Detoxing & Balancing Gut Flora Can Cause Skin IssuesIf you’re using ColonEaze~Move to help address chronic constipation, or you’re finally ingesting a therapeutic dosage of Natren probiotics, you might notice signs of detox, rashes, eruptions, or other undesirable skin reactions.

Now, your skin issue could be an allergy to either a supplement ingredient, or a topical substance, but it could also be evidence of clearing or detox. Remember, when the fetus is forming in the womb, the same cells that form the intestines extend up the esophagus, inside the lining of the mouth, the lips, and then our entire skin surface; our intestines and our skin are formed from the same cells.

So whatever is happening on your skin, is like a signpost for what is happening in your gut. Both organs (skin and gut) are extremely absorptive and both are used for cleansing and detoxifying the body.

When you start to balance your gut flora (microbiome) and cleanse your digestive tract, this often involves the detoxification and excretion of undesirable substances and microbes. So while it may *appear* that things are getting worse, they may actually be getting better. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to distinguish between this detox – or healing crisis – and an allergy!

You’ve got to really dial into your intuition and listen to your gut. It’s also best not to challenge the body too much, all at once – detoxing or improving the gut flora too rapidly can make you feel really sick, or trigger a flare, so it’s often best to take things much slower and give your body a more gentle experience. Feel free to reduce dosage, and/or take only a few times per week, or take a break for a while, then try again at a low dosage once things have settled down, etc.

My assistant, Linsy, and I did a podcast/video on exactly this topic – with lots of tips to help you figure out what’s going on and the right pace to proceed.

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