray’s we have seen an explosion of dental issues in modern humans. Once our salivary glands are irradiated they never put out the normal amount of healthy enzymes that they should. Look into the use of enzyme supplementation.
    This is a confusing issue, we have the dentist saying x-ray’s are safe and telling us that fluoride is good for us and that we need to intervene as to the health of our mouths. This is all big business.
    Case in point, I have a friend that has never had an x-ray and has never brushed his teeth to this day. He has perfect teeth.
    I hope this information is helpful to you. Many blessings, Tommy

  • Jini – I was interested in your statement:

    “I have now established a reliable way to not only prevent decay, but to heal active decay (dentist-confirmed!) so you don’t require a filling. BUT the protocol is so strict that few people will be able to implement it.”

    Will you reveal this protocol or is there something already on your website about it? Thanks

  • I understand your predicament but you really need to relax and think that what you are doing is going to cure or prevent cavities in your children. You mentioned that you have read Weston Price’s book and something form Ramiel Nagel.Now I don’t know if you have actually read the whole book by Ramiel or not. I have read the entire book and I have followed it too and have advised other people regarding the treatment protocol Rami mentioned in his book. I suggest you read this book and you will find the answers and the cure to tooth decay of your children. You are giving correct food to your children but you must be missing something. Do read the book and follow Ramiel’s diet plan exactly as it is given in the book.Im sure its going to help you tremendously as it has helped many other people.

  • Yes, I read the entire book. The PROBLEM lies in the extreme difficulty of getting children who live in the mainstream – go to school, go often to friend’s houses – to maintain Nagel’s diet. In fact, it is impossible. Especially as your kids get older.

    So we need other, more powerful protocols that can compensate for the sugar, carbs, fast food and other things that most people are eating.

    I’m nearly there… will post here when I have it nailed solid.

  • MARY – no, sorry the protocol is not written up yet. I will post it here when it is available and I’m ready for testers. I always give my stuff out for free first to people to test it and give me feedback. This results in improved protocols and also confirms that it works for a large variety of people.

    Yes, you can buy MI Paste online, or some dental offices carry it (if the hygienist orders it in).

  • This is heaven sent! I have been fighting for my daughters teeth since she was 18 months old. After a horrible surgery where they pulled her 4 front teeth and proceeded to do 4 root canals, we are looking still at a mouth full of decay. We have altered our eating, she is taking multiple supplements. My other daughter who is 3 has a cavity. This has to be the most exhausting experience of my life. The dentist told us it was nursing rot. I seriously wanted to punch him!!! I am going to try the bone support! I do hope it helps us. Like you I have felt that there is one thing missing…just can’t seem to figure it out. I am going to reduce our carbs. I have read Weston Price, and followed it fairly close. However I do think that for my oldest daughter she may have acid reflux. I am hoping that by cutting back on the carbs, and taking a HCI or is it HCL that we can get her stomach into proper working order. Of course after we do a test to find out whether her stomach acid is low or not. I did find a site that might be of worth to some, it is a modern day take on the Weston Price diet. OUr world is not the same as it was and I have found it hard to do some of the things he has suggested due to the amount of contamination we have. It’s by Lawrence Wilson MD. It is interesting and most helpful. This is not happening to a few but to so many. Like you I hope to find the right combination in diet and supplements to ensure my daughters decay completely halts and they find relief. Thanks so much posting all of this! Truly an answer to a much repeated prayer. For reference I have 5 kids, my boys do not share the decay. It is just my daughters. Why is that? Any ideas?

  • DAWN – the protocol I figured out to completely heal active decay on the surface of my teeth involved almost NO carbs or sugar. Occasionally I ate a few spoonfuls of lentils or beans, but no grains and no starchy veggies (like potatoes), combined with a number of other things and the Bone Support. However, you would not be able to get a child to do this for any length of time, so just reduce their carbs and get rid of sugar as much as you can. Also, raw milk is pretty powerful.

    Are your boys older? As we build more babies, our own bodies get depleted and so cannot form the same teeth in utero even. Also depends on how close together you had them – obviously the more time to rebuild your body using Weston Price diet between babies, the better.

    Or perhaps its a hormone thing, or environmental thing, who knows?

    Speaking of root canals, I am in the midst of an experiment to find an alternative to root canal or extraction. Although I’m trying to find dental professionals to work with me, pool our tools, I can literally see their brains slamming into the brick walls of their constructs. Very frustrating and very sad.

  • For dental problems, Dr. Russell Blaylock MD has a remedy he calls “brown and bubbly” a solution of hydrogen peroxide and betadine that you swish around in your mouth and then spit out. Obviously it should never be swallowed. He is definitely against the use of fluoride. I have followed his recommendations for other health issues and they have worked very well for me. May be worth a try.

