Our friends over at LotusWei started a podcast called Flowerlounge a while back and Jini was a guest on a recent episode. If you would like to hear the podcast, you can check it out for free here:


Here’s a comment that LotusWei received about the episode:

Hi Katie!

Just dropping a note to let you know how much I am enjoying your new podcast! I just finished Ep 02, your interview with Jini Patel and loved it immensely. LOVE!

I am completely blown away by her wisdom, philosophy and passion for life. She had my wholehearted attention and I didn’t want the podcast to end! There is something magical and magnetic about her whole being. Even though I was merely listening through the podcast, I could feel her energy radiating through. I found myself beaming with joy and and saying yes! yes! yes! throughout. I felt uplifted and so inspired.

I’m currently going through my own version of the ‘Jungle’ right now (her story about her relationship with her father really hit home for me) and this podcast was exactly what I needed to reaffirm my belief that if I wish to experience deep healing and see the light, then the only way through hard times is not to avoid or suppress, but to grow through them. Because like what Jini said, it is through the darkness that we find the light. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

THANK YOU Katie for your light, for all that you share and offer. I am constantly inspired in the ways which you show up in the world. I’m super happy and excited for this new endeavor of yours and look forward to listening and learning from you and your guests each week. Love you!

love + hugs,

Also, LotusWei is running a contest at the moment where you can enter to win some cool stuff so don’t miss the purple button toward the bottom of the page at the link above.

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