I’ve written a fair amount about why people struggling to heal need to avoid factory-farmed animal meat. And that it’s FAR better to eat less meat, but buy pasture-raised, free-range meat and eggs. But WOW this infographic from Dr. Mercola really pulls all those reasons into one, very easy to grasp format:

The Truth About Factory Farms

The mass production of America’s food comes with a hefty price. Find out the environmental, animal, and human impact of raising over 99 percent of US farm animals in factory farms in this infographic, “The Truth About Factory Farms.”

Can’t Afford To Eat Better?

If money is super tight for you, then check out these ideas for how you can eat healthier, for much less money.

Best Factory Farm Infographic EVER!

3 thoughts on “Best Factory Farm Infographic EVER!

  • So complicated and ingrained, difficult to change. Only consumers can drive the change. Buy smart, eat lean and organic. Everything!

  • My Solution is rabbits. Only way to get organic meat in the big city for reasonable price. Area size of a queen size bed, 200lbs per year. I know they are very cute, got to get over that. Baby cows are also very cute and look what happens to them

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