  • Hi Jini, just found your website and thought your readers might find this info interesting…I have been researching Magnesium Chloride on sites like http://www.mgwater.com and various others, I found the following article when googling “magnesium deficiency and cavities”, might explain at least in part why the raw milk is not the whole story, but needs a “key” to activate it!!! I am going to try soaking with mg chloride flakes and see if anything changes at my next dentist appt in 6 months!!

    see http://www.westonaprice.org/vitamins-and-minerals/magnificent-magnesium


    Numerous studies, in fact, have established the fact that it is dietary magnesium, not calcium, (and certainly not fluoride) that creates glassy hard tooth enamel that resists decay, and strong and resilient bones. Regardless of the amount of calcium you consume, your teeth can only form hard enamel if magnesium is available in sufficient quantities.

    According to J. I. Rodale, in Magnesium: the Nutrient that Could Change Your Life, “For years it was believed that high intakes of calcium and phosphorus inhibited decay by strengthening the enamel. Recent evidence, however, indicates that an increase in these two elements is useless unless we increase our magnesium intake at the same time. It has even been observed that dental structures beneath the surface can dissolve when additional amounts of calcium and phosphorus diffuse through the enamel at different rates. Thus milk, poor in magnesium, but high in the other two elements, not only interferes with magnesium metabolism, but also antagonizes the mineral responsible for decay prevention.”

    To revisit Deaf Smith County, Texas, and the justly famous residents whose teeth refused to succumb to decay, Rodale quotes the observations of Dr. Lewis Barnett, presented in a paper before the Texas Medical Association in Dallas, 1952. Dr. Barnett, an orthopedic surgeon, remarked on the low incidence of tooth decay and rapid healing of broken bones among these residents, and offered this explanation: “[The local] water and foods have a very high magnesium and iodine content and recently we have proven that all of the trace minerals known to be essential are present in the water and foods grown in that area.” Further, Dr. Barnett had found that the magnesium bone content of the average Deaf Smith County resident was up to five times higher than that of a resident of Dallas, while the concentrations of calcium and phosphorus were about the same in both groups. His observations led him to state that “[o]ne of the most important aspects of the disease osteoporosis has been almost totally overlooked. That aspect is the role played by magnesium.”

  • A very effective way of thwarting tooth decay is by throwing away all toothpastes of any kind and using a herbal stick called ‘Miswaak’ instead.

    Purchase a Miswaak stick from the store (herbal store or you can order from online I’m sure). Wash the stick and with clean teeth, chew the edge which will now act as your ‘toothbrush’.

    This is a very effective method.

    1. Hi Yuliya,

      The jury is still out but Jini and her family have been experiencing good results with the mini minerals bone support product.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jeni,

    Were you able to heal your kids cavity hole and mineralized w/ bone support at night and Mineral of life in the day time. How many weeks did you started seeing results?


  • Anacardic compounds in cashew nuts and maybe mangoes do an excellent job of curing an abscess from gram positive bacteria, which are the most prevalent cause of tooth decay and tooth aches. It is conceivable that mango fruits may have sufficient anacardic acids as well. You may see my article on this subject at; http://charles_w.tripod.com/tooth.html . It is also discussed briefly in the 2006 edition of Medical Hypotheses, 65; 289-292.
    You may feel free to use any information in that URL without concern over copyright.
    I would like to urge you to explore making these medicines available in the pure form from pharmacies. This would be especially valuable since these medicines would probably prove to be valuable against other gram positive diseases such as acne, leprosy, streptococci, Chlamydia trachomatis, and maybe even tuberculosis as well.
    Sincerely, Charles Weber

  • I am no expert….but I would guess part of it has to do with drinking cows milk. It makes sense that if we are going to drink milk it should be raw human milk instead of cows milk….since you know….we aren’t cows lol.

    But that is just a very best uneducated guess on my part.

  • Jini, In 2010 you wrote about using mini-minerals bone health and had good results with it for teeth. Is your family still taking this? Has there been any warnings or side effects you have read about or experienced? I am considering buying this as preventative care for our teeth.

  • I want to add a few things I do to prevent cavities and keep my body healthy that I have not seen posted here. I drink raw eggs (from a farm) almost daily, I put them in smoothies. I save the egg shells, dry them,and grind them to a fine soft powder in my vitamix blender. I mix 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of powdered eggshells in my smoothies also. The egg shells contain minerals. I also drink sole (water mixed with Himalayan salt) please google this to learn more. Or read this link. This is another way to provide our bodies minerals.


    I add trace mineral drops to my reverse osmosis water. I use ConcenTrace minerals, they are from salt lake Utah.

    Eating raw carrots and celery is a great way to clean teeth. After I eat a meal and I can’t brush I eat carrot or celery and my teeth feel clean.

    Teas made from comfry root, horsetail herb, and oat grass provides minerals too.

    Lastly, urine therapy can help heal and prevent many disease of the mouth, eyes, ears… I am assuming most will be grossed out but I urge you to google urine therapy and read the testimonials. By the way many medications and lotions contain urea.

  • Great ideas Gen! Thanks so much for taking the time to share all that! And by the way, the kids just had their dental check-up last week and all 3 kids are “NO Cavities!!” for the 4th year running. Yay!!

  • What about a multivitamin and extra vitamin C (or whatever they may need)? A vitamin and nutrition blood test may help to figure out what you need. Everyone’s needs will be different and may require more of a certain nutrient than another. Just a thought and thank you for this article btw. Hearing your experience is a great help to many of us I’m sure!

