Well, I thought I was hosting a meditation circle with my horses and my friend Katie Hess and her crew from Lotus Wei (flower essence energetic medicine) who were visiting Vancouver on their Flower Lounge tour. But the horses (surprise, surprise) had other ideas and instead used the opportunity to teach the group a powerful healing and boundary-setting technique.

When Katie first asked if they could come experience the horses, I admit I was nervous about having a whole group of horse newbies out with my young, lively herd, but I also felt compelled to create and offer this space for connection.

My friend Güliz Ünlü (animal communicator, BodyTalk practitioner) was already holding regular Sitting With Horses meditations at her place, so I thought it would be great to have her come and lead the meditation; which would leave me free to take photos. Luckily, fellow Horse Listener Kera Willis happened to be hanging out with Güliz on that day, so she came along too – and boy did we ever need her gentle yet firm guidance to move the young ones along when they got too nippy with the participants!

Enjoy the video and see what happens when the horses decide there is something far more important than meditating that needs to happen…

The full story of how Montaro taught me the As Above So Below energy technique in the vid, can be read here.

One thing you should know, is that Lisa Reinhardt – whose sweater Montaro nipped, and who spoke about the experience of practicing As Above So Below at the end of the video – spent 11 years meditating with the monks in the Himalayas. She is no newbie to meditating! And I’m sure she will continue to experiment and play with this technique as I have; discovering its breadth of power and applications in various circumstances.

Build your healing energy…

One of the most exciting applications of this As Above So Below technique is using it for self-healing. It has many applications for healing, or releasing blockages in the etheric and physical body. Instead of just swirling the 2 streams in the torso, you can swirl them wherever the spiral is needed (the shoulder, the hip, the ankle, the stomach, the large intestine, etc).

A friend of mine has been playing with swirling it into her fingertip and then releasing it – like a laser – wherever she points or presses her fingertip. She used this (applying to the head) to relieve a migraine in a family member, and he drifted off to sleep. When he awoke, the migraine was gone.

I once used it in a bodywork session. The therapist (massage, craniosacral, myofascial release) was working on my scapula and she said, “There’s something in here that just won’t let go.” So I started doing As Above So Below and moved the swirl to my shoulder. Within seconds she jumped back and flicked her fingertips towards the floor, “Well that sure worked!” she laughed. I didn’t tell her I was doing anything. But the power surged through so strongly that she had to step back and fling the excess from her hands.

It is truly a gift of mammoth proportions and once you start using it, you will realize how many applications it has. Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a while to get fluent. Even though you are just ‘imagining’ the energy flows, it is a multi-step procedure and it takes some time to be able to hold the imagining – with all the