gut-infectionDTHere’s a common scenario for people with active Crohn’s or Colitis:

“I’m still at the hospital and I have a feeling I’ll be here for a while. It’s not my appendix. The CAT scan showed that I have an abscess in my small bowel. I’m on a liquid diet and they’re giving me a lot of IV and antibiotics which is scary because I can’t take probiotics to help me out afterwards (I don’t tolerate ANY probiotics). I’m taking a lot of L-glutamine. One of the doctors here thinks I for sure have to get in there surgically and clean it out and then of course they want to cut out part of my small intestine. My worst nightmare. Is there anything on your blog or your website that points to this and how to treat it alternatively or at least without surgery? Should I contact a doctor that you recommend?”

As this reader’s email touches on MANY points of commonality that Crohn’s, colitis and even diverticulitis sufferers experience, I wanted to share my perspective with you all.

First of all, I don’t “recommend” any doctors as each have their own way of doing things. But here is the list of practitioners who are familiar with my protocols.

Next, an abscess (or ulceration, or fissure) is an infection. So you would use the same protocols for healing gut infection as you would normally use. The treatment is outlined in my 2 books, Listen To Your Gut and The IBD Remission Diet if you already have those. And I also created a short paperback book or eBook where I’ve brought the treatments all together in one book.

This reader’s issue, whether she goes the medical or natural route, is still intolerance of the probiotics. And that’s why I would ABSOLUTELY go the energetic route for that: WHY is her body reacting/rejecting good bacteria which it vitally needs? It shows me there is a mind/body/spirit disconnect happening somewhere. Aileen Nobles and Lori Clarke are good practitioners who could help with that aspect.

Also, remember that when you are in the hospital, doctors benefit big-time financially if you have surgery. Plus, they are legally required to suggest such measures in order to be in compliance with their medical association.

Remember that you are in charge of your body! And you CAN push back and take some time to think about things.

Also remember that any surgery results in infection recurring at new sites and/or creates scar tissue which can cause obstruction down the road. So it’s a classic set up for ‘short term gain, long term pain’ and it’s really something you only should do if your body wisdom tells you it’s needed.

Should I have Surgery To Remove Infected Intestine?

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  • I have symptoms of Nausea and IBS for over a yeast ,sometimes worse than others.Allopathic doctors told me it was my nerves and I finally found a naturopath who recognized i had a leaky gut condition,He prescribed many supplements which i have been taking for over a month with no relief He told me it often gets worse before it gets better,I am extremely uncomfortable and very weak .I have changed my diet to a vegan one The supplements include probiotics enzymes and L -glutamine .I am desperate! Do you have any suggestions ? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lucrezia,

      Jini typically recommends an elemental diet for people with a leaky gut condition. Since “leaky gut” is a generalized term for “undiagnosed gut condition”, your approach might vary depending on the severity of your symptoms. Crohn’s disease is on the more severe end of the spectrum and you can find Jini’s recommendations for that at this link:

      IBS is on the less severe end of the spectrum and you can learn more about that here:

      If you’d like to immerse yourself in a ton of information ASAP, you may want to consider purchasing Jini’s Listen to Your Gut book which outlines how she healed her own Crohn’s disease and details out several protocols. The book comes with a money back guarantee so feel free to send it back for a refund if it isn’t what you’re looking for. Here’s a link to the eBook version:

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Jini,

    Do you think a viable alternative for people with Crohn’s (based on their own intuition and situation) is to combine medical intervention with some alternatives?

    How would a person screen for cancer using your protocol?

    Do you believe in any western intervention for UC and Crohn’s? If not why not?

    The Chron’s & Colitis Foundation (CCFA) now is validating some alternative/complementary interventions which aren’t as high on your protocol ltyg list but they are a) random double blind placebo studies b) adequate supply of patients and there are clear outcomes which and say they are free of bias.

    Thank you for your contributions to well being…


    1. Hi Cecile,
      For me, it’s not so much about which category a treatment falls into, it’s more about:
      – What is the collateral damage caused? (organs, systems, nutrient deficiencies, secondary or opportunistic events, etc)
      – What are the long-term risks/complications rates?; to determine this, you cannot ask your doc (likely doesn’t know, or is biased). You have to research the med literature yourself (look at 10 – 20 year outcomes) and also look at forums where people who’ve had the procedure post about their experiences.
      – What does my body say about what it needs and wants?

      So, when viewed from this place, there is not a single drug I know of that does not cause collateral damage. So for myself, or my kids, I would only use a drug short-term, while I figure out what is at the ROOT of the problem (symptom). I describe this process in more detail here:

      But for others, maybe they don’t mind the collateral damage caused, or they want to deal with it later (after graduating from College, for example)

      You might check in with your body, or receive a dream, telling you that your body wants you to have a certain surgery. Okay then, your body knows best what it needs for sure!

