Best Factory Farm Infographic EVER!

I've written a fair amount about why people struggling to heal need to avoid factory-farmed animal meat. And that it's FAR better to eat less meat, but buy pasture-raised, free-range meat and eggs. But WOW this infographic from Dr. Mercola really pulls all those reasons into one, very easy to grasp format: The mass production [...]

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Listen To Your Gut – In Your Little Corner of the World

Let's go on a little audio-visual, interactive journey together... It's okay if this hurts a little, or maybe more than a little. Stay with your emotions, let your emotions (pain, anger, sadness, grief) move into flow. Let your feelings flow, let your breath flow, let your tears flow. STAY with me. Lean in. This will [...]

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Chicken Liver Mousse Pate

Those of you who have been reading my blog posts on eating organ meats and watching my videos on healthy fats, already know why this recipe is super healthy for you. What you won't know - until you make it - is how amazingly delicious this is! I served this pate to a friend of [...]

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Supplements To Detox Radiation Fallout

It's enough to make you crazy - as if we don't have enough to worry about with GMO foods, pesticides, pollution, factory farming, industrial waste dumping and WiFi radiation - now we have to deal with nuclear radiation as well! Because, of course, we live in a global community where winds and oceans don't just [...]

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Auto Industry vs Pharmaceuticals

____________________________________________________ IF THE AUTO INDUSTRY OPERATED LIKE A PHARMACEUTICAL FIRM... ____________________________________________________ This is a really fun (but at the same time sobering) article that highlights some of the problems with prescription drugs - use, manufacture, sale, price, etc. On the positive side, as with anything in our world (factory farming, cell phone towers, GMO foods, [...]

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Grocery Guidelines When You Can’t Afford Organic

Unbelievable. The nasty things people are doing to factory-farm animals just keeps growing: How does a drug marked, "Not for use in humans. Individuals with cardiovascular disease should exercise special caution to avoid exposure. Use protective clothing, impervious gloves, protective eye wear, and a NIOSH-approved dust mask" become "safe" in human food? With no washout [...]

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