  • Hello Jini,

    could drinking more alkaline water have a) any effect and b) maybe a key effect, in dental health?


    1. Hello Levy,

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we do not have the experience or knowledge on if alkaline is for certain beneficial for dental health. There are opposing sides to both sides of that argument. It is not something Jini has researched at this time yet. We would recommend consulting your dentist concerning that question. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

    2. Allalizing your body will help your teeth- I have been using calcium bentonite clay. I buy from earths natural clay. I drink it and swish it in my mouth.

      I also buy sunfoods chlorella/spirulina pills to take to help alkaline mine and my families body.

      Disease can’t live in an acidic body, there is a connection between teeth and specific body parts. Google it and youwill find a chart labeling what each tooth is connected to. To heal your teeth you must heal all of your body I believe. Our bodies need sunshine, bone broth, collagen, gelatin (I buy Great Lakes and vital protein brands), raw fermented cod liver oil, raw butter oil, liver or liver pills, grass fed meats, lots of fresh greens, no grains!, calcium bentonite clay, sole (Himalayan salt in water)-this is alkalizing to the body- Google this to learn more.

  • Hi,

    and thank you so much for these articles and for your advices!! This blog is really a piece of gold! <3

    1. I'd like to ask how much Bone Support could I give for my child who just turned 2?

    According to the dentist the enamel was defect during pregnancy and he has now developed quite a bad decay in his 4 upper front teeth and he is going to surgery (maybe in two months, we're still in a queue for that surgery in a hospital; we live in Europe and have a public healthcare) where they are probably gonna extracting them or they will put crowns on them. I'm afraid the decay is (almost) reaching the pulp. At least in one of his back teeth there are some white spots, too, I assume it's decayed a bit. He has a lip tie and a tongue tie, but they don't want to revise them here. 🙁 Strange (?) thing is too that me and my husband have always had very good teeth, almost zero cavities or maybe one little one that's been filled years ago.

    2. How can we use it because he can't swish it around etc.? Does it help at all in that case?

    3. Is this product truly totally 100% safe? No liver damage issues or something similar? I'm little afraid of using such supplements on my child…

    4. How widely used product it is?

    5. How long did it take to see the first results?

    6. Do you happen to know what are the forms of the different minerals? It only says in the bottle that they "are in the right form". What is that "right form"?

    I'd love to hear more stories if any of you have any experiences with a child having an early dental caries and using Bone Support (or something else)! Or having those teeth pulled or crowned… How has it been afterwards with eating, speech, adult teeth etc?

  • I want to share what has healed my sensitive tooth completely. Along with bone broth, fermented cod liver oil, raw butter/butter oil, raw milk, and eggshells (which I now make into pills, this is much easier than a gritty smoothie, just buy gelatin capsules and scoop the eggshells in, I buy mine from vitacost). The missing keys for me was beef liver and I believe sunshine. I couldn’t stomach liver so I bought pills. (This is one of the best discoveries of my life, yet so simple) I buy vital protein and radiant life brands. Both are grass fed and seem to be great quality as I now no longer have sensitivity. I had some enamel chipped away, when I rubbed my tongue over it, I felt a different texture than my other teeth and I felt sharp pains. Now when I run my tongue over it, it’s solidified and hardened like the rest of my teeth.

    1. Hello Gen,

      Sounds like you have found a great mix to heal your tooth problem. Thank you for sharing. Jini talks a lot about healing many symptoms through healing the whole body as well. She had found a lot of the teeth problems she was having was emotional as well, and needed to find healing in that.

      Kind Regards,
      Customer Care

  • Does Bone Support really work? And is it really safe -even for little children (1 and 2 years old)?

    Or is this just a scam? Sounds too good to be true… Can’t find much information of this product elsewhere.

    Do you have any before and after pictures of your teeth?

    1. I haven’t tried bone support but I believe it could help because you are giving your body minerals, just like you can do with sole (Himalayan salt and water) If you scroll up in the comments I have listed everything I have done to heal my teeth. I don’t have pictures, but I do not have any sensitivity anymore at all. My son is almost 7 with no cavities, other children in his preschool had caps on their teeth at 2, 4, and 5 years old, they do not follow the Weston A Price recommendations as we do. Weston A Price and Ramiel Nagel both have books and specific diets to heal and prevent dental issues. Hope that helps!

  • I did not read all of the comments here, but I too have gone through similar experiences. I have 8 children, we eat healthy and do all of the normal things required for healthy teeth. We do use EFT for our allergies. That being said, many people have problems with their saliva, either they have acidic saliva or basically are allergic to something in their saliva. I know it sounds strange, but I have become quite an expert on EFT and allergies. I also make an activated charcoal toothpaste to help pull toxins from the mouth. You can find it here – https://www.etsy.com/listing/257371028/natural-remineralizing-charcoal?ref=listings_manager_grid This toothpaste also contains mineral water to help with tooth remineralization.

  • That about high vitamin c therapy? I’ve heard osteoporosis is scurvy of the bone so surely this applies to teeth- anyone have any ideas about this?

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