      The important thing is not so much WHAT you use/do, but that it is done in union with your own body wisdom. Watch the video link I gave above.

      Re. cancer screening – you would need to talk to a doc that specializes in the type of cancer you’re concerned about, but in most cases, there are blood tests, CT scans, etc. that can detect precursors or abnormalities that increase likelihood and therefore may make an invasive screening procedure more warranted. In my Colonoscopy report, I give people a procedure they can do both before and after colonoscopy to help minimize the damage and encourage healing, if they feel they should have the colonoscopy done. Again, listen to your gut! It knows best.

  • Jini,

    Thank you Jini for this good and timely response…

    I do listen to my gut…(and heart) for what my body needs..(I won’t go into some of the present obstacles I have on that ) but will be sure I do a practice to access my intuition this weekend beofre my colonoscopy consultation.

    I overall agree with you and will do more outcome research and continue to listen to my gut…

    I think I need some more individual guidance on my particulat case….so I can explore resources you provide or look for more local ones..

    Thank you,


  • Jini,

    There are reported cases of equipment not being safe..when doing some medical interventions…Ok, true (a friend jus told me she did ERPT exam??? and got horrible infection afterward) I can look more at that..

    However, I do not think colonoscopies are “traumatic” that is your bias….mine have been easy…Are you instilling unnecessary fear? Also, if natural flora is distrubed, you do have probictics to restore…

    Also, where is your proof that your LTYG protocol after a colonocopy is necessary, needed..?.Do you have random double blind studies and large samplings…?
    You are giving medical advice and you I don’t see have any backing other than you have listened to your intuition and sure some patients may experiece some relief…

    I for one can’t take your Absorb Plus…I’m allergic to corn and you have maltodextin in it (I’m also allergic to dairy, gluten and never do chocolate either)….so I’d have to make my own…I tried your orthomolecular vitamin intervention and it did not work…
    I started going in the other direction losing weight, no appetite and feeling more down….

    At that point is when I needed more help to do your retention enema or to continue with all your regimes…that’s when western intervention seemed necessary for a time for emotional well being..Now I have gained weight through lots of good fat and carbs…I am emotionallly better but not great…I’d considered drugs (Pentasa) for a short time in January 2015 but my new GI doctor (new health plan) wouldn’t provide w/o another colonoscopy exam…
    Now I’m revisiting 5 months later..whether to have a colonoscopy and whether to take crohn’s meds….

    I’m not a simple case because I’m so allergic to foods, and inactive ingredients in meds..

    Thanks for listening…


    1. Hi Cecile, Please know that NONE of my protocols come with “proof”. And no, there is no pharmaceutical company who wants to conduct clinical trials on natural substances.

      The maltodextrin in Absorb Plus is from cassava root (tapioca) and you can also create your own VEGAN elemental shakes using one of our kits.

      I am not advising anyone on how to handle their health. And I am not a health professional of any sort. I am a layperson sharing what has worked for me, and now, thousands of others. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything – in fact, this is why I give so much away for free. So that people can get a really good understanding of what holistic healing involves and decide whether it appeals to them, or not. It’s all good either way – listen to your gut!

  • Hi All –

    I suffered from a very similar situation 3 years ago. My surgeon was hesitant about another surgery as I am a young – otherwise healthy – male. I was able to recover after 5-7 days of IV antibiotics, and major changes to my diet/lifestyle.

    I now eat gluten free, dairy free, and alcohol free. I also drink Aloe Vera water each day and am on Remicade (which I was on while the leaky gut occurred). I also try my best to eat organic/as natural as possible.

    I would highly recommend trying to avoid surgery if it all possible as a mixture of healthy eating, exercise, and medicine have helped me to be symptom free for 3+ years.

    On one of my last scopes my doctor – one of the best in new england – said that it was ‘almost as if I didn’t have crohn’s disease’.

    Please contact me if you’re interested in speaking more about my approach.


  • I found the framing of this topic – an intestinal abscess and active infection – with someone actually in the hospital asking you a question, and their doctor recommending surgery. And you saying to absolutely “go the energetic route” so incredibly irresponsible, I can hardly believe it. As someone who had diverticulitis; didn’t know it; ruptured my colon and had peritonitis and had to have emergency surgery…. I absolutely cannot believe that you are on the Internet telling people who have active infections to go the “energetic route” without actually discussing the fact that these situations can be lethal. I have followed your comments with interest, Jini, but this is way too wacko and irresponsible. Please be mindful of the fact that your “recommendations” can seriously endanger people who may be considerably sicker than you realize.

