What do you feel about the place of nature, trees, plants, herbs and flowers in your journey to wholeness?

I have come to realize that joining with nature is crucial to the re-alignment and empowerment of my whole self, my essential self. And of course, there are many ways to access or embody this. I have written here before about healing with horses and pelicans – in fact, I have an entire blog about my journey to wholeness with my herd of 11 horses!

“Mother Nature is a reflection of us. Reflecting back to us different aspects of ourselves.”
– Katie Hess

Watch this video and take a few minutes to exhale:

You can get the first two chapters of this beautiful book for free here, which alone are well worth the read. Katie’s story is very interesting and the first exercise she gets you to do is particularly cool.

Here’s what happened when she walked me through a similar exercise out in my horse pasture this summer – BUT don’t watch this vid until you’ve done the exercise in the first chapter for yourself! Otherwise it might not work for you – it’s best to come at it fresh, with no preconceptions 🙂

The gorgeous full-color book is available on Amazon. The day mine arrives I will find a quiet space to cozy up with Flowerevolution and a pot of tea for an immersion into this beautiful, soul-smiley world.

And if you’re ready to experience Flower magic for yourself… we’re now carrying my favorite flower essence in the Shoppe – Infinite Love – available as a mist/spray or oil (100% natural perfume).