Can you save time by taking your Absorb Plus shakes and probiotics together? The answer is yes! Just make sure you take any anti-pathogens, such as wild oregano oil, at least two hours away from probiotics (and food).

I also want to emphasize how important it is to never mix Natren probiotics into your shake using a standard blender! Shaking them gently in a blender bottle is okay, and stirring with a spoon in water is okay. That’s what I do when I take the probiotic powders, but you never want to destroy the microbes we are trying to put in – which you will do so in a blender! So just be gentle. 🙂

Probiotics contain live microorganisms, so taking them on an empty tummy ensures better efficacy. We want these probiotics to reach all of our GI tract, not just the upper GI! However, you can consume probiotics and Absorb Plus shakes at the same time because the shakes are elemental.

Jini says the only reason you can mix your probiotics and AP shakes is that an elemental shake is in your bloodstream within 20 minutes – and it’s entirely liquid, so the normal “empty stomach” guidelines don’t apply. If you are adding anything else to your shakes besides Udo’s oil (like a banana or berries), these are whole foods. This would make the shake NO longer elemental, so this suggestion would NOT apply, because now it’s no longer following an elemental diet!

If you are not taking AP and you are eating whole foods, then it would not be best to mix food and probiotics at the same time. In this scenario, you want to take the probiotics on empty stomach, wait at least 20 minutes, and then you can eat.

Probiotic Sensitivity & Herx Reactions

If you are sensitive to Natren’s probiotics, or you’re trying to increase your dosage, first go low and slow. This means start with a very small amount, then slowly work your way up to your full desired dosage. This helps your body acclimate, as you don’t want to push yourself too hard and create more symptoms via Herx reaction!

Another thing that helped me was if I started to feel a Herx reaction coming on from the Natren probiotics, I would eat something right away – and the reaction would start to subside. Ideally, when you take probiotics you should wait 20 mins to eat, but there were times I’d eat just 5 minutes after consuming probiotics if I was Herxing badly! For me, the food would help, so I bent the rules in this case when I was really struggling.

That is why we always say to lean into your body wisdom and listen to your gut!

Healthy Trinity capsules are the only Natren probiotic you should always take with food. Food is actually required to open it up and disperse its contents into your GI, so unlike the other powders or capsules make sure you are taking food with these! Healthy Trinity is particularly potent, as it’s almost double the dose of some of the others, so taking with food as directed may actually help with possible reactions.

I hope you found this video and post helpful! Drop comments or questions you have on this topic below so we can provide more content to help you all. 🙂

Until next time, happy healing – and remember always listen to your gut!

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