    1. Hi Carey, thanks for bringing this aspect out. Please note that I wrote: “This reader’s issue, whether she goes the medical or natural route, is still intolerance of the probiotics. And that’s why I would ABSOLUTELY go the energetic route for that:”

      So, I am not advising her to choose the natural over the medical treatment route for her abscess – I said, whether she goes one route or the other, the ROOT issue is her body’s hyper-intolerance to probiotics. So for long-term health, that is the root issue that needs to be resolved. In the previous paragraph, I gave her the natural treatment protocol we have for abscess/infection and then she of course, is free to choose whether to follow her doc’s recommendation, or not.

      Sure, in your case – or any signs of colon rupture – the physical manifestation of the dis-ease of the mind/body has gone too far and one must immediately treat the physical body (usually through surgery in that type of event) or risk death. But again, once that is handled, to achieve long-term health, the feelings, wounding, trauma of the emotional/energetic body must be looked at and healed.

  • Cecile,

    I read Jini’s books. I take MucosaHeal and drink aloe vera juice with it. I use Natren probiotics. I do the probiotic enemas and the healing retention enemas. I do the castor oil packs several times a week. I take angstrom iron and bone support/mini minerals-trace elements.

    My last colonoscope was this past October BEFORE I found out about LTYG. I still take CIMZIA although I am not sure it is helping. My doctor at Hopkins is going to help me get weaned off the stuff.

    BTW, I wrote about this in another post here this morning, but John’s Hopkins University Hospital has an Integrative and Digestive Medicine Center under the auspices of their Gastroenterology dept. Dr. Linda Lee is the director of both. Dr. Bayless, mostly retired but still goes in, is probably one of the world’s best gastroenterologists. I credit Dr. Bayless for hiring Dr. Lee, and I credit Dr. Lee for bringing the Integrative and Digestive Medicine Center to Hopkins.

    I use this my own judgment regarding these issues. It will be my choice to get the next colonoscope. Just like the LTYG book stated, it may take four or five years to make the changes necessary. This is all still a new way of thinking for me. I am really still processing much of it as I go along. I have only integrated/started one protocol at a time. So far, LTYG has been correct about everything.

    Cecile, so you work or advocate for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation?

  • thank you so much for your constant support to everyone who needs it Jini! Your videos and information are a godsend for me. Im happy you are a strong person emotionally! It’s not easy to constantly get attacked for just saying what has worked for you. When I get to a point of “remission”, Im going to scream it from the roof tops! After 5 years of severe Crohn’s, this protocol is 100% alligned with me. Including the energy healing. I know this is a big one for me at the moment.
    It’s the missing component to my equation.

    thank you times a million!

  • Jini,

    I had a flair of mild to moderate Crohn’s and for over a year only have used your 490page book “Listen To Your Gut”. If I am in remission than it is due to that protocol.

    Also, I am not an employee or advocate of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America….hadn’t looked at their website for over 5 yrs until recently.

    Could say more…but perhaps another time..

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Cecile,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to post. We’re excited to hear that the protocols in Listen to Your Gut worked well for you!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini,
    I’m also deciding whether to go ahead with surgery to remove a fistula. My husband, praise God, found your site last Feb. when I was suffering greatly from diverticulitis. I’ve gone through a few containers of AbsorbPlus and my gut has healed! I was also on aloe very juice, probiotics and fiber supplements. I made chicken bone broth just like you said and survived on it for weeks. I can now eat anything I want with no GI symptoms. I’m under 50 and in good health otherwise.

    I’m going back on a careful diet as I know something’s not right in my urinary tract, though no infection. Plus it’s what I need to do to avoid a diverticulitis flare. I feel fine. Today I had a cystoscopy that found a colovesical fistula (fistula between colon and bladder). It’s very tiny and I’m only passing air, not other matter. I don’t have much in the way of symptoms except a little pain sometimes when urinating. My urologist referred me to a general surgeon to get the fistula fixed. I’d like to try to heal it so as to avoid surgery. By being careful to eat well (and fore-go all the junk I’ve been eating since getting well) and go back on a partial AbsorbPlus diet, I hope to give my colon a rest and heal the fistula. Does this sound like a sensible plan to you?

    I’ve read all the posts about fistulas, but mine is not rectal. It’s inaccessible, from my sigmoid colon to my bladder. Will WOO work if taken orally? I know little will reach the affected area after digestion. Any tips on dealing with this are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Monica – I have no idea whether the oral DMSO would work. However, if you put it on the soles of your feet, you can taste it in your mouth in a second or two, so it does sweep through the body… The other thing that comes to mind is research I read where they injected DMSO solution into the bladder through the urethra and that was very successful. You could also use the Rectal StrictureHeal protocol and that may be your best bet:
    Please keep us posted!

