Okay, so you want to heal naturally…but you keep reacting to the natural healing supplements you’re taking! It’s frustrating, counteractive, discouraging – and if you resonate with this, I’m preaching to the choir!

If you’ve seen my video with Jini, you’ll remember I call myself the “Herx queen” because I reacted to just about everything!!

It can be really frustrating because you don’t want to turn to medication, but when you can’t tolerate certain “natural’ methods it can be very discouraging. I know it sure was for me!

So, today I want to share with you some tips which helped relieve my symptoms from these reactions. I eventually DID get to a point where I could tolerate things I never could before, so don’t give up hope! I hope the tips I share with you today will help you navigate these waters a little more smoothly.

Tip #1: Start with “baby doses.”

I had physicians and a natural health coach at the time who were very understanding. They supported my “natural healing journey,” which I was so grateful for. However, even the most intelligent health practitioners are NO MATCH for your own body wisdom! They would recommend I take a dose of some  natural remedy, and just KNOWING my own body I decided to take a quarter of what they recommended.

They would tell me what dose to take and I would say, “Great, thank you!” Then when I got home, I would just take a smaller dose. And honestly, thank goodness I did because sometimes I still got a reaction on ¼ of the dose they recommended for me! Yikes.

For example, baby doses can entail even just 1 drop. That’s how I started with wild oregano oil. Even just one drop made me Herx at first! Start small, and see how you react. There’s no rush to go in hard and strong, as you don’t want to worsen things.

For me, I realized that my body slowly got sick…. so, I needed to start slowly as my body got used to the anti-pathogen. Remember, in a way you are disrupting the flora – even if it’s bad flora. This disruption is good in the long run, but it’s still a disruption and can cause “die-off” symptoms.

Tip #2: Be grateful for what you accomplish.

As you learn things about yourself and your body, you are gaining invaluable wisdom and insight. Reframe your thinking and be grateful for whatever your body CAN do at this time. We sometimes take for granted what our bodies do for us all day long, so instead of focusing on the frustration of what it can’t tolerate right now, be grateful for what it is doing  – the “small wins.” As we heal in layers our bodies change, and for me, I was able to tolerate more as I detoxed the pathogens out.

Tip #3: Switch it up!

Switching up combinations and remedies can be great, as you may find a winning combo. For example, when I used BPC-157 I actually used it mainly for my sinuses! I opened the capsules (I didn’t use liquid form) and added them to my nose sprays and nasal irrigation for my severe allergies and sinusitis. This is where I noticed almost immediate results. Don’t be afraid to get creative – but of course always consult your health care professional or/and do your own research. My experimentation was primarily based on my health coach’s suggestions, but also based on what felt right to me – leaning into the body wisdom and insight I’d gained.

This is also how I found out which ingredients I could and couldn’t tolerate, and what ingredients worked. Which leads me to my next tip…

Tip #4: Take a closer look.

Looking at why you couldn’t tolerate “x” supplement is very valuable information! It can help you figure out which ingredients could be possible root causes of your reactions, as well as other supplements to avoid which may contain those ingredients.

For instance, when I first took MucosaCalm I immediately reacted – and at first, I couldn’t figure out why! ALL of the ingredients were supposedly SO great for healing your mucosal lining, and here I was having these negative reactions to it. But, I was determined to get to the bottom of it. I decided to take the main ingredients found in MucosaCalm separately, and eventually I found out that slippery elm was the cause of my diarrhea!

I also learned that marshmallow root really helped to calm everything down, so I started with this at a small dose first…then slowly worked my way up until I added slippery elm back in. I now can tolerate Mucosacalm just fine, but at that time all the ingredients at once was too much for me!

Tip #5: Go with the flow.

As we flow into tip #5, it’s important to recognize that healing is a process. Life changes, our bodies change, and as we uncover these layers of our healing journey your perfect regimen may change too. See what your body needs, and go with that. Many different times in my healing journey I could tolerate certain things, and other times I couldn’t. There are SO many factors which play into that, including emotions and our environment. This is where Jini’s Lazer Tapping tool is so impactful. It allows you to tap into your body to see why you’re not healing, helping you gain valuable insight in the process.

Tip #6: Release trapped trauma.

When you’ve had extreme reactions, trauma comes with the territory! I remember having PTSD from past reactions, so much so that I would create more reactions because I threw myself into a negative mindset/victim state. When a reaction did start, I made it ten times worse by panicking at the memories of past reactions. In these cases, AGAIN I say utilize Jini’s Lazer Tapping.

I say this because I personally practice both meditation and Lazer Tapping daily. It’s been such a crucial part of my healing, and as Jini has mentioned before, it’s been the cornerstone of her being cured of Crohn’s using only natural methods, for over 25 years. Check out the mind/body/spirit section of the blog to find all of Jini’s favorite healing tools.

Every time I decided to introduce something new, I tapped on it before consuming it. I tapped to let go of past reactions and fears I had, to stay in the present moment, and if a reaction began I tapped some more. I tapped so it wouldn’t be so extreme, and I asked my body why it was responding this way, and what I could do to assist.

Tip #7: When consuming/introducing something new, be aware of your overall state of being.

Your environment has a huge affect on you. If you are introducing something new in a stressful environment, it’s very unlikely things will go smoothly. If I needed space to see how my body responded to something and there were too many people around, I would literally hop in my car and drive to a peaceful place! That way it was CLEAR whether what I was consuming was causing the reaction, or if it was just the time or environment I was consuming it in.

This is VERY important to distinguish! Our bodies can’t properly digest unless we are in a calm state of being! You should salivate before eating, be smiling or laughing with friends – that type of thing puts you in the correct setup to digest well. Imagine taking an anti-pathogen in a stressful state of being? It’s a set-up for failure, in my opinion!

For example, during the shutdown in response to the pandemic it was hard to go eat with friends. So, I made it a point to call a friend before or while I ate. Other times I would take a break from work to watch a silly show during my lunch. Smiling while I watched my favorite funny TV show (The Office) helped calm me to digest my food and supplements!

A good rule of thumb for this is to try something you have a reaction to 3 different times. Try them in different environments, or at different times in the day, to know whether you are indeed allergic to it or just reacting to a bad environment. THEN you know it’s the product and not external factors. But again, do what your body tells you!

As we always say, listen to your gut. 🙂