gut-infectionDTHere’s a common scenario for people with active Crohn’s or Colitis:

“I’m still at the hospital and I have a feeling I’ll be here for a while. It’s not my appendix. The CAT scan showed that I have an abscess in my small bowel. I’m on a liquid diet and they’re giving me a lot of IV and antibiotics which is scary because I can’t take probiotics to help me out afterwards (I don’t tolerate ANY probiotics). I’m taking a lot of L-glutamine. One of the doctors here thinks I for sure have to get in there surgically and clean it out and then of course they want to cut out part of my small intestine. My worst nightmare. Is there anything on your blog or your website that points to this and how to treat it alternatively or at least without surgery? Should I contact a doctor that you recommend?”

As this reader’s email touches on MANY points of commonality that Crohn’s, colitis and even diverticulitis sufferers experience, I wanted to share my perspective with you all.

First of all, I don’t “recommend” any doctors as each have their own way of doing things. But here is the list of practitioners who are familiar with my protocols.

Next, an abscess (or ulceration, or fissure) is an infection. So you would use the same protocols for healing gut infection as you would normally use. The treatment is outlined in my 2 books, Listen To Your Gut and The IBD Remission Diet if you already have those. And I also created a short paperback book or eBook where I’ve brought the treatments all together in one book.

This reader’s issue, whether she goes the medical or natural route, is still intolerance of the probiotics. And that’s why I would ABSOLUTELY go the energetic route for that: WHY is her body reacting/rejecting good bacteria which it vitally needs? It shows me there is a mind/body/spirit disconnect happening somewhere. Aileen Nobles and Lori Clarke are good practitioners who could help with that aspect.

Also, remember that when you are in the hospital, doctors benefit big-time financially if you have surgery. Plus, they are legally required to suggest such measures in order to be in compliance with their medical association.

Remember that you are in charge of your body! And you CAN push back and take some time to think about things.

Also remember that any surgery results in infection recurring at new sites and/or creates scar tissue which can cause obstruction down the road. So it’s a classic set up for ‘short term gain, long term pain’ and it’s really something you only should do if your body wisdom tells you it’s needed.