  • Ok, thank you. I had read on your blog about using wild oregano oil to heal fistulas. Would that work taken orally for a colovesical fistula that I can’t reach otherwise? Can fistulas heal just by having a very clean diet, such as a partial AbsorbPlus diet? Thanks again.

    1. Hi Monica,

      It’s possible that just taking wild oregano oil could have a positive effect but make sure to supplement with probiotics as well if you decide to try that out so that your gut flora doesn’t become compromised. Regarding whether or not diet can heal fistulas, we cannot comment about that but elemental diets are probably unlikely to make them any worse.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I have a child who has crohns and had part of his intestine removed last year. he is now on infiximab but requires monthly infusions otherwise his symptoms return, by which i mean diarrhea, he does not have stomach cramps/pain but would ideally like to come off conventional medicines. What would you suggest?

    1. Hi Naina,

      We would recommend reading Jini’s Listen to Your Gut book as it outlines the steps she took to heal her own Crohn’s disease and become symptom free. The wils oregano protocol would be a good place to start if your son isn’t having any issues with digesting normal food.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • After two years of doing what my doctor told me, i.e. pentasa, imurin, humira, prednisone, and a couple of hospitalizations, I got to the point that I could not eat anything without getting a severe bowel obstruction. I then read the IBD Remission Diet book and have been strictly following the protocol for the last month. My doctor says this isn’t going to heal my intestine because there is too much scar tissue causing a stricture. She wants me to get surgery. I’m conflicted because I am feeling better now on the Absorb Plus and other supplements, but even after a month I am still having abdominal pain similar to the onset of an obstruction. I think as my gut is starting to heal, so I am starting to form somewhat solid bowels, which are then getting stuck in my stricture. Have other people actually reversed real scar tissue strictures in their small intestine with the IBD remission diet, or is there a point where the damage is too permanent to repair itself? Any info or stories would be helpful as I wrestle with this issue. I do not want to get surgery, but will if it is the only way I will ever be able to eat real food again.

    1. Hi Fred,

      We’re very happy to hear that you are feeling better after using the supplements. Regarding the scar tissue and stricture, Jini actually has a specific protocol for that and we’ve received some great feedback. For more details, check out the link below:

      Also, here are two more of Jini’s blog posts on the topic which might be of interest to you (the comments contain a lot of feedback and other questions about the procotols):

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I left comments June 2015. I had surgery in Sept. to remove part of my colon plus repair the bladder fistula. The surgeon found my small intestine and appendix had all kind of fused together with the colon/diverticulitis so he separated everything and removed my appendix. He did it robotically via laprascopy. He’s an excellent surgeon and highly skilled I was released from the hospital less than 48 hours later. After a month I was back to a regular diet. After 6 weeks I was stronger than ever. Now 3 months later, I’m doing great – praise the Lord! I’m totally healed!
    I have to say that while I was so sick last spring and couldn’t eat hardly anything, I found AbsorbPlus and Jini’s organic bone broth recipe. That nourished me and started me healing. I found I craved the shakes and broth because they were so good for me. I got back to a normal diet then had another bout over the summer. The bladder fistula had to get repaired via surgery. I recommend Jini to everyone I meet with diverticulitis/colon issues.

    1. Hi Monica,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and post an update. We’re excited to hear that you’re doing so well! We wish you all the best for the future.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • I have adhesions from surgery and they caused my bowel to be obstructed. Had to have a section removed and am recovering from the surgery now. I was looking for wisdom on how to avoid future adhesions and found your site. How soon after surgery can I do this protocol for bowel obstruction? It is 3 weeks since surgery. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      We aren’t able to advise you with respect to your specific health situation as we are not qualified to do so but you’ll definitely want to wait at least until you are fully recovered from your surgery. For more info about healing adhesions naturally, check out the link below:

      If you have any questions about any of Jini’s recommendations or protocols please let us know!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi jini, 9 months ago I felt I was not able to empty bowells, it came out soft but weird shaped like long flat type snake , or earth worms. Can’t eat much changed diet totally . Had all testing done . Is there a treatment that would speed up transit time ? And help with bringing back normal soft bowel movement. Dr keep putting me through same test. Very tired of it . Don’t feel well .

    1. Hi Kim,

      Unless your doctor gave you a diagnosis, the best recommendation we can give is to try Jini’s Wild Oregano Protocol where you would supplement with wild oregano oil and probiotics in order to improve your gut flora and normalize the digestion process. The protocol is outlined step by step in Jini’s Listen to Your Gut book and in her Natural Treatments For Gut infection book. Both books are available in physical and eBook format at this link:

      If you have any additional questions about the protocol please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care

  • Hi Jini
    You mention awhile back a procedure protocol before and after colonoscopy – do you have the link to that?
    Much thanks, loved your book….

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